Jumble Answers for 08/18/2017








Good morning everyone and happy Friday!!!  We’ve seen OMEGA quite a few times in the past and it usually causes me to pause for a bit — but not today!  I was able to solve it on first glance and whiz right through the next three with no difficulty whatsoever.  It’s still my pick for the most difficult word of the group so I hope it didn’t give you a hard time.  Moving along to the cartoon, we see two men getting ready to have a race in what are described in the sentence as single-person blimps.  It seems as though the man in the white blimp is having some trouble getting his aircraft off the ground but exclaims that he has turbo boost so the race is far from over.  I must admit that the cartoon answer took quite a bit of effort to figure out and it will undoubtedly be one of the most searched for answers.  With over 2,700 views already this morning, it’s on track to be the most viewed post of all time.  On an average day, traffic is usually between 600-800 views around this time of morning so don’t feel disheartened if you weren’t able to figure it out.  You were definitely not alone!  I was able to solve this one by finding all of the three letter words that I could and trying to make a single word with the rest of the letters.  When I found ONE, I also found SHIP in the remaining letters and figured that I was on the right path.  With a little more work, I deciphered the rest of the letters leaving me with the solution.  What a perfect challenge for a Friday puzzle and a wonderful way to end the week!  Let me know how you solved it in the comments, and as always, I’ll see you tomorrow!  🙂

I know this post is unusually long, but I had one more thing to share.  The 2018 Jumble calendar is now on sale.  I buy one ever year and it’s always a treat to have an extra Jumble puzzle to do in the morning.  Here’s a link to the publisher’s website and use code JUMBLEANSWER in the coupon section at checkout to save $3!  Show David and Jeff your appreciation for the puzzle by ordering one today!!!



62 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 08/18/2017

    • Hey, Good morning, Moose. I’m not sure if you saw my reply to your comment about Grandy earlier. It got erased. Pouring rain here! 🙋🏻


      • Yank Fans in your Family wanted to be sure that you got the message. Thank you. Funny. DaJudge is starting to bug me, if he’s not walking, he’s fanning.

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      • Yep, that’s them! This morning I sent out a group text and told them what I thought about their brooms! 😂🙄 Moose, you know I’m one of Judge’s biggest jurists, so watching these Ks are killing me. But I think he needs to make some adjustment to his swing, no? (Especially since he’s being pitched a lot of garbage). It looks much less level than it was earlier in the season. IDK. Maybe it’s more psychological? It seems he’s trying TOO hard, and not focusing on making contact, instead of just looking for that long ball. He’s letting the pressure get to him. Understandable, and easy for any of us to say, but it’s stealing his thunder. But then, what’da I know? I’m just the Mets fan in the mix.


  1. 🎶”Come FLY with me, let’s fly, let’s fly away…If you can use some exotic booze, theres a bar in far Bombay…Come fly with me, let’s fly, let’s fly away…”🎶
    Leave it to the Jumble Guys to teach us something every day. Single-Person Blimps? Who Gnu? (Oh, sorry, that was Wednesday). Where do they come UP with these ideas? I found an article in the NY Times relating to one. It had a propane burner for lift, and steering powered by a motor. So now, I’m looking at the PHOTO, and looking at Jeff’s cartoon. One blimp has Turbo Boost. O,ME GAnna need a lot more information, to try and compare these! Is Turbo Boost those two little wheelie things on the sides? So they’re not there just to SPRUCE the blimp UP a bit? No, this is all way OVER MY HEAD. I’ll leave the LOGistics to someone else…Our words today are once again, easy, breezy, FLY away words. The eye candy? It has to be that little luminous disc on the pilots helmet. Too cute! I guess he’s prepared for night FLYING also! Now….We get to our solve! This answer is a wordsmiths delight! Knowing we needed a 3 letter word to start, ONE was a given. But, it’s that second word that SOARED! ONE-(single person). UP-(blimps go UP). MAN-(again, single person). SHIP-(it’s a flying ship). I’m BLOWN AWAY by the creativity! You ACEd this one, Dave! ONE UPMANSHIP is getting OVER, gaining the UPPER hand, showing that you’re better than someone else. (Like hitting that homer in the 9th INNING, and WINNING the game)! And look at the cartoon. The blimp on the right is HIGHER UP than the other, but the dialogue on the left states “At least I have…” They both want the bragging rights…they “were experiencing”?…LIFT OFF! ONE UPMANSHIP! Jumble Guys, GOOD, YEAR really did good!
    Wishing Everyone a great day, and hoping we can RISE ABOVE all the dissension we’re facing…🇺🇸 🙋🏻

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  2. After saving the game in the Ninth INNING, the relief pitcher took time to SPRUCE himself up.for a PHOTO, wearing the sponsor’s OMEGA watch.
    No problems today. I had the solution without the need for a pen but wrote the letters out to be sure–the cartoon led me directly to the answer.
    I hope I am not breaking any blog rules by using a brand name in my sentence?
    Saw a downpour in NYC on one of the morning news shows–sorry Angela🌧 ☔️ Hope the weather improves. Warm and muggy up here but no rain yet.
    Have a great Friday all.

