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Have a Spectacular Saturday and I’ll see you tomorrow!!!  πŸ™‚

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  1. 🎢”FACE to FACE each classic case, We shadow box and double cross, yet need the chase. A license to love, insurance to hold, Melts all your memories and change into gold. His EYES are like angels but his heart is cold…No need to ask…He’s a SMOOTH OPERATOR, smooth operator…smooth operator…”🎢
    The definition of a smooth operator, is a person who accomplishes tasks with efficiency and grace, especially one with verbal skills who is persuasive in interpersonal relationships. A skillful, manipulative person, a con artist, or clever scoundrel.Hmm…
    All of today’s words have APPEARED before. But the scrambles are all FRESH.LOOK, they’re good. I only blinked my EYES for a second at Shove. Lets CUT to the chase. Today, you can just dial 1-800-BEAU-TOX. Plastic surgery, laser treatments, Botox, fillers…it’s almost the norm. And there’s a million doctors out there PULLing in the money! Let’s be honest, we’re increasing their FACE value!! So how do you choose, for the SKIN that you’ll lose? Carefully, that’s for sure! You can’t just PACK up, and leave your BAGS someplace. You have to have faith that your doctor has your best interest at heart, and doesn’t just feed you a LINE…So, this Dr. Beau Tox may or may not be our best choice. Because, let’s FACE it, 9 out of …9 times, when a man says, “Trust me, I’m the best there is”…THAT’S a LINE..!
    Have a great day, Everyone. LIFT someone’s spirits, you’ll be glad you did! πŸ™‹πŸ»
    Aside to all our PLASTIC SURGEON readers: It’s all tongue in CHEEK!

  2. Fun and wise posts, Angela and Moose.Cargo was the word that gave me a little trouble. When I told my husband the clues at breakfast and said I had a lot of o’s, he came up with the answer quickly. Recently, Allure magazine, which I’ve never read, announced it was going to stop using the term β€œanti-aging.”

    • Good morning, 🎢”Sweet Caroline”🎢. Thank you. I saw the Allure piece the other morning on GMA. The term and the DOCTORED photos will be gone from Allure. Their Sept cover features Helen Mirren in all her 72 year old gray-haired beauty! She looks fabulous! I applaud Allure! Hope you have a great day! πŸ™‹πŸ»

      • I agree with you, Angela, in applauding Allure.
        And Mike, I never heard that term either.

        • Yes, we all should, right? Allure is a great magazine. Maybe now the other publications may follow suit. And I never heard that term either. A little contrived, no? Enjoy your day! πŸŒžπŸ™‹πŸ»

    • Hi, Caroline. Yesterday I heard on the radio an advertisement for a senior citizens “old age home” referred to as an “elder forward care facility”. I’ve never heard it referred to as that before!

  3. The Captain of the CARGO ship, loaded with COTTON, ordered a powerful PRIMER to be added to the fuel tank in order to SHOVE the vessel off the sandbar.
    No problem with the clue words but had to write out the circled
    letters and even then had to cut through some sagging cellulite to come to solution.
    I know my sentence is a stretch today but yesterday’s heat and humidity fried my cerebellum. At least it began alliteratively.😰 πŸ€• β›΄

    • Good morning, Earl. A stretch? It’s great! The heat and humidity are worse today, I think…And cutting through the sagging cellulite, although I doubt is true in your case, is a brilliant sentence! Keep cool! πŸŒžπŸ™‹πŸ»

  4. Yesterday’s puzzle fell just shy of being the most viewed post. It needed 768 more views to take the crown from 02/10/17. Total views for yesterday: 15,136! Great puzzle Jeff & David!!! πŸ‘πŸ»

    • Look at today’s. 9:30 on a Saturday morning? Not too shabby! πŸ”’ πŸ™‹πŸ»

  5. Fairly easy puzzle today; done in less than a minute! Hitting the road to drive into the path of totality. Wish us luck!!

    • That’s not bad! I’d have to travel to South Carolina (15.5 hours). I’ll wait for the next one in 2024 when it goes through my state. 😊

  6. With all the obsolete phrases we’ve been seeing here lately, I was expecting Earl to write about someone trying to “cotton up” to somebody, maybe before “push came to shove”.

    Angela, same song reference I thought of, by Sade, pronounced “Shah-day”, not as I first thought, like the Beatles’ ‘Sexy Sadie’.

