Jumble Answers for 08/15/2017








Good Tuesday morning my friends!  Today we had clue word choices that were definitely more challenging than yesterday but they only caused me a few extra seconds of delay.  FACET would be my pick for the most difficult word to decipher followed by OPERA.  Moving along to the cartoon puzzle, I read the sentence and didn’t have a guess as to what the answer was going to be.  Writing out the letters, THE was all I needed to solve for the rest of the solution to fall neatly into place.  My favorite part of the cartoon was the line “I keep losing roommates.”  That sure is one smart chicken!  Speaking of smart chickens, there is a chicken with glasses in the coop that is reading something.  Try as I might to enlarge the image, it was still distorted.  My guess was that it said “Chicken Little” but perhaps we’ll never know.  Have a terrific Tuesday and I’ll see you tomorrow!


39 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 08/15/2017

  1. Every FACET of the OPERA was TIMELY to the period but the composer was such a GROUCH nobody wanted to work with him
    Easy solve today and I was able to get everything sans pen or pencil. But again this could be a “generational” thing with “Fly the coop” a familiar phrase to people of a certain age?

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  2. 🎶”Well me and my hen was a-roostin’ high last night on the roostin’ pole, When I got up this mornin’ Lord, the roostin’ pole was cold, This hen told me that she was mine last night when the feathers flew…But she must have FLEW THE COOP with another cock a doodle doo…
    Have you seen my chicken, have you seen my chicken? Have you seen my chicken, have you seen my hen? Have you seen my chicken, have you seen my chicken? Have you seen my chicken, she’s gone again…”🎶 Good morning, Chickadees! What have we here? Fleeing chickens? Chicken soap OPERA? Drama on the FARMa? Let’s WING it….Today’s words were easy, breezy, unSCRAMBLEd them in no TIME, LYsurely! Great cartoon showing us a male and a female chicken, suspecting FOWL play, and plotting their escape. Not looking to press their CLUCK, they’re REDy to go. Maybe it’s FRYday? Who knows…The male is GROUCHy, the female COMBing up with the plan. I think she rules the ROOST! But, take look at the deTAIL! The chickens hands are actually gripping onto the chicken wire! Jeff once again gives us every FACET of the scene. If it wasn’t for that chicken in the hen house, reading that book, while wearing those sPECKS, I’d have made that Fab Grab my eye candy. But that scholarly bREADER just CRACKed me up! I couldn’t EGGnore it! I’m wondering what he’s reading? Is it a classic? “Little WomHEN”, “Anna KarenHENna”, “WutherWING Heights”? Or maybe it’s my all time favorite book, “To Kill a MockingBIRD”? Oh, how I love that book! And the movie…Gregory PECK? That was no POULTRY performance, am I right? HENnyway, the cartoon COOPled with the dialogue is a CHICKEN DELIGHT! The chickens are COOPed up, they want to get aWEIGH…FLY THE COOP! NEST assured, another FEATHER in your caps, Jumble Guys! ( But, do I remember a puzzle not too long ago, with a similar theme? Where the female chicken DID rule the ROOST? Hmm…Puzzle enPOACHment)??
    So, that’s it. Have a great day, Everyone. Get out there, and remember..
    Keep your Sunny Side Up! YOLK be happy you did! 🐔🐤🙋🏻

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      • LOL…I’m having the craziest day. I wanted to edit the post down, cause I hate putting my John HanCOCK on anything if I’m not totally satisfied with it, but didn’t have the time. I’m up before the COCK CROWS, but today I just can’t get a LEG up on things! Were you planning on CHICKEN tonight? Hmm. Maybe POLEish sausage instead? Or some EGG rolls? 🙄🙄🙋🏻


    • Wow! You have pushed the punning envelope farther than I ever thought possible in this repl
      y! I’m impressed! Even my relatives in Holland were impressed. They said, “Goede God, heeft ze geen grenzen als het gaat om woordspelingen!”

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      • Hmm..Eric. Where have you been keeping youself? Thank you for your compliment, which I believes translates to: “Good God, she has no limits when it comes to puns”. I reply to you each time, but then you’re once again off in the WIND. MILL you do me a favor this time? Would you get back to me? 😉🙋🏻


      • Hello Mr. Larson, Steve here: You may be interested to know that the San Francisco Giants’ hitting coach is a Dutch Knight – from Wikipedia:

        Hensley Filemon Acasio “Bam Bam” Meulens (born June 23, 1967) is a retired Dutch professional baseball player and current hitting coach for the San Francisco Giants.

        On April 27, 2012, Meulens was awarded with the Order of Orange-Nassau by Queen Beatrix, which is a chivalry order of the Netherlands that is the equivalent of knighthood. He is one of four baseball players awarded the title, along with Calvin Maduro, Eugene Kingsale, and Sidney Ponson.
        Brandon Belt, one of the players that Meulens coaches on the Giants, says he prefers to call the newly knighted coach ‘Sir Bam Bam.’


