Jumble Answers for 12/26/2016







Good morning everyone and happy Monday!  HYENA was the tough one for me this morning.  My brain and body are still tired from yesterday and it took me quite some time to figure out.  The cartoon answer was excellent but not overly difficult to decipher.  BUNCH was the first word I solved.  A was a given for the single letter and then MADE for the finish.  Now that Christmas is over, it’s time to take all the decorations down and pack them away for another year.  My son got up extra early to play with his gifts and daddy has yet to make his coffee.  It’s going to be another long day…  Take care and I’ll see you tomorrow!  πŸ˜΄ β˜•οΈ


17 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 12/26/2016

  1. Good morning. Deleted yesterday’s answers by mistake. Found Christmas jumble to be easy. Today’s five letter words took the most time. Longer than the answer. In our house we always left the tree up till “little Christmas” which is January 6. Now that I’m grown I still adhere to my parents tradition. By the way,found out this year in church that little Christmas is longer than 1-6.

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      • My Christmas Eve was great especially when we played the steal a gift game. We had so much good Laughter. First time we played that game. Hope your Christmas was as great as mine.

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      • I’ve never heard of steal the gift. Is it similar to Yankee Swap? That’s the way we do gifts with my family. It’s a lot of fun and the value of the gift is $50 so it’s usually something really nice. I’m glad that it’s all over though. πŸ˜€


  2. I too solved the puzzle with only three clue words — but than I got the final word camera.
    I’ll be having the family here for New Years Day dinner so my house will still be decorated, always leave it until Three Kings Day which is the 6th of January. (The Twelve Days of Christmas)

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    • Hi Rita! My parents leave their tree up but I just can’t stand the clutter — even if it’s for just a few more days. We go out to dinner on New Years Eve but I’ve always wanted to do a dinner for the family. It sounds wonderful! 😊


  3. I just discovered this site a few weeks ago and am so enjoying all your comments. I have been a huge fan of Jumble for years . I’m in California so receive my paper much later than all of you. Have to avoid looking at the answers until I’ve had a chance to check out the daily puzzle. I actually spent more time on camera than the other words today but solved the puzzle easily.

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    • Hi Betty, and thanks for letting me know that you enjoy the site. Great job on getting HYENA today. It took me a good 10 minutes to decipher. I try to post the answers to the Jumble around 8:30am (Mon-Fri Eastern time) so 5:30am Pacific. Have a wonderful (and warm?) day my west coast friend! πŸ˜‰


  4. You don’t have to answer because I’m late; first born daughter stayed the night to play more games today. We did the Jumble together; great fun, she’s good at it.
    When you said “daddy’ has yet to make his coffee, it reminded me that I called my parents daddy & mommy as did our children, but our first granddaughter, Jennifer, said dad and mom. My daughter told husband to pick Jennifer up after kindergarten one day at the bus stop. Jennifer began walking toward front of bus, but driver had never seen husband so asked, “Jennifer, is that your father?” Jennifer stopped and said, “No.” The driver then said that he could not let her off the bus, but fortunately, Jennifer then told the driver, “He is not my father. He is my DAD!” I cry every time I tell that; it sounds precious to me. Four generations of loving children; mine, our children, our children’s children, and yours. Merry day after Christmas.

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    • That’s a great story and it made me smile, Lelia! I hope your Christmas was a smashing success. My son has his cousin over for a sleepover tonight and I’m exhausted after getting this house back into shape today. They better not stay up too late and keep my wife and I awake or my answers to the Jumble will be late. Have a great evening and I’ll see you tomorrow. πŸ˜€


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