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Have a wonderful Saturday, and I’ll see you tomorrow!


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  1. Good morning Mike. Beautiful pix. SLEIGH took a few. Solution came quickly. Have a great day.

    • Top of the Mornin’, Moose! Wrong country? What do I know…It’s all GREEN to me! So, SLEIGH took you for a ride, huh? Enjoy your day! 🙋🏻

    • Good morning, Moose! It was tough to pick just one picture while looking them over. Some people have a gift when it comes to photography. Have a great day, my friend. 🙂

  2. 🎶SCOTCH and soda, mud in your eye, Baby do I feel high..Oh me, oh my…Do I feel high..People won’t believe me , they’ll think that I’m braggin’, But I could feel the way I do and still be on the wagon…SCOTCH and soda…mud in your eye..🎶

    ✈️✈️ A couple in The Highlands along with a tour guide
    Today we visit Scotland and the hills that are its pride
    The beauty of the ancient ruins a tourist draw, no DOUBT
    I have to tell you honestly I know nothing about.
    No need to say it SHYLY, or HANDLE it with care
    I’ve never thought about it, nor desire to go there.
    I’d rather have a SLEIGH somewhere and snow to get my thrills
    But Land Formations still await that are OLD AS THE HILLS! ✈️✈️

    Today’s words: Old favorites. No need to be an exPERTH to solve them. On to our cartoon. Scotland. The Highlands. A tourist couple, a guide in a KILT. The dialogue: “Ice Age”. “Ancient”. We definitely got OLD here. And the Land Formations? HILLS. This one sure isn’t hard to CELT. “OLD AS THE HILLS! Easy, breezy…THISTLE do nicely! Once again, AYE have to say that I know nothing about Scotland, except for Robert Burns, Kilts, Golf, Plaid, and Bagpipes. Oh, and HAGGIS. I’ve heard about the HAGGIS…but I DOUBT if I could STOMACH it… And I’ve recently heard about Glacier Erratics from a man I’ve met. He’s a little cold and erratic at times…He may be KILTy of something, I’m not sure…But I’m trying to LOCH him down. WHISKEY me luck! And of course, there’s SCOTCH, there’s always SCOTCH…Anyway, eye candy. I’m not getting past the blonde woman in purple…She’s all over, isn’t she? Where’s that Scotch? I need a drink…
    So there you have it Folks, DUN..DEE!
    Have a great day, Everyone! And if you visit Scotland, take an EWEBER to get around…It’s a lot SHEEPER than a regular taxi… ✈️🙋🏻

  3. There was no DOUBT that the young boy could HANDLE his new SLEIGH as he SHYLY smiled at those gathered at the foot of the hill.
    No problem with the clue words today. Took a little longer to get the solution but after studying the letters and the cartoon, I got it. A common phrase among my older relatives when I was a lad.
    Have a great weekend Angela and everyone else who signs on later. Lots of errands to tend to and I need to get an early start.

    • Good morning, Earl. Thank you, same to you.
      Great imagery with your sentence today. Enjoy! 🙋🏻

  4. Good morning. Beautiful picture compared to the news paper. Thank you for that. The hardest word for me was sleigh,it took a second and third look to get. After writing down the letters for the cartoon I immediately saw “the” followed by “hills”. The three remaining letters finished off the solve. Yesterday’s blog I kept checking and had not gotten when I went out in the afternoon. Up until 1:00 I couldn’t even get it via the back door. Until tomorrow stay well

    • Good morning, Paul. Sorry you had a problem y’day, but I’m glad you’re here now! SLEIGH may be the SLAYer today! Be well. 🙋🏻

    • You’re most welcome for the photo, Paul. I’m not sure why the website isn’t updating for you. If you click the refresh button in your browser, the website should update. 🤔🤔🤔

  5. Snap. Funny until today I never had a thought about the ice age outside of North America. I learn so much on here outside of the Jumble. There are really some very smart people on here! I am humbled by all the factoids Angela comes up with. And for free!

    • Good morning. And thank you very much, Harry. But I must admit, this morning I had a 🎶Little help from my friend…🎶 A very astute, albeit slightly cool and erratic individual…The Glacier Erratic, I call him! There’s truth to my madness! But free? For you, perhaps, but I’ll probably end up paying for it someway! 😂😂
      Take care, Hoosier. 🙋🏻

  6. Good puzzle again today. Like others, I paused at sleigh but already knew what letters I needed because the cartoon answer had already come to me. Beautiful picture, Mike. It looks so peaceful. Happy Weekend everyone.

    • Hi, Betty! At first I thought it was LEIGHS, which is an actual name for a disease. I knew it was too obscure though and pushed on until SLEIGH was found. It’s such a perfect clue word for December. 😊
      Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Hi all – Quick solve. Have a great day, everyone.
    These people say it so much better than I could if I’d been trying since the last Ice Age, or Snowball Earth. And away we go…

    🎵”Sleigh bells ring Are you listening
    In the lane Snow is glistening
    A beautiful sight We’re happy tonight
    Walking in a winter wonderland”🎵

    🎵”Just hear those sleigh bells jingle-ing
    Ring ting tingle-ing too
    Come on, it’s lovely weather
    For a sleigh ride together with you
    Outside the snow is falling
    And friends are calling “Yoo Hoo”
    Come on, it’s lovely weather
    For a sleigh ride together with you”🎵

    And if you freeze your tootsies:

    🎵”Dry martini, jigger of gin,
    Oh, what a spell you’ve got me in,
    Oh my, do I feel high.
    All I need is one of your smiles,
    Sunshine of your eyes, oh me, oh my”🎵

  8. Hi, all! Pleasant and easy puzzle in every way. SLEIGH was a fun word for the Christmas season.

    I am English, Irish, & Scottish and one of my favorite vacations was 2 weeks in England, Ireland, & Scotland. We also drove through Wales, which took barely long enough to remember Tom Jones & some of his songs.

    I will never forget the beauty of the Irish & Scottish countryside so lush & green.

    Happy Holidays, all!

    • Hi Lelia. I have a couple of notes I’ll put on IOW after it gets cleaned out later today.
      You think Wales was a quick trip? My wife’s family drove through Liechtenstein and missed it. They had to make a U-turn!

  9. Hi, Mike! I was especially delighted to hear from you today. Finding your answer to my comments was like finding an early Christmas present that I was allowed to open before Christmas.

    When I Googled your magical poem, I found that it is from a collection of Oliver Herford’s poems entitled “Welcome Christmas! A Garland of Poems.” I was hoping you had the whole collection so we could see another one.

    Your comment about not adding silliness to your blog made me shake my head because you should already know that I know how you write and love it just the way you say it. I remember telling you that no creative writing teacher in the world could have taught you to write as you do because you are a natural. You add wit when it is called for, keeping all the different kinds of writing in perfect proportion. Keep up the good work. Everyone who comes onto the blog makes a positive comment about what you say and how you say it.

    I don’t shop online. I used to love shopping for many gifts for our girls, then for their husbands, and then for their 5 children. When the grandchildren got a certain age, one of them said he’d prefer money. All of them agreed so now after opening all their gifts from their parents, aunt, & each other, I give each of them a Christmas money card & envelope containing $100 which earns a lot of smiles, hugs, & thank-yous for me.

    Last chapter! When you told us about the warm brownies awaiting your children after school, I tried/failed writing a limerick about how lucky they were to have a dad who would welcome them with warm brownies, designate a homework time so they could make good grades, and plan to go to the music program later because of loving to hear the children sing. What a dad!!

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