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Good morning everyone and happy Monday! CAMERA was the only clue word that wasn’t instantly visible today. We last saw this clue word on 12/26/16 and the fact that it ended in a vowel was my problem. With all of the clue words solved in a flash, it was on to the cartoon.

Looking at the panel, we see a well dressed man in a suit relaxing in a recliner while he has a conversation with two other individuals. Also in the cartoon was a man that appeared to be fixing or assembling a chair but I wasn’t quite sure what he was doing at first glance. Upon reading the dialogue and sentence, we learn that the setting is a recliner factory and the man that’s resting comfortably is testing out one of the high end “executive” models.

The worker has his tongue out and to the side as if he’s concentrating really hard while he makes some adjustments to the chair. I know that I sometimes stick my tongue out in a similar fashion when concentrating so I did a quick Google search to figure out why we do that. One website that I stumbled upon explains that much of our brain is devoted to our tongue because it’s such a large muscle. Sticking your tongue out or biting it cuts down on it’s movement freeing up your brain to concentrate on the task at hand. You learn something new every day!

The letter layout was well jumbled but I instantly found CHAIR. With 3-letters remaining, the answer was no trouble at all and I didn’t stick my tongue out once!

Have a marvelous Monday and I’ll see you tomorrow!

28 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 01/29/2018

  1. 🎶Nothing could be finer than to sit in my RECLINER in the morning…
    Nothing could feel sweeter than my ‘FEETer’ when I raise them in the morning…Where the morning glories twine around the door, Whispering pretty stories I long to hear once more…If I had Aladdin’s lamp for only a day, I’d make a wish and here’s what I’d say…Nothing could be finer than to sit in my RECLINER in the morning…🎶

    🛋🛋 Somewhere in MIDDLE America, we see this factory there
    Out on a RURAL country road, is where they make these Chairs…
    The craftsmanship second to none, made like a work of art
    Employees here they take such pride in each and every part.
    Perhaps this brand is named CatBird a FINCH logo is used
    And “You’ll be in the CatBird Seat”…A line said to amuse…
    It’s catchy and it’s different, and today one needs a hook
    To gather the momentum needed for that second look.
    So they got out their CAMERAs and they went about this job
    To make a short commercial that would rival those of Bob.
    And it comes off true and sincere, it worked just as they planned…
    I think CatBird will soar above with this and their CHAIRMAN! 🛋🛋

    A good mix of words today, WEAVE seen them before. Easy enough, with just a bit of hesitation – maybe…as has become Dave’s PATTERN. Our cartoon. Today, Jeff takes us to my imaginary CatBird Factory, where they make Recliners. Start to FINISH. Ok, so what do we see SOFA? We see the workman who builds, the couple who shills, and the Chairman who chills…Just as I said, start to FINISH. The Chairman himself, an OLDER MODEL, has been with CatBird Recliners for years, he GOES WAY BACK. Notice his smile? This guy really CHAIRishes his job. Anyway, the dialogue tells us he’s in charge, he’s the executive…(SIRly you see that, right)? The question asks us what he was…He was the CHAIRMAN! Good one Dave! Take a STAND! Same with you Jeff. You showed us that these CatBird employees have a LEG UP on the competition! Ok, eye candy. Not much MATERIAL to work with today. We have the one Head Rest in sight, but that won’t really HOLD UP…There’s collar stays on the Chairmans shirt. Really great DETAIL, Jeff…but I didn’t think that WOOD HOLEd up either…Ahhh. It’s getting late…TEAK Tock, TEAK Tock. TEAK Tock…Make a SELECTION, Ang! Ok, ok…After careful CUSHIONeration, I went with the workman’s tongue. Hanging out there…it just FELT right! So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone!
    And remember…If life starts to get you DOWN, as it sometimes WOOD, just CHAIR up, SEAThearts…It always gets BEDDER! 🛋🙋🏻

  2. Good morning. A Monday solve but not the typical ones we usually have. This was more like when you put your T V in slow mode. Outside of finch nothing else jumped to mind right away. I had to use the letters to solve the cartoon answer. All and all,a great day. I felt like that day in 5th grade when I beat out “the brain” with a 98 on a test. I guess I was over excited and made too much commotion because,the grade was taken away and if I didn’t behave for the whole week I would wind up with a zero. That was a rough week. This wasn’t even catholic school!!! That was the one and only time I beat her in any test. Talk about a sweet victory,all these years and I still think about it every once in awhile. Great job as always Mike and Angela. You always have extra facts that we mere mortals miss. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • LOL…Good Morning, Sunshine! You never FAIL me!
      Thank you! Brooklyn Elementary School?…Who could forget!
      Have a great one, Bud! 🙋🏻

