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Have a super Saturday and I’ll see you tomorrow!







40 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 01/27/2018

  1. MATH!!! HA! When this first hit the Internet four years ago, it was deemed “impossible”. And then the millions of solutions and theories started circulating. You could spend days looking through the data and videos out there! We had this in a contest of sorts. After all the arguments over odds and evens, and no mention of the “number of numbers” in each box, we “liked” this solution the best: 11-1 + 13-3 + 15-5 = 30.
    But it’s only one of the gazillion out there! And it’s MATH! 😂🙋🏻


      • Hi Ray. …Far as I know, there is no definitive answer..It’s been online since 2013, with a gazillion shots in the dark…But, there’s a catch here, Sir, if you don’t mind my saying….
        No even numbers were used. It has to be only: 1-3-5-7-9-11-13 and 15. Take a look on line…It’ll make your head spin! Thanks for commenting, and please do so again.
        Have a great night, Sir! 🙋🏻


      • Hi Ray. In clearing out my emails, I just realized that your even numbers were the results of your computations. My apologies. 🙋🏻


  2. 🎶Some quiet evening, I sit by your side, and we’re lost in a world of our own…I feel the glow of your unspoken love, I’m aware of the treasure that I hold. And I say to myself “It’s ONEderful, ONEderful, …Oh, so ONEderful, my love.”🎶

    7️⃣ 9️⃣ So, Nine Is thinking HONCHO, as a single he’s the Boss
    And anything below him obviously is at loss…
    They’re smaller so they’re DWARFs to him, he’s angry and he’s mean,
    The look upon his face just says it all, doesn’t it seem?
    While Seven stands and smiles sweet and tries to state his case
    The Zero in the background’s saying…”Hey, and where’s my place”?
    You’d never think that Numbers would go on and act like this
    One figured that behind the scenes the Numbers lived in bliss!
    Not loving Math and looking for a CRUTCH to see me through
    I always thought they got along…Didn’t you all think this too?
    But now we’re seeing differently, we all misunderSTOOD.
    It looks like Nine’s a bully, and the others wish he would
    Stop pushing all his weight around…So they’ve put up their guards…
    It’s added up to this and now these Numbers are AT ODDS! 7️⃣ 9️⃣

    Who knew? Is this a SIGN of the TIMES? Can’t ONE CARRY the other? Obviously NAUGHT! Ok, words FIRST…Except for Honcho, I’m pretty POSITIVE we’ve seen the others beFOUR. MORE or LESS…So, our cartoon. Today Jeff’s given us a rather NEGATIVE situation. We see THREE disFUNCTIONal Numbers. Well TWO really. SEVEN is trying to speak up, albeit WEEKLY. The PROBLEM really seems to be between NINE and ZERO. They’re angry, and if we take it at FACE VALUE, it shows! Look at those scowls! Why are they so TENTHS? Such DIVISION…I can’t EVEN! But the dialogue is telling us that the DIFFERENCE of opinion is between the SEVEN and the NINE, so we can’t disCREDIT what we’re told. Anyway, what does it ADD up to? These Numbers are AT ODDS! Very clever, David…TOTALly cool! So, eye candy. Considering the LIMITed AMOUNT of choices, I’m going with Number SEVEN’s smile…It looks like it could go on for DAYS, and that’s what COUNTS. And I’m POSITIVE Jeff didn’t mean to make him the WEEK END of this puzzle!
    So..There you have it, Folks! Done!
    Have a ONEderful day, Everyone! And to SUM it all up…Remember: You have to be ODD to be Number ONE…Just Sayin’…1️⃣🙋🏻


  3. At the rodeo the DWARF ponies STOOD near the exit waiting for the head HONCHO to struggle with his CRUTCH and bring their oats.
    Clue words were easy and today was a blind solve—probably due to the NUMBER of letters need for the answer. Rather unusual for a Saturday puzzle, I believe.
    I’m with you Angela when it comes to math so I’ll stay away from the problem presented and take your word for it that there are lots of answers out there.
    Considering the limits presented by the cartoon, you did a great job with your poem and post.
    Have a stupendous, sunny, supercalifragilisticexpealidocious, sumptuous, Saturday.
    (My computer is telling me I spelt that word incorrectly, but I’m leaving it.)

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    • Good Morning, Earl. Before I got to your last line, I thought how’d he’d get that word passed Auto correction? I can’t even do ‘mile’or ‘mine’ without it changing it to Mike! (It just did it again)! You know, of course, that you came to mind immediately with the Math poser! We did a whole week with it a few years ago…and it was extremely painful! Thanks a MILLION for the shout out…I agree, it was a very easy puzzle, but fun. And despite our shared Math shortcomings, considering Dwarf and Honcho, your sentence today rates a 10! Have a great day…🙋🏻


  4. Good morning. Since we are giving out grades, I’m all 4 giving Mike,Angela and Earl a 10. Mike for his extra puzzle,Angela for her input and Earl for his remarkable sentence. A fun puzzle today why,because I solved it!!! The words from 1-4 were solved in the order of 3,2,4,1. I looked at the cartoon first this time which I hardly ever do and had an instant blind solve. Checking confirmed it. There’s no cobwebs on this seniors brain. At least not just yet. Until tomorrow stay well.

