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Good Morning, Everyone!        🦀 WATER YOU WANT TO PLAY? 🦀

🎶Yeah, UNDER THE SEA (Under the sea)…UNDER THE SEA (Under the sea)
When the sardine begin the beguine…It’s music to me (It’s music to me)
What do they got? A lot of  sand, We got a hot CRUSTACEAN band, each little CLAM here…Know how to jam here…UNDER THE SEA...

🦀🦀 I’m seeing all this shellfish, and the first thought through my mind?
Some GARLIC and some Bread crumbs, and I’ll cook them up just fine..
But then I TUMBLE out of bed, and much to my DISMAY
I look a little closer, and I see that they’re at play…
I would have been in HEAVEN to PURSUE my culinary skills
But you know Sports are big with me…so no way could I kill..
These happy little players in the oceans ARTERY
Go on guys, and just enjoy your LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA! 🦀🦀

Today’s words are some of the best anagrams you’re going to SEA on this page! Absolutely CRABulous! If I had to choose a PACIFIC one as my favorite, I think I’d go with Heaven. For some reason I didn’t think six letters…So I had my PEN,ANCE I was going to write something EELS…but then I saw the light...Anyway, SURFfice to say, Dave did a great job with these today. Ok, our cartoon. We’re UNDER the SEA, and we’re playing Sports! We have the ATLANTIC’S vs the PACIFIC’S and the dialogue tells us they’re going for the TIDAL. “KICKen of the SEA“, or “King Crab Dregs“, or perhaps “The FINishers”. We see Crabs, Lobsters, Shrimps, and a few MORAY others OCTOPIng the picture. From the looks on their faces, the competition with these TEEMS SHORE seems fierce. One of them is definitely CLAWing that ball. It looks like a game of Ping Ping, but I’m not SHORE. A CLAM SHELL is being used as the playing SURFACE. BUOY, that’s cute! Anyway, our question asks…that when they started playing, they had…LEAGUES UNDER the SEA! Good REEF! How clever is that? Good one, Dave! Ok, eye candy. Hmm. I REELy don’t know WATER do here…Oh, WADE…I SEA it…The SUBMARINE…Of COURSE! So, There you have it Folks, Done!
Have a great day, Everyone! And I hope it goes just SWIMMINGLY! 🦀🙋🏻

33 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 01/28/2018

  1. The actor’s GARLIC breath caused DISMAY and a TUMBLE of his co-star off the stage but he maintained he wanted to PURSUE a way to keep his main ARTERY clear and avoid an early trip to HEAVEN.
    I know GARLIC has appeared before and I struggled with it then and I did again today. Also the first word appeared as RARETY to me and after I had solved the other words and got the solution, I realised that RARETY was spelt RARITY and it was back to the drawing board to get ARTERY.
    A challenge today and one that I hope others will enjoy.
    Angela—so many groaners today I don’t know where to begin—-glad you had yourself a puntiful day. And auto-correct let me get away with 5 spelling errors or made up words.

    • Good Morning, Earl. Ah, the health benefits of garlic. You’re right on point. A little PSA with your creative sentence! Gave me a good laugh! Great anagramming today, right? Great words and puzzle. So, Earl…Trust me, playing the straight man is a piece of cake…it’s the comedy that’s PUNishment! 😂 But it just FLOATS out of me…What can I CRAY? My favorite? PEN-ANCE! Something I’m soooo familiar with! 😂😂 Have a great day, Sir, and what can we say about that Auto-correct? Weird, WRITE? …Puts a SPELL on us…😉🙋🏻

  2. Angela, I thought you knew everything about me? The game being played is based on my first game invention to go to market, Spikeball. Spikeball (Roundnet) has grown in the last several years to become an actual sport that is played everywhere! You can’t go to a college campus, beach or park without seeing it being played. I’m currently putting together an Inventors Cup tournament here in Indiana for the early summer. It has become something beyond what I have ever imagined. It was also seen on Shark Tank a couple of years ago, But sadly, I don’t get a dime from it. (A long cautionary tale). But I did create something that millions of people love and are passionate about playing. Expect to see it in the Olympics within the next 20 years.