  3. Good morning. Thankfully I got your blog today. Faucet took an extra two minutes to get and I was stuck on grouch. The cartoon answer was an instant solve so now knowing the two letters I was able to get the word that made me feel like one. My friend thought it was easy for her except that opera took took an extra minute to get. Until tomorrow stay well.

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  4. Hi “Sweet Caroline”🎶. Thank you. Mike may be right because I think I can make out two T’s on the second line. I made myself laugh thinking of “Chicken” titles. Went perfect with my EGGS for breakfast! And I’m going on record to say that Grouch probably isn’t in your vocabulary! You’re way too sweet! 🙋🏻


      • I guess we all can be once in a while, but I doubt it’s a rule with you. Mike’s a sweetheart, so I doubt he’d be called a grouch. Me? I like to refer to it as being moody. When I’m “not in the mood”, I can be a little HARD BOILED! 😂😂 🐤🙋🏻


  5. Angela, I don’t know how recently, but we certainly did chickens and eggs to death when you brought up “Lay Lady, Lay”!

    My first thought was that if they try to “fly the coop”, they’re a lot more likely to “buy the farm.” (Yet another antique reference for you, Earl).

    Fly the coop, huh?
    🎵”Well it’s been a year since she went away
    Lord, that guitar player sure could play.
    She always liked to sing along
    She’s always handy with a song”🎵

    Or another one stuck in my head lately:

    🎵”Good times, bad times, you know I’ve had my share.
    When my woman left home for another man
    But I still don’t seem to care.”🎵

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    • ROTFL! HEY, “Lay Lady Lay” was an EGGScellent song choice that day! Give me some credit! “Buy the Farm”? With what? They get paid CHICKEN FEED! 😂😂
      And Garth Brooks? “Dixie Chicken”? Since wHEN? 🎶”With a bartender who said he knew ME well…”🎶 I thought you weren’t into Country? EGGSplain yourself! And wasn’t that a “brown eyed man” she left home with? I seem to remember
      the lyrics went someWING like that..😂🐔🙋🏻


      • Don’t know from Brooks; “Dixie Chicken” was originally a Little Feat song written by the great Lowell George. The Zep lyric – just how I’ve always heard it, could be mistaken.
        “Lay Lady Lay” *was* an excellent choice that day; I never said it wasn’t; just mentioned it to identify the thread where we and others went on for quite awhile (I know, who, us?!) about chickens, eggs, and Chicken Man. 🙋🏻‍♂️

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      • Oh, I only knew it from Brooks. I’m not that familiar with “Little Feat”, but it’s a double whammy for you! …Getting Chicken in there and little FEET! I do remember BEATing those puns out that day! You’re right, it had us all SCRAMBLING around! 😂😂 But, I’m thinking, should we give it a BREAST now, and sEGGue this to IOW? Better suited there, no? Where the THIGHS the limit? 😂🐔🙋🏻


  6. many youngsters today have no idea what a chicken coop is. Other farm terms….cut your foot ( step in a cow pie)……churn (process turns cream to butter)….geld( make a boy horse a nothing)…..shuck ( remove corn husks)….butcher (kill and process your own cow or hog)….Pecking order ( determines the boss in the chicken yard)…..disk( an item to cultivate a plowed field)….farm wife( an item you place in the kitchen that has children, keeps a garden, cans fruit and vegetables, does laundry, cooks at least 1,095 meals a day for ever how many show up. Then when the children are grown and the hubbie dies she sells the place, builds a new house in town amongst the other farm widows and lives a great life of leisure! Well deserved.


    • Hi Harry. Most of the things you mention here are most likely not known by a lot of urban adults, let alone the youngsters. And they’re all very interesting. But you must know what I’m going to say, no? The last one..A farm wife? An ITEM? Harry, please tell me that’s a typo. I agree, that with the description being as you say, the end result is well deserved. And it applies to us city women also, for the most part. It’s a little cut and dry, a little rough around the edges, but I’m not judging, believe me. But, it’s just that word! Harry, we’re not ITEMS! Say it ‘ain’t so….🙋🏻


      • Ang relax, you know I am not a misogynist. Far far from it. That saying is from an old old joke and believe me I cleaned it up a lot. The old joke was definition of a wife, a gadget you screw on the bed that does your house work for you. Aren’t you sorry you made that little fuss?


    • Yep, Harry, know all those terms and have not heard some in years–just as well I think. What about baling hay. Burlap bags? Grist mills? Combining grain? Cleaning gutters? Digging potatoes? Pulling carrots? And on and on. Memories!
      Angela, your post was way beyond legendary today and I can think of no chicken puns which would compare. Well done!
      BTW. I thought “buy the farm”. Meant to “kick the bucket”. Another phrase which has become antique.

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      • Thank you, Earl, you’re very kind. I like your farm phrases also. I always felt there was a lot of wisdom in those old expressions, and I think they should be recycled. And yes, “buy the farm” I always knew to mean “kick the bucket”. I was just teasing Steve about “chicken feed”. 🙋🏻


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