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Good Friday morning everyone and happy December first! Both of the 5-letter clue words came instantly into view today. BEMOAN was the only word that needed an extra minute to figure out so it would be my choice for the most difficult anagram to decipher.

Moving along to the cartoon, I honestly had no idea what the characters in the panel were doing. My eyes slipped and saw the word “velcro” and it all started to make sense. Three people are huddle together manipulating the new invention as its creator, George de Mestral, looks on with delight and explains to them how it works.

I could bore you with details about the history of Velcro, but that would be about as interesting as watching paint dry. I’ll leave you with one nugget of information which is that Velcro is a portmanteau of the French words velour (“velvet”) and crochet (“hook”).

The final solve was in quotes, so I knew the answer was going to be a “punny” play on words. With that in mind, FASTEN came into view after staring at the letter layout for a few seconds leaving ATED for the finish. It wasn’t an instant solve, but pretty close! Have a fantastic Friday, and I’ll see you tomorrow. 🙂

“I heard a bird sing in the dark of December. A magical thing and sweet to remember. We are nearer to spring than we were in September. I heard a bird sing in the dark of December.” — Oliver Herford

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  1. LOL…Good morning,Songbird! People will think we discuss this! Or use the same references! You made me literally LOL…Spring!… Training!
    Have a great day, Bud! ⚾️🙋🏻

  2. 🎶I am STUCK on Band-Aid brand ’cause Band-Aid’s stuck on me! I am STUCK on Band-Aid brand ’cause germs don’t stick on me!…🎶

    ⬆️⬇️Who would have thought that a walk in the woods
    Could inspire one of our most famous goods?
    That George de Mestral, the engineers name
    Perplexed by a cockle bur went on to fame.
    On a FRESH clear, crisp day when the burs did ABOUND
    They clung to his clothing…Intriguing he found…
    So he studied them further, he didn’t BEMOAN
    The pulls on his pants and his coat…not a groan.
    With Velour for velvet, and Crochet for hook
    The Portmanteau VELCRO…(yes, go take a look)!
    Had fabric that clung and DITTO the hook
    And people just loved it, and right off it took.
    I use it all day, this thing he created…
    I’m sure “stuck” on Velcro…I’m still “FASTEN”-ATED! ⬆️⬇️

    But I wasn’t STUCK on any of today’s words. We’ve seen them before. Although with that first quick glance? I did see Idiot and Amoeba. Amoeba? When was the last time I saw amoeba? Forever. Made me feel like an idiot…Anyway. Let’s not get STUCK on minor details. On to our cartoon! Jeff’s showing us a lab, somewhere in Switzerland I imagine, since de Mestral was Swiss. But my guess could be FULL of HOLES…Three scientists, in lab coats, de Mestral in a suit. Again, the suit? It could be FULL OF HOLES, because the man did have to perfect the Velcro, right? And those burs? Just sayin’…Keep in mind, the year here would have to be between mid 40’s to mid 50’s, but lo and beHOLD, the female scientist? Hair and clothing? Let’s just say she’s NOT a brunette, and she’s NOT in white…(Yes, I’m still HOOKed on that). NOT…? Remember getting your first pair of sneakers with Velcro? You figured…”Sure, why KNOT”? No? Hmm…Anyway…So de Mestral is introducing his invention, Velcro. The dialogue…”Amazing..” “Holds by squeezing together”, “Replicates burrs that STICK..” ? (You should note here that Jeff is using the double R spelling, while I am using the single R. Both are correct, I’m just bringing it up because I’m a STICKler for spelling, and I ADHERE to its rules). Also because, when I hunted, until I got the right clothes, I had CLOSE CONTACT with many a BUR…They are not fun. I still have the TEARS to prove it…One R for me is enough! Ok, so they’re all very TAPEn, I mean taken with the new product…Note the excited looks on their faces…They can hardly HOLD IT TOGETHER…They’re “FASTEN”-ATED! Drop the mic, ’cause we have a pun here! And it’s no RIP OFF, either! Kudos, Jumble Guys. You STUCK together a good one! Ok, eye candy. Nothing CATCHING my eye? Again? Well, maybe that European looking mustache. Handlebar is it? Something to HOLD ON TO?…Ba-Boom!
    So, there you have it, Folks! Done!
    Have a great day, Everyone! And remember…Don’t get STUCK on the little things in life…FASTEN that seat belt, and go on a TEAR! ⬆️⬇️🙋🏻

