Jumble Answers for 01/08/2018








Good Monday morning my friends! I hope you’re well rested after the first weekend of the new year. Monday puzzles are usually a piece of cake, and I woke up refreshed and ready to dive right into this one.

LESSON was the only clue word to give me some trouble today. I found ON and LESS immediately and tried my darndest to make a word starting with ON. Of course nothing worked, so rather than abandon ship and back into the answer, I stayed the course and gave LESS a shot. A simple coupling of the two words I originally found so quickly brought the answer into view and I was ready for the first cartoon of the new week.

Looking at Jeff’s illustration, we see a dining room filled with well dressed passengers, but the dinner doesn’t seem to be going exactly as planned. By reading the dialogue, we learn that this is a Captain’s Dinner aboard the cruise ship Poseidon, and rough seas are making for a rather difficult dinner service. The captain is the only person who isn’t troubled by the mayhem going on around him and he can be seen calmly holding his glass of wine with his pinky finger extended while reassuring his guests that his crew will handle the situation.

The letter layout for the surprise answer was cryptic and very well jumbled for a Monday. I had a feeling that BOAT would be part of the solution. By crossing out those letters, I was able to see SAME, THE and IN for a quick finish.

I wish everyone a wonderful Monday, and I’ll see you tomorrow!


45 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 01/08/2018

  1. 🎶So I’d like to know where you got the notion…Said I’d like to know where you got the notion…To ROCK the BOAT…DON’T ROCK the BOAT baby, ROCK the BOAT, don’t tip the BOAT over…ROCK the BOAT, don’t ROCK the BOAT baby…ROCK the BOAT…🎶

    ⛴⛴ I’ve never seen the movie about this ship at sea
    The SIGHT of near disaster just don’t appeal to me.
    I mean what is the LESSON that one would learn from this?
    I make a point to keep these films way off my BUCKET list.
    But popular they are for sure, although it does AMAZE
    That people would watch these films before their cruising days.
    Suggestion Folks? You plan to book a trip by where you’ll float?
    Avoid these films. No need to think you’ll be IN THE SAME BOAT! ⛴⛴

    Today’s words: Easy, breezy, FLOATed right through them, and CRUISED over to our cartoon. So, what do we SEA? The dining room of the ill-fated SHIP, the Poseidon. ROLLing right along, we’re shown five diners, a waiter, a woman whom I’m pretty SHORE holds the TIDAL of CRUISE Director, and our Captain. Hitting rough SEAS, the ship’s ROCKING. BUOY, CHECK out the looks on these faces! Shock, dismay, queaSEAness?…Captain STERN, the SAILS Manager, if you will, is shown saying that the CREW will help everyone cope…”KNOT to worry, I WRECKen the CREW will keep you on an even KEEL. REELy. WATER you worried about? YAWL will be just fine. Let’s eat. Even just a bite, to TIDE you over.” Notice, his PORT is SPLASHING. But his tableMATES, MIKE and ROE WAVE, seem a little inSHIPid about their meals. The waiter, DOCK HOLIDAY, is comBRINEing trying to get his SEA legs, while SHOALing he can still balance his tray. The CRUISE Director, HELL-n REELS, is simply REELing. Our other diners, LEE and PIERre PRESSURE, are having a HULL of a time, as you can SEA. Having AVAST knowledge of BOATING, I can tell you, I REELy KEEL for them YAWL. Anyway, we SEA that the CREW and the Passengers are in it together…They’re all..IN THE SAME BOAT! Good one, Guys! Just SWELL…Ok, eye candy. I like that the food shown is all SEA food. The table is FILLETed with it. And there’s SUSHI. SUSHI’s gonna be what’s falling from the table. ROCK and ROLLin from the table! So, There you have it , Folks, Done!
    And to those of you out there, (you know who you are)…Even though I’ve been NAUTI..CAL a lot of my life…More often than KNOT, I’ve always kept it REEL…Just SWAYin’….
    Have a great day, Everyone! ⛴🙋🏻

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  2. When she saw his BUCKET list, the SIGHT did not AMAZE her because she had given him a LESSON in wishful thinking.
    Back to getting no e-mail again. I’ll not complain until tomorrow.
    Easy word clue solves, the solution took longer than usual for Monday.
    Timely cartoon topic, considering the problems a Norwegian cruise ship had last week.
    I read the Poseidon Adventure years ago and never saw the film. Not a fan of cruise ships but did take a small commercial boat up the Congo River and got to cross the Equator.
    Enjoyed your post, Angela–volunteer day and my coffee break is over. Sayonara.