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    • Good Morning, Paul. LOL…I don’t know about giving out grades..😉 I was just looking to keep with the Numbers theme, but I thank you very much for the 10! Major kudos on your solve! And let’s can the cobweb talk…you know how I feel about spiders! 🙄 Wouldn’t apply to you anyway, Brooklyn, you’re as sharp as they come! And you rate a 10 in my book, every day, for the sunshine and laughter you always bring…You make my day! Have a great one, Bud! 🙋🏻

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  5. It was an easy Jumble today.

    This afternoon I will be bottling the second batch of homebrew, this time an IPA. Next on the docket is a pilsner for those hot summer days that can’t get here soon enough!

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    • Good Morning, John. TOTAL agreement. Way easy. An India Pale followed by a Pilsner! We’re getting serious..Good luck today! Hot summer days? Soon enough…?
      Spring Training…17 days, 12 hours, 34 minutes, and 48 seconds…But who’s counting?
      Have a good one, and again, good luck! 🍻 🍻 🙋🏻


  6. Hi all – The answer was obvious, but all the words took me an extra minute. The CH trick worked twice, although it wasn’t quite at the end of HONCHO.
    At first I thought we were going to be talking old cars, with a “Fradw” Fairlane and a “D-SOTO”.

    So, is zero also at odds with the others because it’s an even number? Calling all math teachers. Speaking of which, regarding the puzzle at the top of the page, I’ll go back to my high school algebra teacher Arthur Hoey (who was coincidentally also a great punster). He once requested that instead of writing “Cannot be solved” for a test answer, to please write “Cannot be solved BY ME”, which is my answer today. He also claimed (and I wrote this BEFORE reading Paul, John and Angela, great minds!) that someone asked him whether he had gone to a famous brewer’s funeral and he replied “Did I go? I carried the bier!”

    Have a great day. (“Thunder Road” of course, *way* before Springsteen.)

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    • Grasshopper: “Frawd” Fairlane would get you a seat at the table…👏🏻 Good one!
      The Math thing is a trip. Take a look online at some of the calculations…It’s over 4 years, and it’s still generating ink. Earl and I would be out on the ledge…Robert Mitchum wrote the title song to the movie also. He was on it before the Boss! 😅 Of course we like the Boss’s better..😉, but he did write the song. It was called, “The Ballad of Thunder Road” though. You can still hear it on YouTube. It’s him singing it too! My uncle had a cache of old movies. He was a total movie freak. He owned a “Beta” as soon as they first hit the market. A Beta, Steve! We all split up his tapes after he passed away, so “Thunder Road” is in one of our houses. It was a good movie. Had it all. And there’s a great car chase. But then anything he did was ok by me, right up until the end. Here’s to Mitchum…🍻 Talk to you later, Bud…🙋🏻


      • Nice job guys. I was worried that if I just left it without the “connection” that nobody would pick up the meaning. It was a good movie and reminded me of my southern buddies,one in particular from Alabama who had his car all shot up and occasionally came back with white lightning. Didn’t know that “Robert” wrote the song. I’m laughing right now like he and I were on first name bases. I’m cracking myself up and I haven’t touched a drop.

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      • Paul, This is what you do to me! You just make me laugh at loud! It’s contagious! You really are a ray of sunshine! Yep, he wrote the song and sang it. He also co-wrote the screen play and produced it, too…The man was multi-talented….I’m going to look for the link for you…Give me a few minutes, I’m just getting in…🍻🙋🏻


  7. Hi, all! Instant solve and easy words, just as Mike predicted yesterday. I wondered if I had an advantage with HONCHO, living in a state where it’s used a lot, but I didn’t think of “head honcho” meaning “the boss.”

    Angela, thank you a million for your history of that math puzzle & one possible answer because the math in me wanted me to start working on it immediately when that would be impossible because I am in the middle of writing a 4 page letter to my insurance company about my med they threw off their formulary. I was already thinking number minus number, number squared, multiplication, division, etc. You rescued me from all that!

    Steve, I walked into the living room just as Jimmy Fallon said something about hash tag and music sung wrong so I grabbed the remote from Jerry & hit record. I’m going to listen to it right now to see if I think any of them are funny. I’ll be back!

