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Good morning Jumble friends and happy Tuesday! All of the clue words were rather easy with DEVOUR giving me a slight pause just to make sure that I spelled it correctly. KETTLE deserves an honorable mention because it was jumbled so well. The K stood out like a sore thumb making the answer immediately visible.

Moving along to the cartoon, I was obsessed with trying to blind solve it without the aid of the clue letters, dialogue or sentence. The imagery suggested that it would have something to do with a lemonade stand or the young girl’s over the top props. Seeing the word lemonade in three different locations throughout the panel led me to believe that STAND would be the 5-letter word. With 3-letters remaining, OUT instantly came to mind making the solve no problem at all!

Looking at the elaborate decorations, this young girl sure has a bright future in advertising and marketing! The lemon hat that she is wearing was an unexpected touch showing that Jeff is indeed a genius at his craft. As creative as it was, the vintage down arrow has to be my pick for the best decoration. If you close your eyes, you can imagine the yellow tinge of the bulbs illuminating her stand in the early evening similar to a vendor at a carnival. The small orb up in the sky was so small in my newspaper that I originally thought it was the sun. It’s in fact a lemon blimp with her logo on the side. We all know that the consumer pays the price for marketing campaigns so that’s probably the reason Jeff left the price off of her stand. If you have to ask how much a glass costs than you probably can’t afford it!


If you only receive the answers via email, you probably haven’t heard the news that I posted on the front page of the website. David L. Hoyt has agreed to do an interview with JumbleAnswer.com and I need your help with coming up with a set of questions to ask. If there’s something you’ve always wanted to know about the Jumble but thought you’d never have the chance to ask, well now’s your opportunity to do so! Be sure to visit the website and leave a question in the comments section and I’ll make sure it gets forwarded to him. I’ll post the video as soon as it’s available and will notify you when it’s up.

Have a terrific Tuesday and I’ll see you tomorrow!


25 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 01/09/2018

  1. Good Morning, Mike!
    ROTFL…We have to stop meeting like this…If it were a school assignment, one of us would be accused of plagiarism! Love the post! 🍋 🙋🏻

  2. 🎶When I was just a girl of ten, my Father said to me, “Come here and take a lesson from the lovely LEMON tree. Don’t put your faith in love, my girl,” my Father said to me “I fear you’ll find that love is like the lovely LEMON tree.”LEMON tree very pretty and the LEMON flower is sweet, but the fruit of the poor LEMON is impossible to eat…LEMON tree, very pretty and the LEMON flower is sweet…But the fruit of the poor LEMON is impossible to eat…🎶

    🍋🍋 I have this thing for Lemons, they’ve never made me cringe
    I’ve even been accused of going on a lemon binge,
    I GUESS that you could say I had no problem to DEVOUR
    A bunch of Lemons at one time, say in a given hour.
    I’d boil them in a KETTLE, the aroma filled the air
    And then I’d drink the “lemonade” hot/cold I didn’t care.
    And NAVAL’s just a sittin’ here, you know what I must do
    (I could have used it yesterday, today it just won’t do)
    I’ll make believe it’s just not here, denial and some doubt
    As long as I make sure that my poem ends with words “STAND OUT”🍋🍋

    Dave didn’t Overdo it with today’s words…But did any of us here Overdo it with Devour? All in all, easy breezy, LEMON SQUEEZY! Off to a good TART! Ok, our cartoon. YELLOW! Jeff has us outdoors today, visiting a neighborhood LEMONADE stand. JUICE what we need in LIGHT of all this bad weather, don’t you think? I mean it’s been the PITS, and we all could use a little SUNSHINE! The young girl proprietor, Lily, definitely has a head for business! Actually, she has a head for a LEMON! She’s wearing a LEMON Hat! Hmm. Nutty as a FRUITcake, if you ask me, but I’m not the artist here! And anyway, this is all PULP fiction…So Lily. SWEET girl. Great PR going on…Balloons, Neon Lights, a Blimp. The man, LIAM and his son, little SQUIRT, noticed the Stand “from blocks away”. How could you not? Lily wanted her business to..STAND OUT, and that it does! Good job Guys…A REAL LEMON Winner! You’ve passed the ZEST once again today! Eye candy…We’ve already COVERed the hat, and the Blimp and the Balloons, and the Neon Lights. Hmm…SOUR we doing then? We didn’t WEIGH in on that BUCKET of LEMONS, I’ll add it to the LIST…And there’s the SIGN, with her Logo, but…Nah, No go…So I think today we’ll once again go with the Omission. The BYE candy I’m going to start calling it. Take a look, Folks…What’s missing? Keep your eyes PEELed…It’s CUT and DRY…No, it’s not that she’s wearing a Purple shirt…(YELLOW would have been darling, though, right)? I said BYE candy, remember? It’s the eLEMONator Stand…There’s no price posted! How will anyone know the cost? You could really SQUEEZE someone like this! SKIN them alive! What do we CITRUS her? I JUICE don’t know! So, There you HALVE it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone!
    And I hope you enjoyed my LEMON HARANGUE! 🍋🙋🏻

    • Well my original reply never posted for some reason so I’ll try it again:

      It was nice to see the young boy in shorts and a tshirt even though it’s so cold here and the thought of such attire won’t be possible for a few more months. The days will start getting longer on both ends (sunrise and sunset) starting tomorrow so spring is just around the corner! Your post surely didn’t leave a sour taste in my mouth. Happy Tuesday!