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    • Hey Moose. I think this post showed up twice. Better the 🎶Second Time Around🎶! Rain,sleet and snow on tap for us…But the sun’s shining…Hope all is well by you..⛴🙋🏻


      • LOL…Moose, of all the things I need, and believe me, there’s a list..😂…Snow is the very least of it. And it’s already started…earlier than predicted…Rush hour should be a doozie!
        Stay warm, Caro….💨❄️🙋🏻


  3. Had an easy time of it with this one. No blind solve, but the answer jumped out at me once the letters were written down.

    Today will be my first full day back to the office since Christmas and my surgery. I am very fortunate to have that kind of flexibility with my business!

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  4. Good morning. Angela,are you that secret co-writer that helped a certain someone write Peyton Place. Your opening line made me sit down with ice water to calm down. You should write Earl’s adventures going down the Congo. Earl has had an interesting life. I know about scary times aboard a ship. We went to Europe via the Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth. One ship was a half a day faster than the other. The weather was so bad that they had rope lines up on deck to hold on if you dared to venture outside. My brother,sister and I waited four days for a meal with French fries. We never got to eat them because when we sat down the three of us had to head for the bathroom,then topside for air. People started running out holding their mouths and the stewards yelling hit the buckets,hit the buckets that they had all over the deck. Some adventure. Out of six of us my father was the only one that never got sick. Enough…,,.Sorry if I spoiled you breakfast or lunch depending upon your time zone. Today’s puzzle was a snap on both ends. Didn’t like the cartoon answer because they were on a liner and you never call a ship a boat. I’ve been told that many times. As long as it floats who cares what it’s called,right. Until tomorrow stay well. Had to use the side door this time to get in.


      • My God that had to be horrible. Can just picture the chain reaction from watching one guy loose his meal. I was an air dale in the Navy. Three years and somehow never aboard a Navy ship. When I went fishing on a boat with a bunch of guys they use to take bets on long it would take me to upchuck. One time we didn’t even leave the dock. But I always went. The secret was taking the pill before bed time and then after you get up. After that,I was just fine.


    • Paul, You’re good for whatever ails a person! No matter what frame of mind I’m in, you never fail to make me ROTFL!! Y’day you had me writing for the porn mags, and today you got me a ghostwriter for Peyton Place! I had to look it up! I should be so lucky! 😂 You’re a gem!
      And I’ve told you many times, you’ve amazing stories in you. They need to be written down. I have a few SEA-sick stories myself, but they pale in comparison to yours. As for collaborating with Earl, I already made the offer…SHIPS IN HIS PORT…Sorry if I ROCKed you a little too much this morning, and I hope you stay COOL! SEA you at Sheepshead Bay! ⛴🙋🏻


      • Peyton Place caused quite a stir in the 1950’s—very racy and dealt with topics not discussed in those days. I read it in high school and did a book report before the school discovered its contents–then it was banned for future reports! Grace Metalious (spelling?). was the author and I think it was her first book. Later became a tv show.

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      • Earl. From what I’ve read, I can see why! You must have caused quite a stir yourself Sir, with that book report!!! 😳 Any chance you remember your grade? X? 😳😳
        IDK, Earl. Paul just may have me on a whole new career path,…! You never know! 😉💃🏻


      • That’s,why people were always making jokes and references to lPeyton’s Place” when Payton Manning was playing.


  5. Hi all – Easy today, after changing LOSSEN to LESSON.
    My wife has many stories of going back and forth on the boat in her childhood to visit relatives in Europe which I will happily not share, especially at mealtimes..

    Welcome rain here all day; enjoy your warmup when it arrives.

    Lelia – I knew that Sharks’ announcer Randy Hahn is an Edmonton native. Relative to the Ottawa game, he said that he spent time growing up in both Edmonton and in the Yukon, but that night in Ottawa with a wind chill of -38° was the most brutal cold he had ever experienced. Hope you’re enduring your relative cold. Your temps look like mine!

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    • Hi, Steve! While researching “Captain’s Dinner” for the morning post, I learned the darkerer side of it’s true purpose. Decided to abandon ship and not post about it.

