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Happy Wednesday morning everyone! We’re at that point in the week where the Jumble usually increases in difficulty, but that definitely wasn’t the case today. All of the clue words came instantly into view and were no trouble whatsoever. GOSSIP was jumbled very well with the S’s so far apart that it may have tripped you up a bit. It’s my pick for the most difficult anagram to decipher as well as a great word choice that meshes well with the cartoon. My final observation on the clue words is that FLOOR is in alphabetical order once solved.

The fine detail in today’s cartoon turned a lackluster puzzle that you solve and forget into one that keeps your attention just a few moments longer. Looking at Jeff’s panel, we see two women having a conversation while enjoying some wine and snacks. It’s unclear as to what’s in the bowl on the table but it appears to be some chips or possibly nuts. On the plate that the woman is holding, you can clearly identify some sausage and crackers. The pictures in the background were beautifully drawn with the one on the left showing the couple hugging each other and the one on the right showing them gazing longingly into each other’s eyes while standing on a beach. The phone on the table appears to be ringing, but the image on the display was difficult to see in the newspaper. I zoomed in on the photo and added a screenshot below for your viewing pleasure.

The letter layout was ok, but there was no way for David to keep it cryptic with all of those O’s. GOOD seemed to leap off the page at me, leaving the rest of the solution to flow naturally into place.

Looking at the site visits is a general indicator as to the difficulty of the puzzle. Let’s just say that nobody is having any trouble solving this one today! Have a wonderful Wednesday and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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  1. 🎶Call me (call me) on the line…Call me, call me any, anytime. Call me (call me) oh love, When you’re ready we can share the wine…Call me…🎶

    💻💻 I don’t think this is easy, to spend a week alone
    But it’s got to be much better using more than just a phone
    With all technology offers, today’s couples surely see
    A lot more of each other than the way it used to be.
    NOBODY’s out of touch today, it’s shown in the cartoon
    John’s face glows from that smart phone as the ring fills up the room
    Sharing GOSSIP or a SCARF she’ll buy, new carpets for the FLOOR
    They get to talk during the week, till he comes through the door…
    So Jane might spend the week alone, doing the best she could
    I’m sure that wine’s good company cause she’s …SO FAR SO GOOD! 💻💻

    Great words today, easy breezy old favorites. Our cartoon. Two women sitting and chilling. A little wine, and some crackers and either cheese or sausage. Chips. A smart phone, on the table. Jeff’s drawn it to be ringing, with the lines that symbolize motion or sound. The screen shows the same man whose face is in the framed photos. It reads John. So I have dubbed his girlfriend Jane. And we’ll call her friend Jill. Jill is asking how the long distance relationship is going. Jane answers that it’s not that bad, since they chat on line every day. Technology. “Desire Through the Wire”. “JPEGee, I love you”. “ROMance is in the air”. “URL I ever wanted”. You catch my drift…It’s going ok, despite the distance between them…Its going….SO FAR, SO GOOD! Drop the mic! No, drop the phone! Either way, good pun! Ok, eye candy. I like the way Jill’s holding her glass, with the extended pinky. We have the requisite blonde in purple…But I think I’ll go with the resemblance between John and Dave. I just think it’s funny, and you know Jeff…he always goes for the LONG shot. So, There you have it Folks, Done!
    Have a great day. And remember it’s not the amount of miles that may separate you, it’s those limited data plans that’ll get you every time!
    GO LONG, Everyone! 🖥🙋🏻

    • A more difficult puzzle could have been created by showing the woman cooking breakfast while looking at a picture of her boyfriend. The caption could be something like: Breakfast just wasn’t the same without him. She missed him a – – –
      Answer: “WAFFLE” LOT

      I have way too much time on my hands… 😂

    • So far so good was so apparent,that one hardly even had to solve the 4 jumble words to get the solution,

      • Hi Chuck. Good to see you again. Yea, some days it’s just a gift! Have a good one! 💻🙋🏻

  2. Good morning. The gossip throughout the school was who belonged to the scarf that was found on the floor of the locked principals office and nobody claiming it. Easy solve today with the cartoon answer coming without writing down the letters. This coming before I even started my second cup of coffee. Until tomorrow stay well.

  3. Nobody had me stumped so I had to back in. Very intriguing sentence from Paul today.
    Sorry to read about yet more trouble for our friends in California.

    • Thank you Caroline. Lately I’m getting Earl inspired. He’s the master so I really don’t want to thread of his turf.

      • It’s fun to read different approaches to the sentences. I’m sure Earl enjoys reading your sentences, too.

  4. NOBODY should GOSSIP about the dancer’s distinctive SCARF found on the lobby FLOOR of a rather sleazy hotel.
    Paul and I have similar thoughts about the clue words today– he beat me to the punch , Mainly because another day with no e-mail.
    Easy solve today, in fact a blind one, gave me a chance to do a fist pump. 👊🏽
    I could sign this “Url”. but Angela already played that pun–hard to get ahead of her!
    Sunshine is bright and I am off for a WALK. 👟 🌲 ☀️

    • Hey Earl. Good Morning. Glad to see you’re in better spirits. The weather does help, right? Love your sentence, and you get a Kudos for the URL just the same…Totally different context! Ciao, Kind Sir. 💻🙋🏻

  5. No blind solve, but answer snapped to at first glance of the jumbled letters. The CWs were all instant.

    Mike, I am getting spammy pop ups today, eg, “Congratulations Amazon User”. Anyone else, or just me?

  6. Hi, all! Mike, you really outdid yourself today with your descriptions of the words, cartoon, and solve. I also liked your idea that at breakfast, she missed him a “waffle” lot. I’ll bet your homemade Belgian waffles are delicious.

    Very quick solve for me today. I especially liked the “so far” part of the answer.

    We got all of our yesterday’s wind, rain, and thunder last night after dark. Today, 63 with a few clouds and tomorrow, 67 & sunny. All of you east coasters, stay warm!!

    • Thanks, Lelia. It was quiet this morning so I had the extra time. And yes, my Belgian waffles are delicious. My son refers to them as pancakes with abs!

      Our forecast for the next three days is 48, 55 and 50 which is otherwise known as shorts and t-shirt weather!

      Enjoy the upcoming sunshine, and as always, thanks for making my day a little brighter! 😊😊😊

    • Thanks, Lelia, and others, for looking out for us east coasters. Fortunately, we’re out of the deep freeze. Hope you’re all recovered, Lelia.

  7. Hi all – Yup, easy words and puzzle today.

    Angela, good song choice from BLONDIE — dressed in purple, no doubt.

    I’m glad you all seem to be warming up to what must feel like summer, especially Earl getting out for a walk.

    Lelia, button up. It looks like it’s your turn to get relatively cold – your upcoming temps look like ours!

    • Hi, Steve! Thanks for the warning!! I went out and put a spare jacket into the back seat of my vehicle to be prepared when I don’t realize in our garage how cold it is outside. When our wind, thunder, & rain hit last night after dark, it sounded as though we might float away!

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