    • Good Morning, Jeff. How’re you doing? Where do I begin? Obviously, I don’t know EVERYTHING about you, but now I’m wondering why not! I have to admit though, I have read about your connection to Spikeball, and something about patent rights, so I did drop the ball here, didn’t I? You have my apologies. You will note, I did say “It looks like a game of Ping Pong, but I’m not SHORE”. But, in the interest of full disclosure, Jeff, I’ve never seen Spikeball played, and as for Shark Tank, I’ve only watched sporadically. I will do some research now though, especially to see if it’s been played here in NY. Thanks for setting things straight, and I appreciate your reading my posting. In light of this, I have a thought. If I DO make it my mission to learn EVERYTHING about you, what are my chances of getting my likeness featured in one of your cartoons? We’re both gamblers, so I’m rolling the dice! 😉 You don’t have to answer right now, just think about it…And I haven’t been constant with watching the Olympics either…Thank God you’re spotting me a few years to work it into my schedule…
      Again, my apologies, and I can start the research later on today, probably around 6:30 ish, right after the Hoosier game. Just Sayin’…Have a good one, Jeff! 🙋🏻

    • Jeff, YIKES! Sheep Meadow, NYC, Coney Island, Brooklyn…Dick’s Sporting Goods…(with whom I’m on a first name basis)! I didn’t have to look very hard! Talk about more to Summer Sports than Baseball! You could hit me in the head with a Spikeball! Mea culpa, BIG TIME!
      ….If I didn’t have to get this lasagna going, I’d start the mission right now….😉 🙋🏻

    • Did a search on Spikeball, Jeff; looks like a great game! Your cautionary tale notwithstanding, it is refreshing that you are involved with your baby, nonetheless, and derive pleasure from seeing it take hold.

    • I had never heard of Spikeball or seen it Round the Net either, but then Frisbee still seems pretty recent to me. 😂 Anyone up for some Hula-Hoop? (Ow! My sacroiliac!)

      20 years? Try 2 years! Given some of the “sports” that are already in or being considered for the Olympics, I have no doubt whatsoever that we’ll be seeing Spikeball there, probably sooner rather than later! Creating a brand new sport is an amazing achievement indeed!

  3. Puzzle took me 1.5 hours. I didn’t think any of the words were easy, with garlic requiring 16 jumbles and heaven a few less. I was able to find under the sea before solving all the CWs but needed all of them to get leagues. I was wondering what game the crustaceans were playing and will now have to read about spikeball after reading Jeff’s post. Pretty cool to invent a game but too bad about the money part. Wishing all a great day.

    • Hi Caroline, Good morning. Nice to see you, how’ve you been? I just got off the phone with a friend of mine, who also said he FLOUNDERED with today’s puzzle, so you’re not alone. But it was well worth the effort, right? It’s a very clever one, words and graphic. I’m going to be doing some extra reading now also…
      As they say at NBC…”The More You Know”…💫
      Wishing you a great day too! 🦀🙋🏻

      • I’m good, thanks. I agree it was a very clever puzzle, with a lot of fun detail in Jeff’s drawing. Did anyone mention the movie, “20,000 Leagues under the Sea?” I’m not sure if I ever saw that film or not.

        • Hi Caroline. Glad to hear you’re well. Yes, it was a very good puzzle. I really had a good time with it. There was no mention of the movie today, but back on the 17th, when we had the Jacques Cousteau puzzle, I mentioned it then. I did so that day because Jeff had printed 20,000 on the pressure gauge. And I thought that was a hoot! (I can’t believe I just said “hoot”)! …I’m not sure if I’ve seen the movie either. I’m thinking I must have, but considering that I’m not into any underwater stuff, it most likely didn’t leave much of an impression…😉
          Hope you’re having a good night! Be well…🦀🙋🏻

  4. So I didn’t think I had any problem with the words today EXCEPT that I saw artery as rarety which is actually an alternative spelling of rarity. I did figure out the cartoon answer but needed an A so had to revisit the first word and sure enough artery gave me that pesky A. That’s my brain teaser for today. Have a good day everyone.

    • Hi Betty. How’re you doing? Same thing with Earl. He had Rarety in his head also. I like your “pesky” A…(I wonder if we’ve ever had PESKY as a Jumble word).
      Glad you ended up “A”-cing it! Have a good one! 🦀🙋🏻

  5. Hi all – These words seemed like they would be hard, but for some reason they just popped out today. ARTERY took me the longest.
    How appropriate to have Atlantic vs Pacific in the LEAGUE games with the NFL Pro Bowl *and* the NHL All Star game today. (NHL next year in San Jose!)

    What’s creepier though is that yesterday I was thinking of underwater songs (“Yellow Submarine” and “Octopus’s Garden” were all I could come up with) and this morning, the annual Gilroy Garlic Festival (“for lovers of the stinking rose”), and here we have a delicious smorgasbord with a GARLIC chaser!

    Apropos of nothing, if you turn the picture upside down, the sea opening looks like a Star Wars spaceship. I like the number and variety of cute little characters (yes, I think the lightbulb-head guys are cute, too.)
    Have a great Sunday everyone!

    • PS – We could do an Atlantic vs Pacific Jumble league here. Nahhh, what a can of WORMS to open!