      On the top of Mount Washington here in NH, it was -92 degrees the other day! Much colder than the -6 we experienced… A balmy 34 right now and I’m not complaining at all. 😊

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      • Yeah, but that’s wind chill, not temperature, and us old New Englanders know that doesn’t count, right? 😂 If fact, wind chill didn’t exist when I was growing up (which was so long ago that even “wind” and “chill” might not have been invented, yeah and the Dead Sea was only sick, yadda yadda…). 🙋🏻‍♂️

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      • Steve: The news here was covering this extensively. And the article is from the NY Times. We had read it. Every time they spoke about it on the news,which was several times a newscast, they kept saying…’”Now, this is wind chill we’re talking about…” And then they’d crack up. IDK. And Lou said….”WT.-“? 😂 After a certain point, what does any of it feel like anymore anyway, right? And you’re right about years ago we never heard the phrase. But then we never heard “Global Warming”, and “Bomb Cyclone”, either, right? ….Or “Fake News” for that matter!!! Who’s to know anymore???💨💨💨💨🙋🏻


      • All true. Even the BBC had the video of the guy pouring boiling water out of the kettle and having it instantly turn to snow. 🙋🏻‍♂️

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      • LOL. Oh please! That was going on ad nauseam! The meteorologists were going out into the street during the newscasts (and I start watching from 4AM) constantly and “performing” this. It became comical to see who’d get better results! Poor people walking through the dark city streets getting to work, had to side step these guys all morning! IDK. It’s been cold, but they’re all acting like it’s never happened before! 😂🙋🏻


  6. Hi, all! The only word that did not come into SIGHT for me immediately was SIGHT.
    Instead of looking at the letters, I quickly wrote “on the same” which left “bait” which gave me IN THE SAME BOAT. I did not think of the word BOAT at first because of what Paul said about not calling a ship a “boat.”

    Wow, with all the “rough seas” stories today of previous cruises on a ship, which I enjoyed reading about, I think we just ran out of BUCKETs!! Mine happened on a ship in the Aegean Sea near Athens. I will spare you the details.

    Steve, I will answer your post right after lunch if I can eat after all those stories. LOL I might have to put a jacket on after reading about your sports announcer’s -38 in Ottawa and Mike’s -94 on Mt. Washington.

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    • I smiled when I saw that the BUCKET anagram started with CUTE! It wasn’t enough of a distraction to stump me though.

      As Steve pointed out, the -92 was wind chill not “actual” temperature. But with such astonishing numbers, it wouldn’t make a bit of difference. Brrr!!!!


      • Hi, Arizona Mike! (the sunglasses) I wasn’t sure you wrote this to me, but I’ll say hi anyway, happy to have you on the site today, and enjoyed your solve & comments as usual.

        I wish you an especially enthusiastic shout-out of thanks & congratulations for your fun idea that you shared with us this morning. I will participate but want to think about it first for a couple of days with rough drafts, deleting, and editing.

        I went to the site of the amazing article about Mt. Washington and read it twice. I enjoyed the facts, was astounded by the horrible extremes the reporters went to, and was glad I never had a boss as heartless as their editor who told them to “Make me shiver.” Unbelievable!!

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      • Hi, Lelia! If I was Arizona Mike, I’d definitely need sunscreen to go along with those sunglasses!

        I’m thrilled that you’re excited about the interview and am glad that you’re taking the time to think about your questions. I can only imagine what unique things about the Jumble that you just HAVE to know!

        I did some research on the article and found that Mt. Washington was tied as the second coldest place on earth that day. In my youth and fresh out of college, my girlfriend (years later my wife) and I climbed all the way to the summit in one of the most amazing achievements in my personal life. At 6,288 feet, it was such a difficult climb but we conquered it with pictures to prove it. I’ll never forget the point in the climb when we ascended into what we described as the clouds and the weather shifted to the point where we changed from our tshirts and shorts to long pants, jackets and hats!

        I hope the Jumble was a breeze for you today and talk soon. 😎


    • Hi, Steve! Thanks for your shout-out to me. I do have one question. While watching some of the Coyotes vs New York Rangers game Saturday night, I was sure that I saw many goals being made but the final score was only 2-l NY. Is “imagining goals” a common problem of novice fans like me?

      Jerry shook his head at the below-zero temps mentioned by you and Mike and then sat there wondering what kind of thermometer could survive those low temps. I’ll have to Google it.


      • Steve, after your post this morning where you told me about the -38 in Ottawa, Mike told about Mt. Washington, so I copied those posts and gave them to Jerry. The copy said -94 but now his post says -92. Our leader has the power to correct a typo, and sometimes I wish I had that power for the many I make. LOL

        I checked out his site story, and it is amazing & frightening & unbelievable the extremes reporters will go to for a good story.


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