  3. Good morning Mike. CW’S were easy, except for BEMOAN, it had me moaning for a few mins. Spent a few on the solution. Have a good Friday.

    • Mike, Good morning. As I was writing this morning, I thought of Anderson. And I had to laugh. One, I can’t think of him without laughing, his laugh has to be the most infectious on TV. And two, because of his segment. But, you know what’s so funny? Years ago, my Grandmother called a refrigerator a Frigidaire. Every single one. And I still hear people today call aluminum foil, Reynolds Wrap. It’s just the nature of the beast. And there must be a ton more of these…Brand named products that just became the go-to mainstream word for the “imitations”. I think Velcro has definitely over reacted, but who’s to say? …And look at all the free publicity, right? The video? Not so much..We’ll wait and see the publics’ reaction I guess.
      Take care! 🙋🏻
      Mike…”Scotch” Tape for any kind of adhesive tape…There must be a ton more…! 🙋🏻

  4. Hi everyone – I enjoyed the little bird poem, Mike, and learning about Velcro from your post and Angela’s. Bemoan didn’t come easily but I was able to back in with my pad. A little bit of Velcro has kept two of my kitchen cabinets from flying open. I didn’t think it would work for long but it’s been doing the job for three years.

    • Good morning, Caroline. Thank you! Two questions…..
      But did you see Amoeba?
      And more importantly, is it “REAL” Velcro? 😉 If it is…After three years? They’ll be thrilled! They may ask you to be in the next video!
      Good to see you. Ciao! 🙋🏻

      • Yes, I did see amoeba and idiot, too! I’m not sure nice guys Jeff and David would use idiot as a CW- have they? I don’t know if it’s authentic Velcro or something similar looking.
        Ciao to you as well. Good to see some new folks on the blog.

        • LOL…Well, there you go! I really don’t know if Idiot was ever used in the Jumble. I don’t use the word, I never liked it. But there’s a popular show on ABC-7 that portrays a Father constantly calling all his children morons. Almost the same, maybe not as bad. It comes on at 8 PM. Kid Prime Time! The show is funny, I like it. But because of it, the kids started to use the word, despite knowing it’s not one we condone. And they all said, “But we hear it on the —s”. (All, because you know there’s always strength in numbers)! And they’re kind of right. So, I don’t know about the word anymore. One more thing to make me shake my head! The 3 year “Velcro” what can I say? 😂 You definitely got your money’s worth! And Amoeba? Watch…We’ll see it soon! 😉
          And yes, very nice to see new people! Ciao, Bella! Have a great day! 🙋🏻

  5. The teacher had to BEMOAN his FRESH remarks in commenting on the students’ use of DITTO marks when e-mails from parents began to ABOUND.
    I also had to pause at BEMOAN but once I blinked three or four times, it came. The solution, in spite of the inverted commas, was an instant solve after I had written out the circled letters.
    I don’t recall when Velcro was first introduced to the public but I had, perhaps incorrectly, the impression that it had something to do with the space program? I suspect someone will correct me or steer me in the right direction.
    Angela, your remarks about trade names/patent names reminded me of others:
    Hoover for vacuum cleaners—especially in the UK
    Xerox for copy machines and it became a verb: to xerox something.
    Kleenex for tissues
    Biro, again a UK term, for ball-point pens
    Spiral Notebooks—did that start out as a brand name?
    Hopefully others will contribute their own.
    Have a great Friday everyone.

