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Good morning everyone and happy Thursday! CROAK gave me some trouble today, as have most of the 5-letter words this week. The other three Jumbles were all immediately visible and I moved along to the cartoon.

At first glance we see two men in a field and they appear to be building something out of rocks. By reading the dialogue and sentence we learn that the structure is a wall, but they’re having a difficult time with the placement of the stones. Writing out the clue letters and seeing CO together was all I needed to get rolling. ROCK came instantly into view leaving START to be found in a flash. All that was left was the Y which fit neatly behind ROCK for the finish. The surprise answer made this Jumble an instant clastic for me!

I hope everyone has a gneiss day, and I’ll see you tomorrow! 😉

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  1. LOL…Good morning, Bud! I went with gneiss too! Gneiss word! My post is long….I was ROCKING it this morning. Too much time on my hands..It’s a tad VERBOSE! ORE is that redundant? 😂🙋🏻

  2. 🆙 Masonry’s a fine art, work done with different stone
    Men taught to work with their hands, until their craft they hone
    Most times before beginning a new and challenging task
    They usually must old brick break and here they wear a mask…
    Stones shatter at the breaking, KERNELS flying all around
    Fifty, SIXTY pieces at a time fall on the ground…
    And after demo’s all done, these men start to create
    These works of art in concrete, granite, or perhaps in slate…
    Some people put up low walls surrounding a small pond
    And listen to the CROAK of frogs if that’s what they are fond.
    Some others build retaining walls around their property
    And RATHER have it done with stones, it may look more pretty
    But putting up a whole wall with round stones for its parts…?
    Is not so easy, that’s why these guys have a ROCKY START! 🆙

    I was CROAKing trying to decide how to use the word in the poem. Had to throw a frog in there. What a LEAP though, right? Anyway, today’s words aren’t new, but the anagrams are, and they’re SLATE! I mean great! Ok, our cartoon. Today we have two MASONS, building a STONE wall. Jackson immediately comes to mind. But before I veer totally off subject, I tell myself to get that out of my THICK skull! Ok, STONES…it shouldn’t be HARD, right? And it’s not…we see the men just beginning, just STARTING, and it’s a little TUFF going…STONES, START? YO! Adrian! It’s ROCKY! “ROCKY START”! How’s that for BUILDING a pun? Good one, Dave! CRYSTAL clear! As always, you leave no STONE unturned! Ok, eye candy…Not much detail again today. I know Jeff’s a busy man, and I shouldn’t take for GRANITE that this is easy to do, and TALC is cheap, but if I were a little BOULDER, I might say something. But that’s not COAL, so I won’t. I keep telling myself take your time, keep your CHERT on, you’ll find something. ORE not! It’s just a little AGGREGATEing, you know? Anyway, what SHALE I do? I’m looking again. Maybe something FLOURITE over my head? I’ll give it a COBBLE of more minutes, and then I really need to move on. As GNEISS as this puzzle is, I have other things on SLATE for today…I don’t know…The rag in the mans pocket? The little weed? Is that going TUFA? I think so…I’m just going to take it with a GRAIN of BASALT, and let it go. That’s the SCHIST of it. What other reQUARTZ is there?
    So, there you have it Folks! Done!
    Have a great day, Everyone! And let’s not be JADEd today. Let’s PHYLLITE with good things. There’s CONCRETE proof that stress and PRESSURE kills. BOTTOM line? It’s SEDIMENTARY, my Dears…
    What, me QUARRY? No way, I’m just going to ROCK ON! 🆙 🙋🏻

  3. CROAK wasn’t to bad for me. The X on Sixty was the help I needed-but KERNEL?? I always eat a COB or Shuck an EAR. I always eat a HANDFUL of Popcorn. Rarely does it “POP” (pun intended) into my mind. I knew that hte term was also used in Technology, so I had to dig for that one seeing that it is an Operating System like Linux.

    I truly love this group. Originally I was just coming here to check my answers….then it was the Guest Jumbles that got me to scroll down.

    I love being in the company of Fellow Nerds. #1350SATScore.

    Unfortunately being a part of the African American Community puts me with a Tight Circle of Friends. Took almost 15 years to find a Nerdy Husband. We need to work towards lauding pursuit of knowledge and being astute.

    I WON’T start the race talk here, but I did reach out to see if the David Hoyt Foundation would come here to S.E. Washington D.C. and the middle school where I work. I am a Literacy Instructional Coach.

    • Kimberly! Your wit is refreshing and on point! But intelligence, in my mind is not nerdy. As a woman? Uh uh! I’m going to look for a quote to send you. You just caught me by surprise! I’ll find it. I’ve got notes all over!
      Welcome, woman! 🙋🏻

    • Hello, Kimberly! I’m so happy that you finally decided to jump in and participate in our forum.