    • Hey there, Paul! Ahhh… 5th grade — it seems just like yesterday. My 5th grade teacher was VERY strict. If you were talking in class, she would point you out and tell you to “STAND!” for at least 10 minutes.
      She was also very kind as well. On a very similar theme to today’s puzzle, all teachers in my school received new chairs with wheels. She said she preferred her old one so every morning before class she would put it at the students desk that, in her opinion, worked the hardest. Guess who test drove that baby on the first day??? This guy!!!
      Have a great day! 😎👍🏻

      • Hey Mike, it could have been worse! From the British fantasy writer Algernon Blackwood’s story “Secret Worship”, recalling an English lad’s stay at a German boarding school:

        “He smelt again the long stone corridors, the hot pinewood rooms, where the sultry hours of summer study were passed with bees droning through open windows in the sunshine, and German characters struggling in the mind with dreams of English lawns — and then the sudden awful cry of the master in German —
        “Harris, stand up! You sleep!”
        And he recalled the dreadful standing motionless for an hour, book in hand, while the knees felt like wax and the head grew heavier than a cannon-ball.”

        • Like I said, strict but also very caring. She even took a few of us to museums in Boston (free of charge) during summer vacation. Let’s see a teacher even think of that nowadays!

  3. Unfortunately, the colorful FINCH flew away from the MIDDLE of the RURAL copse just as the photographer put his CAMERA away.
    Thanks for the 411 on the tongue Mike. My father’s tongue apparently was directly connected to his brain and I just thought it was an individual peculiarity.
    Angela you made me groan again today but I always appreciate your diligence. And today’s solution is the word play I enjoy, more than those with quotation marks!
    None of the words gave me trouble and CAMERA was not as difficult as it was weeks ago.
    Volunteer day and my break is over. Have a good Monday everyone.

      • That’s a word I *never* see; new to me. Thanks for using it Earl. I read it as “corpse” at first.

    • Good Morning, Earl. Good sentence.
      By now, I know your schedule. Monday mornings you’re a little late…I’m GLADe you’re still groaning…I DUE think of you with my diligence.🙄 Earl, as I search for the Forest past the Trees! …But, you’re still COPSE in my book!
      You’re needing to SIT DOWN after this one, huh? 😉 …Have a good day, Sir! 🙋🏻

  4. Blind solve and flew right through the CWs all of the way to MACRAME…uh didn’t fit into the boxes! Had to back into camera!

  5. Like John, I first saw camera as macrame but alas too many letters. All in all it was an easy solve this morning. Have a good day everyone.

  6. Hi, all! Good morning, class. Welcome to Anatomy 101 where today we will be studying the anatomy of the human tongue. Oh, wait a minute. This is the Jumble site, but as usual, you never know what interesting & fun things Mike will teach us. Thanks, Mike!

    Easy solve today with cartoon answer & words after a brief moment of changing ARMACE to CAMERA.

    Steve, when you wrote my song comment that I just found, I was working furiously to finish the letter to Optum RX. Almost made it, thanks for the song that I will listen to soon.

    • Hi Lelia – Made me LOL with your anatomy lesson. The best lesson I’ve learned about the tongue is how much trouble it can get me into and when it’s a good idea to hold it! Good luck with your letter!

  7. Hi all – Just a pause when putting ED at the end didn’t work, but putting DD in the MIDDLE did. Then had to reject MACRAME before seeing CAMERA.
    The boss looks more like the Lazy Boy than the chairman.

    Angela, wasn’t “Catbird seat” a catchphrase of Red BARBER – yet another type of chair?

    Have a great day everyone!

    • Barber….Chair? Hmm. Red Barber wrote a book titled “Rhubarb in the Catbird Seat”. Good book. But there was a short story in the early 1940’s by James Thurber that I think started it all…At least that’s how I remembered my Father telling it to me. I could have it backwards…I’m going to check…⚾️🙋🏻

  8. Copse is a word I find in almost all of the books I read about the settling of the West and mountain men, First time I saw it was Louis L’Amour and had to look it up. I now use it often on the golf course and have overheard others use it. Gives me a chuckle. All of those great Western writers make reading a challenge. Latest new word for me Earl W is FLENSE. Good luck.

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