        • WORMS on SKIDROW? That sounds as bad as SEAGLUE, which I thought might be the white stuff you see covering the wharf. Time for a break! 🙋🏻‍♂️

          • LOL…No, no worms! Seaglue is funny, and you have a good point there! Talk to you later! 🙋🏻

    • Hey Steve. Boyz to Men did a song called “Underwater” a few years back. Not their usual slow, dreamy sound, a lot more upbeat tempo. Personally, I didn’t care for it that much, although I do like them. Look for it if you get a chance. I think I’ve used 🎶Under the Sea🎶 three times now, but today may be the best fit yet. Even has the word Crustacean in this verse! I have to be honest, I love this song! The Calypso beat, the hysterically witty lyrics, it’s a PEARL! And when you’re around kids, it’s always DRIFTING around. Looks like ARTERY is the word that CLOGGED every one UP today, huh? And we never know…the Guys may have held this puzzle just for today. That would be apropos! Have a good one, Bud! 🦀🙋🏻

  6. Good afternoon. Nothing annoys me more than losing the darn post just as I was wrapping it up. There it is floating around in space somewhere with an unsigned masterpiece (yea right). Anyway,the words from 1-6 were solved in this order for me 3,1,2,4,6 then lastly 5. The only word that was an instant solve was Tumble. Looking at the cartoon I had under the sea right away then for the first word I had seagule. Knowing it was wrong I went back to the drawing board and came up with leagues for the solve. Jeff,I just heard about that new game briefly from one of the guys at the bocce court yesterday. Angela and Earl great job as always. Until tomorrow stay well

    • Hey Paul. You’re the Masterpiece! You’re always PAINTing a picture! Thanks for the shout out. You’re a Sweetheart. ❤️ So, maybe you were thinking SEAGULL? Could it be those Geese are still FLOATING around in your SUBconcious? We got a ton of seagulls in Brooklyn, right? Out here too. A lot. The little Scavengers!! DIVING in and out of the WATER all day…I left you a message this morning regarding last nights Mitchum conversation. I didn’t see it until today..
      Hope you’re having a good one! Ciao, Brooklyn! 🦀🙋🏻

  7. Steve, did you know that there is a restaurant on Broadway in S.F. Called “The Stinking Rose”? They have all things garlic. I had dinner there many years ago, not a great meal but clever nonetheless.

    • No Betty, I hadn’t heard of that, thanks! I wouldn’t be surprised if they have a direct pipeline to Gilroy, probably running right alongside the BART tube!

  8. Hi, Steve, NHL game set to record until 5:30 p.m., 30 min over. Wow, 82 degrees here today. Yours is much colder, so button up, fellow wimp. Mike’s high is colder than our low.
    Now back to my letter to the insurance company. I take only 3 prescriptions and they took all 3 off the formulary. We solved 2 of them by changing to the generic, but the 3rd one has no generic, hence my 4 pages of pleading for it. See ya’.

    • Hi Lelia – It’s supposed to hit 64 here, but it’s so sunny it feels like a spring day, and many trees, shrubs and flowers are starting to bloom, especially the magnolias. Bummer about the Rx. I’m having the opposite experience. They switched us from Optum Rx to Anthem Blue Cross, and they are covering more prescriptions than last year. If you have to pay retail, I’ve had great luck with the Goodrx website. They will show you price comparisons on a map, and the variations are amazing.

      • Hi, Steve! Double wow! You are getting to see a magnolia tree bloom!!! I fell in love with magnolia trees, magnolia blossoms, & magnolia leaves in Arkansas where my aunt had a HUGE one in her front yard. Lucky you.
        Congrats on having good luck with your insurance this year. We are with Optum RX, and if they approve my request for this one med, I will be fine. Thanks for the website. I’ll check it out.

  9. Angela, just read your last message from last night. We are all caught up. My youngest one with my daughterinlaw just got in and they say they play that game a lot. They like it.

    • Hi Paul. How’s it going? Are you talking about Jeff’s game, Spikeball? I’ve never played. I’m going to check it out on Coney Island once summer gets here…🙋🏻

      • Yes that game. My kids saw in on shark tank like Jeff said and have played it a few times They like the game. Both are competitive. It’s fun watching them go head to head against each other in anything. Each wants to win. They are forever playing parlor games,which makes for fun times.

        • Hey Paul. Watching the Grammys? Elton John just came on, but uh oh, so did Miley Cyrus! I know she’s not one of your favorite people! 😉 Somehow they just don’t seem in sync..
          The game. My cousin tells me before that they’ve played it in my presence…Shows you where my head was at…Never realized it!! Kind of scary!!! 😂😂🙋🏻

  10. Sugar Magnolia
    Grateful Dead
    🎵”Sugar Magnolia, blossoms blooming
    Head’s all empty and I don’t care
    Saw my baby down by the river
    Knew she’d have to come up soon for air”🎵

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