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    • Hi Lelia. That is just the one I liked best out of all of them. A good 90% of it was over my head. You wouldn’t believe the theories. Not my wheelhouse! Good luck with the insurance company. I just went through it for my Uncle. Tooth and nail. He had two that were discontinued. Successful with one, and not the other. Better than nothing I guess. A lot of people have had this happen this year. It’s the most I’ve ever heard of. I have a friend who’s a pharmacist with CVS, and he was saying that it’s sad what’s gone on with the 2018 changes. Here in NY, we use Head Honcho a lot. Now that I think of it, I’ve always heard it…
      Have a good day, and again, good luck. Ciao! 🙋🏻


    • Number humor, I love it, RIM-SHOT! How about French numbers? After the vet clinic had a barge accident on the Seine while transferring animals, the headline in Paris Match read “Un, Deux, Trois Cats Sank.” 🤦🏻‍♂️

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      • Hi, Steve! The only song I knew from “mis-heard lyrics” was Bohemian Rhapsody with someone accidentally singing, “I’m just a pool boy, nobody loves me. He’s just a pool boy, from a pool family.”

        A lady said that after hearing the song Funkytown, rather than singing, “Gotta make a move to a town that’s right for me. Well, I talk about it, talk about it, talk about it,” her little son sings, “Wellll, a taco party, taco party, taco party.”

        While singing “A Secret Love” (Doris Day), at the top of my lungs, both of our teenage girls appeared asking, “What are you singing?!!” I replied, “Now I shout it from the heart of me.” They laughed their heads off and corrected me to, “Now I shout if from the highest hills.” The only reason we don’t do away with our teenagers is so we can have grandchildren.


      • Hi Lelia – Thanks for telling me that I made Jerry laugh. I always feel like that’s a noteworthy accomplishment. Note that the NHL All Star game is tomorrow (Sunday) at 1:30 PM MST on NBC. In the last few years they changed the format and made it actually fun to watch.

        From Creedence Clearwater Revival “There’s a Bad Moon On the Rise” – “There’s a bathroom on the right.”
        From Jimi Hendrix “ ‘cuse me while I kiss the sky” – “ ‘cuse me while I kiss this guy.” There’s a ton of them.


  8. Now Angela when you say I’m funny. How do you mean that. Like I’m funny “I make you laugh” or I’m funny, like I’m just here to amuse you. Tell me!!!! Which is it!!!! Thank you for that.
    I would have bet that he never made a record. And,I would have lost. Again thank you,it was cute. Am I right in saying that was his only one.

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    • ROTFL…See, this is what I mean! 😂 Brooklyn, you can be anything you want to me! You’re just a trip! ❤️ And, nope…There’s more…You can even buy some of his music on Amazon as we speak! Here, I found this for you…

      Unlike most celebrity vocalists, Robert Mitchum actually had musical talent. Music was never anything more than an occasional sideline to his acting career, but he recorded sporadically throughout the years. That Man, Robert Mitchum, Sings collects all of his commercial recordings from the ’50s and ’60s, including the complete albums Calypso Is Like So (1957) and That Man (1967), plus the hit single “Ballad of Thunder Road.” The latter, a song Mitchum wrote for his film Thunder Road, charted twice for him and once for the bluegrass duo Jim & Jesse, who covered it for the country market in the late ’60s. Calypso Is Like So is one of many albums of its era designed to cash in on the calypso craze, but is a cut above the typical offering because of Mitchum’s obvious fondness for the style and the humorous songs, most of which comment on the war between the sexes. “What Is This Generation Coming To” addresses rock & roll and the generation gap, and “From a Logical Point of View” is based on the same calypso tune as Jimmy Soul’s later hit “If You Wanna Be Happy.” In a completely different vein, That Man is a country album Mitchum cut for Monument Records after hearing Charlie Walker’s “Little Ole Winedrinker Me,” which Mitchum included on the album. That song became a big country hit for Mitchum, and the rest of the album is just as good. He sings an assortment of pop and country hits, a new version of “The Ballad of Thunder Road,” and a lovely pop ballad he composed, “Whippoorwill,” all in a style similar to Dean Martin’s country recordings.


  9. Thanks again. I thought he was just an actor,and a good one at that. Like,River of no Return with Marilyn Monroe or the war picture with Mickey Rooney. That one slipped my mind. He was a pilot and the second time he got shot down M.R. Tried to rescue him in his helicopter. They both die.


    • Hi Paul. I’m so sorry, I never saw this last night. I just found it in my spam folder, I don’t know why…And Steve and I were here talking until 1AM. You’re very welcome, anytime. I’m always glad to help you. Yes, Mitchum was a man of many talents…and a very good actor, I agree. Real easy to look at too…! 😉 Hope to see you later dropping anchor with today’s puzzle…
      Ciao, Brooklyn! 🙋🏻


  10. The number exercise is impossible in base ten, since the total is expected to be even, but all the usable numbers are odd, and since there are three of them, the sum must also be odd, so can’t be 30. There are, however, lots of answers. For example, if the numbers are in base eleven instead, then 7+11+13=30. (in decimal that’s 7+12+14=33). Some of the answers included minus and plus signs but as I understood it, those were not among the symbols we could use; only 1 3 5 7 9 11 13 15.


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