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Good morning everyone and happy Wednesday!  SOOTHE was the only word to give me a bit of trouble today.  After staring at it for a minute or so, it finally came into view and I breezed right through to the cartoon.  With one of the words in quotes, I wasn’t going to be baited into trying to solve it without the clue letters.  After writing them out and reading the dialogue and sentence, I figured my safest bet was to find the word that had the apostrophe.  WHAT’S came instantly leaving N-U-G.  After a bit of thinking, GNU came to mind so I wrote it down but it didn’t look right.  A quick google search (and some interesting reading about this species) put my apprehension to rest and another puzzle was solved.  This puzzle was a great challenge for a Wednesday and I hope the pattern continues for the rest of the week.  Have a wonderful day and I’ll see you tomorrow!


29 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 08/16/2017

  1. 🎶”WHAT’S NEW? How is the world treating you? You haven’t changed a bit, Lovely as ever, I must admit. What’s new? How did that romance come through? We haven’t met since then. Gee, but it’s nice to see you again…”🎶

    HE: “What’s a Ga-Nu”? ME: “It’s not Ga-Nu, its Nu”. HE: “Nu”? ME: “Yes, Nu”. 2ND HE: “What’s with the G”? ME: “The G is silent”. 1ST HE: “Oh, gee…”. 2ND HE: “No, there’s no O, just a G”.. 1ST HE: “Huh”?.. ME: “Look, it’s a Wildebeest, just say wildebeest”!..1ST HE: “WILLdebeest”? I thought it was WILDde beest..” ME: “Please, kill me now”. Actual conversation; you can’t make this stuff up. Keeps me AWAKE many a night. The back and forth over certain words. Conversations where you get that PLANK expression, and the person won’t BUDGE..IT could drive you insane. But then…it’s nothing GNU…
    SOOTHE was the only word this morning that made me blink; we’ve seen it before, but with the ‘S’ at front, it was a whole GNU scramble. Cute cartoon, grinning animal ‘cousins’ meeting up at the watering hole. Not much to see though, it’s all in the wording. “Hey there”. OX-like. “WHAT’S GNU”? Eye candy? IBEX you thought I’d go with those little giraffes in the background? But, GNO! I’m going with the tuft of hair on the gnu. Once again, I’m beHOOVED to mention Jeff’s attention to the smallest deTAIL. Ok, so that’s it. Not much punning with a gnu. I could do something with the antelopes. You know, like “My ANTELOPEd, and my Grandfather was glad he didn’t have to pay for a wedding…”. Oh, you’ve HERD it before? Well, anyway, this really is a GNU puzzle. And let’s face it, how many times can you say GNU, before it gets old?
    I CALVE to go…Have a great day, Everyone! 🙋🏻

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  2. Good morning and “Happy Joke Day” I’ll leave the jocularity to those who are most comfortable with it. Only word that seemed to pause me a bit was soothe like others I see. Mixing the letters back and forth finally gave me the correct spelling. Took longer than the other three words combined. Had the cartoon answer pretty quick. I hate it when it’s in quotations Still thought GNU didn’t look right. Until tomorrow stay well

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  3. Being kept AWAKE all night, and not wanting to break their BUDGET, his wife put a PLANK beneath the mattress to SOOTHE his aching back.
    Soothe also gave me a brief pause but the solution came without the need for pen–perhaps because I have an unfair advantage of being familiar with African wildlife but not wildebeests.🌅 🇧🇮 🇿🇦

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  4. Hi all – SOOTH took the longest, BUDGET the second longest.

    Angela’s conversation sounds like Abbott and Costello’s “Gnus on first.” (Have a good time at the game.)

    Have a good day. (Mike, I think you’ve successfully avoided those lurkers for one more day!)

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  5. Sounds like I had company struggling with soothe. Budget came in second for me as well as a challenge. Got the cartoon answer without difficulty. It was a fun puzzle today. Happy Wednesday everyone.

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  6. Hi, all, I have missed you & thought about you every day!! What a puzzle to welcome me back!! Fifteen self-jumbles for SOOTHE and 20 minutes total for words & cartoon! I now know that an ox-like animal can be a GNU. Who knew? Not me!
    Your well wishes, thoughts, & prayers have sustained us this week, even through the report yesterday that Jerry’s tumor was malignant, so the doctor will operate again in 5 weeks. Enough said. We are optimistic and thank you again for being with us.
    Happy Wednesday!

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      • Hi, Steve! Thank you for your post to me today, and the “take care” that you said is just what I am going to talk about.
        Steve, thanks for saying that my poem & limerick were a wonderful surprise, but the wonderful surprise in my life right now is your CONVINCING me to “take care of myself.” If my mother were still alive, she’d give you a big hug for that. I nap when I need to and eat when I’m hungry. It is working GREAT! I feel better and take even better care of Jerry this way. I don’t know why I never realized that the world could keep on turning even if I left some chores undone.
        Loved your “Forsooth…who hath stolen my E…?” That is intelligent & funny in so many ways!
        Another Hallmark greeting card tomorrow. Until then.


    • Lelia, positive thinking will see you and Jerry through any difficult days. Oncology has made great advances, however, faith, love, family and friends are great sources of comfort. Prayers and positive thoughts are being sent out for both of you. Keep the faith! 🌞 💖

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      • Sue, thank you for your wonderful, timely, true words. I believe every word you said because that has been my lifelong experience. I wish I could send you a copy of my book. If you don’t mind reading from your computer screen, you could purchase an email copy for only $4. It is advertised as a “quick read,” only 14 stories about me, but I think you would relate to a lot of those stories from your experience of faith.


    • Good afternoon, Lelia. I was going to send you a message last night wishing you both all of my best but I said a few prayers instead. Please let Jerry know that I’ve been thinking of him during the past week as well as several times today. Your Jumble family is always here for both of you. 🙂



      • Hi, Mike! I just found your beautiful words to Jerry & me, and we thank you wholeheartedly for your prayers. You are so sweet & precious to us.
        I thank you also for your big Bravo for the poem & limerick I wrote & posted soon after finding your site & loving your delightful morning posts with such friendly greetings & sharing your techniques for your solutions. You asked where the inspiration came from. Well, you were my inspiration for writing the poem & limerick in the first place, and Steve inspired me to post them again to welcome you back from vacation when he said he got up early that day to welcome you. Still lovin’ your friendly morning greetings!!

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  7. Hi, Angela! I wrote this the day you responded with a brilliant post to a request for the use of alliteration:
    ANGELA! Well, it’s about time we had some alliterating around here!! LOL A trillion thanks for your timely treatise that will be truthfully treasured by those of us who love your titillating tidbits. I especially liked punning “piques my propensity for playfulness!” Your puns ARE playful and a great way to start the day. Thanks!!

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  8. Hey everyone! The answers will be posted late tomorrow morning or possibly early afternoon. I apologize for any inconvenience. If anyone would like to post the answers, go right ahead! Talk soon. 🙂

    — Mike


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