    • Hey Steve. It was inevitable. I mean c’mon…I did lean towards 🎢”If I could turn back time…”🎢 and I’d rather Cher than Sade, but what’s right is right…Sadie? LOL..πŸ™‹πŸ»

    • Steve–I guess I’m not the “master of obsolete phrases” after all. Cotton up never occurred to me and I’m not sure I am familiar with it. Could it be one of those phrases limited to certain locales?
      Now if you had said: “Keep your cotton-picking hands off me.” I would have smiled in remembrance of brotherly elbow shoves in the back seat of a 1949 Chevrolet.

      • And you would have been free to scoot across the bench seat to deliver those shoves, being unconstrained by seat belts! (Until a parent raised a voice, anyway!)

        “cotton up to someone
        Rur. to try to make friends with someone; to flatter or fawn on someone in hopes of favorable treatment. James set out to cotton up to the parents of his friends. Just watch her cotton up to the teacher!”

        I have no idea how I know that. You’d think it was Southern, but I’ve never lived further south than I am now. Maybe old Western movies or TV again. (Roy Rogers, the adventures of Spin and Marty, Death Valley Days, etc.)

  7. Fairly easy puzzle today and good for a Saturday. Saw that John was on the way to see solar eclipse totality and wondered what state he is in. We will see 96%; 21/2 hr drive to Hopkinsville to see totality and starting Thursday there was a 15 mile backup on roads to Hopkinsville. Elizabethown is about 45 minutes and will see 98% and 30 more minutes to Leitchfield for 99%. Have my solar glasses ready and will stay here Monday.In seven years another total eclipse will be in southern part of KY. I do hope that we all get a good glimpse of the eclipse, however, there is a good possibility of cloud cover in most of KY on Monday. Have a great weekend and keep your eyes safe during eclipse. πŸ™‚

  8. Hi, Mike et al! Quick solve today. Two glances at CARGO but other 3 came fast.
    Angela, along with what you said, I think the doctor earns the title of Smooth Talker or SMOOTH OPERATOR with his promise of making her look like a teenager, his shyster words β€œtrust me,” and his braggadocio of being β€œthe best.” Because of the worried look on her face, she would do well to take your advice & choose her doctor more carefully. Good job, as usual, and thanks again for your prayers for Jerry & me.

    • Hi Lelia, Thank you. Funny that you’d mention the woman’s face. I started writing about that. I was thinking why would she be asking him this now? Don’t they show you ahead of time with those 3D machines what the results will be? And that look on her face bothered me! But then I got a grip and reminded myself that this is a cartoon! Was I kidding? So I scraped the whole idea and just went with the Smooth Operators, and the lines they love!
      Cute cartoon, but I just couldn’t get into it.
      Enjoy your evening. You’re welcome, and more prayers for you and Jerry. πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™‹πŸ»

      • Angela, thanks for sharing your thoughts with me because I wrote some rather heated negative words about the doctor, questioned my hostility, reminded myself that it’s just a cartoon, and scrapped the paragraph. My rewrite is quite toned down. Steve recently mentioned another cartoon you & I had strong feelings about when the tightrope walker’s ringmaster suggested removing his safety net. Pretend situation, nurturing nature kicks in anyway, it’s all good fun.

        • Lelia, Sorry for the delay in responding. I agree. Even though these are cartoons, and pretend situations, I too tend to take them to heart. I’m guilty of constantly creating obscure scenarios in my head! I hope you didn’t take my comments the wrong way. Yes, I remember the tightrope walker, and I think I failed to see the humor in that also. I really need to lighten up! LOL..For you: Creativity conjures up colorful images of constantly colliding characters, consisting of contrasting, complex, comedic or catastrophic characteristics, who comfort me in a capricious, charming, captivating and challenging cocoon. It’s cathartic!
          (I do love the smell of alliteration in the morning)!
          Hope you enjoy your day! πŸ™‹πŸ»

    Last night we attended a gig of grandson, Josh West, singing at a family-type pizza place. People clapped nicely after each song but ate & talked while he sang. When he began Wayward Son for me, I stood & raised my arms straight up and waved them back & forth like a teenager at a rock concert for the whole song. People smiled, pointed, and quit talking. Daughter & a few customers took pictures and video of me. I have never done that before, but it was FUN, FUN, FUN!!!

    • Funny! What, no cigarette lighter to request an encore? Did Josh blush?
      Here’s hoping we see the video on Youtube!

      • Hi, Steve! I loved your reply.
        I wish you a happy afternoon.
        And a super Sunday.
        And a happy week, also.
        And a couple of happy months!
        And a happy year!
        Or two!!
        No, at least 3 years of happiness!!!
        Maybe a decade! And…

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