      • Ah, Spring…
        35 Days, 12 Hours, 38 Minutes, and 25 Seconds….Spring Training…But who’s counting….Happy day to you too, Bud!🍋🙋🏻

  3. Good morning. Agree with Mike on the harder of the two words. After getting kettle, devour took twenty minutes to finally get. The cartoon answer was an immediate stand out so to speak. Who would have known that back in the day the naval sailors could avoid scurvy by devour-ing citrus fruits or drinking kettle s of juice. Angela nice job and Mike,one question would be if the price of lemonade was left off on purpose or just forgot to add the cost of a glass. “Are we reading too much into that aspect. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Hey Paul. Good Morning! And…Thank you.
      I guess you just didn’t know back then. But even if someone had told you, you may have thought it was all just a load of SHIP. And you would have said..”FRIGATE”. As for Jeff not including the price? Jeff? Oh, SHORE, LEAVE something out by accident? No, not he. He’s a MASTer at the game. He can always SEA FARER than what meets the eye! He’s a STAR. BOARD maybe, but still a star. SEAMAN, where I’m going with this??? Of COURSE you do…or you will, SCHOONER or later….See ya on DECK, Brooklyn! 😂🙋🏻

    • That’s a valid question, Paul. Jeff’s drawings are similar to really good movies or books that leave the ending open to interpretation. I’d like to know the answer but understand that it’ll never come to light. Sometimes I think of all of the interesting questions that his characters would talk about if the panel was animated. To some folks it’s just a cartoon, but I always think of it on another level where these characters exist and interact in a living and breathing world. If I was a wealthy man, I’d commission both Jeff and David to create an animated short with all of their wonderful characters because just one panel a day isn’t enough. I hope that somewhat answers your question, my friend!

  4. My GUESS is that the crew would DEVOUR the KETTLE corn on the NAVAL ship.
    Easy solve with the clue words. Solution took a few minutes more, but I used the same technique that Mike described.
    Love the “Lemon Tree” song reference, Angela. Brings back memories. Busy day ahead, So I’ll check in later. E-mail arrived today. We’ll see what happens this week.

    • Good Morning, Earl. Thank you. I knew you’d like it, and I thought of you while including it.
      If I’m not mistaken we’ve spoken about the song before. And I figured, LEMON give Earl a smile…Great sentence as always. Have a great day! 🍋🙋🏻

    • My first blind solve of the year, FINALLY! 🙂

      I really enjoy when your sentence is simple and doesn’t need a suffix to make the clue word work. Yesterday and today were excellent examples of that, Earl! Keep up the great job my friend.

      • Thanks Mike. My sentence is always at the mercy of the clue words. If there are several verbs, it’s tough to keep it simple. I do my best to avoid adding letters, prefixes or suffixes to the clue words, but I’m sometimes forced into it, much to my chagrin.😤 🤔

        • I hear you. Like I said, the past two days have been excellent, but I don’t want to jinx you for tomorrow so I won’t say any more. 😊

  5. Devour tripped me up this morning. Once I figured that one out it was smooth sailing to the cartoon answer. I thought the cartoon drawing was exceptionally good today. David & Jeff are a terrific team. Happy Tuesday everyone. .

    • You’re 100% correct on your observations about the detail and the duo, Betty! I hope you think of interesting question to ask David and can’t wait to read it. 😊

      Happy (and hopefully sunny) Tuesday to you as well!

  6. Another blind solve and quick work with the CWs, today.

    All of this chatter about lemons reminds me that it is time to get another batch of limoncello going for my wife. It is her favorite beverage, so I always try to keep some on hand. It is easy to make and the cost savings are significant. Even better, I’d put mine up against any commercial limoncello in a taste off! It takes a minimum of 60 days (90 is better!) to reach a drinkable state! With all of the lemons it takes, I also get a gallon of fresh lemonade at the outset!

  7. Hi all – No problem with the words or answer today.

    I see that we all noticed she’s going to have to charge about $50 a glass to cover the overhead. (And incidentally Mike, I think your new sunglasses are probably to prevent snowblindness.)

    The arrow reminded me of classic motel signs. In the glory days of Yahoo, they created a sign in exactly that 1950’s style just before the Bay Bridge, to liken the internet to a highway and Yahoo to a place you should visit. It said “A great place to stay on the internet”, and it often had good puns on the message board. Take a look here:


    Hunker down, folks. Our big rainstorm is pulling out of town and moving East.
    “on the wrong track and headed for you.” It’s a DRIVING rain; good luck.

  8. Hi, all! I GUESS I need to keep Jerry around because he prepared my breakfast of egg & toast, one NAVAL orange, & a KETTLE of yummy grits, and then encouraged me to abandon the Jumble long enough to DEVOUR it while it was hot. Whatta guy!

    Three words and the cartoon answer were a quick solve for me, but my egg got cold while I backed into DEVOUR. Ironic, huh?

    I left some really late posts yesterday because it took me most of the day to wake up, so I sincerely thank you, Steve, for your answer that taught me a good lesson, and I thank you, Mike, for the kind things you said & your wonderful description of climbing Mt. Washington.

    Our weather prediction in Phoenix today is 72 degrees with slight sprinkling this afternoon. As soon as Jerry notices any sprinkling at all, he tells me because he knows I will run outside & hold my arms out to feel as many drops as possible.

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