      Being a fellow “nerd”, I completely understand searching for other like minded individuals to interact with beyond your social circle. Your husband sounds like a wonderful soulmate and I’m so happy that you finally found each other. 🤓

      I’m glad that you feel comfortable enough to express yourself in our open forum and I applaud your dedication and commitment to children’s literacy. I look forward to hearing much more from and about you and I hope you have a wonderful day. I’ll see you tomorrow!

    • LINUX reference in the house!! I’ll put on my TUX, but there’s obviously no need for a MANDRIVA with a FEDORA with you here Kimberly, welcome. Hope you meet DEBIAN SUSE here too. Just make sure you set a password on your root login! 😂

  4. Good morning. Kimberly,”Who’s a nerd!!!” I resent that statement. All in good fun. Today’s puzzle was fun but that’s because there was little trouble. My pick for the hardest word was kernel. It took a second look to get. As to the cartoon answer that too was almost an instant read. After writing down the letters on a piece of paper,I picked up “rocky” first then “start”. This week has been rolling along. Just like the rocks or the bocce balls. Yesterday there were 25-27 men and women there looking to play. There were 5 women there,the most at one time. With yesterday’s weather it was a fun time. Until tomorrow stay well.

  5. I’d RATHER CROAK at SIXTY than be a shriveled up KERNEL of fossilized corn at 100.
    Don’t mind my morbid sentence—got off to a “rocky start” myself today. Don’t have time to comment on all the wonderful posts but have enjoyed reading them.

  6. This Jumble is cooked. I found another answer – RATTY ROCKS. These rocks were no good because they kept falling off, and they needed some really good rocks instead of the ratty ones they are putting up with.

  7. Hi, all! Instant cartoon solve. Because of their using the words “stones” and “stone,” I knew that the synonym “rocks” or “rocky” would be one of the 5 letter words in the answer. The cartoon portrayed a ROCKY START. Done!

    No trouble with the words but backed into RATHER simply because I already had the letters.

    No story from me today because Jerry wants me to go to Ace Hardware and Safeway with him right now. The weather is beautiful, so off I go.

    Hope all of you have a terrific Thursday with no rocky starts, no rocky situations, and no rocky ending to a lovely day.

    Welcome, Kimberly!

  8. Hi all – Well, of COURSE this wall ROCKS! I don’t know WYTHE heck I didn’t see the answer sooner, except that “rocks” got in the way of “rocky” and made me use the letters to get the answer.

    If left-mason didn’t know how to keep the rocks together, he should be MORTAR-fied. And somebody please tell right-mason to flick that caterpillar off his lip!

    🎵”I’m out here in the meadow
    Part of an old stone wall
    Stand here because you said so
    Waitin’ around to fall”🎵

    Have a great day. No rain for us for the next two weeks, they say.

    Hey Mike, when I googled “Lyric meadow” to get that quote, it came up with “Lyric Meadow Farm” in Boothbay Maine – you know, where they’ve been “Crackin’ Claw since 1835” or so. 😂

  9. Here’s my Jumble Sentence for the day…I was downloading KERNEL on my SIXTY MB computer that I’d RATHER keep; knowing in few months it will eventually CROAK.

    • You’re making me nostalgic. The SF Chronicle today has an article on the “Hottest RadioShack tech gifts of 1984”, one of which is the “expandable and affordable 16K TRS-80 Model 4 ” for only $999.00 !

  10. Hi, Steve! Yesterday I finally got to listen to Donovan sing Jennifer Juniper with just his guitar and sweet, soft voice. I wrote you another thank you for your original lyric and also wrote a limerick that popped into my head, but after rewriting the limerick many times, I gave up.
    Today I listened to Donovan again so now I can sing your lyric to the same tune.
    Thanks again for my original lyric. I sing it sweetly and softly.

    Thank goodness you mentioned the mortar this morning. As soon as I saw a big round rock roll off the wall, I wanted to ask the builders where their container of mortar was that they needed to keep the rocks cemented together, but Jerry was ready to leave so I let that statement roll away with the rock.

    Some time ago you mentioned having seen 2 t-shirts, one that you mentioned again this morning and one with R.I. on it. Please tell me that you bought them for yourself before someone else got them.

    I haven’t mentioned ice hockey because the Oilers beat us in overtime. (The Leafs beat them.) I think we play the Flames tonight, who took us down in flames 4-2 in a preseason game. I don’t know what the Sharks have been doing. I forgot to ask you if you have ever ice-skated. They are opening temporary outdoor rinks in Phoenix, but Jerry & I will take a pass. See ya’,

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