Exclusive Interview With David L. Hoyt!

Today’s the day I’m finally able to reveal the surprise announcement that I’ve been keeping top secret for the last couple of weeks. I’ve been in contact with Jumble wordsmith David L. Hoyt and he’s agreed to do an exclusive interview for everyone here at JumbleAnswer.com!

Have you ever wondered if Monday’s puzzle is easier on purpose? Has he ever made a mistake in one of his puzzles? What is his favorite thing to eat for lunch? Pretty much anything will go, and I need YOUR HELP in coming up with some brain twisting questions that you’d like personally answered by the man himself!

Please leave your questions below in the comments section and I’ll send them off to him in about a week. He’ll videotape his responses and I’ll post the clip just as soon as it’s available. This is such a unique opportunity and I hope you’re just as excited about this as I am!!! So what do you want know???


33 thoughts on “Exclusive Interview With David L. Hoyt!

  1. It’ll be noted in tomorrow’s post as well. I didn’t want to send out an extra email and tick someone off because they chose to sign up for the answers and not “other” notifications.

    I’ll delete anything in here later tonight that isn’t a question so it won’t get cluttered. 🙂

  2. Why did you create like a month’s worth of barnyard puns? Do you live on a farm?

  3. What are the types of words do you not use? For example, sticking to the barnyard theme, I can’t recall you ever using the word “manure.”

  4. I remember you saying that you’ve overheard conversations while out running, and have used them as your scenarios. Along the same line, do you accept suggestions from readers? And if so, would you use them, or would that open up a whole new can of “words”? 🙋🏻

  5. I have always wondered about how the current Jumble Masters got the job and took over from their predecessors. If there’s anything that David would care to share, I’d love to hear it.

    • Thanks for your question, Steve. I’d like to expound on it, but I’ll forward your original question “as is”. Very curious about the reply!!!

  6. How do the creators choose the words in each puzzle, and how do they identify the universe of available words to choose from.
    Steve P

  7. Since your parents offer assistance with your puzzles, were they always “punsters” themselves? And would you consider them instrumental in giving you your love of words and the success you’ve achieved with the use of them? 🙋🏻

  8. Did you always use non noun words for the jumble words or did you use nouns exclusively at one time. it seems other “puzzlers” would only use nouns!

  9. What is your favorite book and reading genre, e.g. mystery/action? Thank you for my morning Jumbles (and answers).

  10. How do they come up with the words, and the pictures, I look forward every morning for the answers. I try myself first before. I am good to get the answers.

  11. Is it possible to make the cartoon word clue a little bigger to read. I am at 2.50 and can barely read, guess I will have to go to 3.00

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