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    • Hi Earl. Torrential! Predicting rain all day. And it’s so dark! Great sentence for a non baseball man! Hope you have a great day, too. 🙋🏻


    • Hey Earl: You posted an emoji of the secret word ‘cloud’, so Groucho Marx’s duck just came down with these lyrics in his bill for you:

      The sky is gray and white and cloudy,
      Sometimes I think it’s hanging down on me.

      Hey sunshine
      I haven’t seen you in a long time.
      Why don’t you show your face and bend my mind?
      These clouds stick to the sky
      Like floating questions, why?
      And they linger there to die.
      They don’t know where they’re going, and my friend, neither do I. “🎵


      • Hey Steve–you and I must be in pretty much the same generation if you remember Groucho Marx’s secret word and that ugly duck that signalled a contestant had said it. Do you remember the name of the show?
        Was it. ” You Bet Yout Life?”
        Thanks for taking me down memory lane😏


      • You bet your life it was! I think you’ve got a few years on me, but not all that many. Hope the clouds dispel soon!


  3. I was getting nowhere with the answer until I also tried one for the first word. At first I thought the two p’s probably went together but then I remembered someone saying to think up when there’s a u and p.

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    • Hi, Carolyn! Thank you so much for your comments to me about drinking juice for weight gain. I asked my doctor yesterday for more help, but he was not helpful at all, so it really cheered me up to read your post expressing concern and giving me some ideas.
      Enjoy your weekend!


    • Hello, Mary! It sure was a challenging and interesting game today. Be sure to sign up for the email answers that I send out every morning as soon as I have a chance to post them. That way you’ll know the second that they’re released. All my best for a great day and weekend. 🙂


  4. Would anyone be interested in me doing a daily “live” solve of the puzzle on YouTube? I’ve been mulling the idea for quite some time and thought it could be fun! I’ll still do the daily post as well. Let me know if you’re interested!

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  5. Thank you for putting me back on your list! I missed so many jumbles! I just couldn’t get the answers every time! Left me so disappointed! Thanks for putting me back on you mailing list!

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  6. Hi all – I’m the oddball for puzzle solving today; the only word that stumped me for awhile was SPRUCE, and the only reason it didn’t take longer was because it trips me up every time.

    I know baseball stuff usually goes to IOW, but given word #3, I’ll repeat the saying that we know God is a baseball fan because the Bible begins, “In the big inning..”

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  7. Hi, Mike et al! Mike, you asked to hear how we solved. I had the words after 6 bites of scrambled eggs and then used an oldie but goodie technique for the answer. I looked for SYNONYMS in the question. Thought of nothing for “designers” or “blimps” but as soon as I said “single-person” and the synonym “ONE,” I had the solution! Yippee! Solved lickety split!!

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      • Mike, I hope you have a wonderful weekend, too. This song is for tonight if the game doesn’t get rained out.

        Take me out to the ball game.
        Take me out with the crowd.
        Buy me some peanuts & Crackerjacks.
        I don’t care if I never get back!

        Let me root, root, root for the Red Sox.
        If they don’t win, it’s a shame!
        For it’s one, two, three strikes you’re out
        At the old ball game.

        P.S., Salted peanuts, please, for Mike. (Smiling emoji.)

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  8. I did not get today’s answer, partly because I just don’t spend a lot of time with the puzzle and partly because at first look I did not have a clue as to the answer. My inquiring mind did go back and look at the Feb.10 puzzle; I don’t recall it and did not post that day, however, it looked easier than today’s puzzle. Kudos to those of you that had little or no problems today. Have a great day! 🙂


  9. Steve, the RN, Roger, who replaced Jerry’s plugged up catheter in ER, reminded me of you. While he worked, he entertained us with witty remarks, fun tales, intelligent comments, educational tidbits, assertions of having reached a wise old age, and references to music & Jerry Garcia. I was distracted by the amount of pain Jerry was in, so this is the only anecdote I can remember:

    Roger: I’ve been an RN for 45 years. Before that I was a lumberjack in the Sahara forest.
    Me: I thought the Sahara was all desert. (I was his straight man.)
    Roger: Well, it is NOW!


    • Hi Lelia – Supposedly a George Burns quote – “When I was a boy, the Dead Sea was only sick!”

      If anything can dispel the rain clouds from tonight’s game, it’s your sunny disposition, which we all bask in, to our benefit. Take care!


  10. Hi Mike – I’m not sure exactly how you’d do the jumble solve on youtube but I’ll take a look if you do. Will you be able to display the cartoon? I think it could be really helpful, especially for people having trouble with the jumble.


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