    • Good Morning, Earl. Yes, you’re correct. There is some connection to the Space Program. But if Mike chose not to bore you, I’m “Shirley” not going to be caught HOLDing the paint brush! 😂
      And what did I start here? I’m blaming Mike McCormick! He got me STUCK on the subject! And what about Band-Aids? I opened with it? How’d I not see that? Talk about the forest for the trees..!!!
      Wait, and I’ll look for some others….I’ll GOOGLE it on Wikipedia! 😂😂😂
      Have a great day, Earl! 🙋🏻

  6. No blind solve today; those pesky quotation marks struck again! It was smooth sailing on the CWs until I got stuck on BEMOAN. I couldn’t get AMOEBA out of my head! The puzzle was an easy solve once I had the letters written out.

  7. Fun puzzle today. I too saw idiot and amoeba first but was able to get past that. No problem solving the cartoon. I love Velcro and think if I had invented it I would be pleased that it was recognized as the premier fastener. Happy Friday everyone.

    • Hi Betty. What is it with those words?
      I agree with you. And I’m sure if you had invented it, you’d HOOK us all up with some too! 😉 Enjoy your day! 🙋🏻

  8. Mike! How poetic! Very nice.

    🎵”Deep in December it’s nice to remember
    The fire of September that made you mellow.
    Deep in December our hearts should remember and follow, follow.”🎵

    And off topic, the Kate and Anna McGarrigle song “Pronto Monto” was so named because that’s what the French lyric sounds like; “Prends ton manteau”, “Take your coat.” Good advice for December first.

  9. Hi all – BEMOAN took the longest. I thought the answer might be Tongue-Tied before writing out the letters.

    Well. I *was* going to say that my sentences were starting to remind me of the series of Van Gogh paintings where his cat becomes more and more strange looking, but I see that you folks are not that far behind me after all.

    “Only an IDIOT would BEMOAN ENTOMBing an UNBOUND AMOEBA in a nice FRESH (gluten free?) salad.”

    Have a great day, everyone. Let’s meet up on my home planet; I hear the weather’s nice there today (Cloudy with a chance of meatballs?)

    Hey Lelia – this has been a “gulp-post”; back me up here. 😂

  10. HI, all! Reading the cartoon about Velcro, I thought people were “stuck on it.” First 3 words came immediately, but getting “amoeba” in my brain, I solved the puzzle answer before backing into DEMEAN. Sound familiar, John?

    Our first clue-word DITTO reminds me of when, after mimeograph but before Xerox, I used to, as a teacher, get purple Ditto ink on my hands, clothes, & white purse.

    The brand name that I use for all facial tissues is Kleenex. Right, Earl?

    Caroline! I have a kitchen drawer that pops open. THANKS for your idea!!

    At our bulk club this morning, I think Jerry & I bought too much bulk. My SUV back seat and trunk area that I call “the way back” were full! Now gotta put it all away.

  11. Hi, Mike! Your poem about the bird singing was a “magical…sweet” surprise!! What a lovely treat for the first day of December! Your poem is a great way to Welcome Christmas! THANK YOU!!

    I enjoyed your whole blog this morning. I agree that BEMOAN was difficult.
    I laughed after reading that a history lesson on today’s subject would equate the fun of watching paint dry.

    I hope you are having a fantastic Friday, also.

    • Good afternoon, Lelia! The poem was stuck in my head after reading it online and I felt like I had to share it. I’m glad that you found it “magical” as well.

      I don’t often add too much silliness and wit to my blog because I like to focus on the facts and the solve. There are those days when I just can’t resist and yesterday’s post was one of them.

      We’ve been Christmas shopping like crazy for the past few days and I’m just about done. I hope you’re in good shape for the holidays, and my guess is that you do quite a bit of shopping online. 😊

      I hope your weekend is going well. Take care and say hi to Jerry for me!

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