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Good morning everyone and happy Friday!  I was bored yesterday so I took the opportunity to spruce up the website a bit and I hope you like what you see.  I also made a change to the comments section so you no longer need to enter your name and email to leave your thoughts.  Hopefully this will encourage you to post what you liked or maybe disliked about the puzzle.  With all that out of the way, here’s how I solved today’s game.  All of the clue words came into view quickly and I didn’t stumble at all which was a nice break after having some difficulty yesterday.  With all of the clue words solved, I cruised on to the cartoon portion.  Noticing that part of the solution had quotes, I took no chances and wrote out all of the clue letters before reading the sentence and dialogue.  Repaired and damaged were the two words that stuck out like a sore thumb so I had a feeling that they would somehow be included in the answer.  The letter layout was pretty nifty in that it didn’t give anything away.  For some reason, GOOD was the first word I found and it was 4-letters so I wrote it down and crossed out the letters.  DENTS came next and RID was right there to complete the puzzle giving us a funky play on words and an overall delightful Jumble finish.  Jeff did a great job on the cartoon, especially with all of the little dents on the car in the background.  That same car had three cracks on the windshield which was also a nice touch and I couldn’t help but notice that the front grill looks like an eye!  Have a great long holiday weekend and I’ll see you tomorrow.  😀



217 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 05/26/2017

  1. Good morning, Mike, good morning, Everyone…Good “RID-DENTS”?? HA!
    DING-Dong!! How I love the solutions with quotation marks! You know it’ll be PUNny!
    Great word scramble…1-4. (Although I admit, that IGNITIONally, I thought idiot).
    Fleeting moment..BANGed out the words.
    On to the cartoon. So here we have Bob, speaking with the woman, with the mallet (I think it’s called a mallet), in his hand. I don’t get that. Then we have the woman, (for the color-denied: Oh yea, purple top), with this big smile on her face. Ok, granted, she’s glad her car is fixed, but such a grin? Did insurance cover the whole DING? I guess so.
    The hints? Visually, the car in the background showing the “dents”. Verbally, Glad=Good, Gone=Rid, Dings=Dents. Voila! Once again, HAIL to the Chief! Clever, clever…
    And I’ll leave you with this hymn..🎶”Amazing Grease, how sweet the sound, that saved a Wrench like me…”🎶…To which the congregation responded…”OILlelujah”!!
    Happy Friday! 🚙 🔧🙋🏻

      • Sooooooo serious cabin fever…You think you were bored? (How sad I wrote this up at 5:30 and every time I got alerted with an email, I hoped it was you! LOL…Dick’s Sporting Goods, Amazon, NY Public Library, Dunkin’ Donuts, DON’T ASK..AH…Jumble Answers)!!! 😂 This Vertigo needs to GO! 🙋🏻

          • Already got the meds, it just has to run its course. It’s better, I’m standing by myself! LOL.Great news about your son! I “see” your buttons popping from here! The poppies. There’s a group of older Veterans that are outside my local Shop Rite taking donations in exchange for the poppies. I cry every time. I walk away with a bouquet! I’m the biggest wuss for the WWII Vets. Jeez..I’m crying now! Sooo, you’re going to be “floating” on air watching him on that float! I love a good news story! Congrats! 🇺🇸👍🏻. 🙋🏻

            • His bald eagle and cross were all hand drawn and seeing him take his time and pour his heart into it was really something. Don’t cry too much, you don’t want to relapse…

              • Nice to share these kind of things with the kids, right? So important. Don’t cry too much? HA..I always used to say that I only cried when it counted…Last year or so, I’m tearing up at car commercials! (And Mets games)! I lost count! LOL. 😂🙋🏻

              • “Excuse me, excuse me, proud Father coming through…” Sure, it’ll work. Just make sure you say ‘Excuse me…’ 😀🙋🏻

    • Woman is wearing purple, but at least they didn’t color her hair blonde!

      • Yes, you’re right. If whomever could just get past this purple fetish. 🙋🏻

    • Hey Angela (Who knows where the reply goes?)
      About waiting for the JumbleAnswers email notification:
      🎵”It must be Mike, Oh dear God, it must be Mike, but it’s not Mike, and then I die..” 🎵

      Our local station used to play 10 oldies from a specific year, and after the jock played that, he said something like, “there’s a real feminist anthem for you”.. not!
      Or when we refilled the water bowl for our cats, they would be so excited and then
      “It must be milk, oh dear God, it must be milk, but it’s not milk, and then I yowl”. Poor babies.

      • Hey Steve, So, let’s see where it goes. 🎶”It Must Be Him..”.🎶 a feminist anthem? Shirley he was joking! See the Penquins game yet? 🙋🏻

  2. Mike, good morning. Nice win last night ⚾️ Is that an actual hail protector? It would cover a whole car? 🙋🏻

    • Ya, I found it when looking at hail damaged cars and thought it was a cool idea. My nephew is going to the game tonight so hopefully the rain subsides and he has an enjoyable time.

      • It stopped raining here, but OMG last night was a thriller! The sun’s struggling to make an appearance right now. I can’t believe that hail cover, I’ve never seen anything like that. You looked up hail damaged cars? The dedication! Good CARma! Hope the weather doesn’t throw a monkey WRENCH into your nephew’s night! 🔧🙋🏻

        • Sun for you means in a few hours it SHOULD be popping out here. Here’s hoping as I want to get the lawn cut perfectly and put out my good flags for Memorial Day!

          • 🎶”Here comes the sun”🎶 let’s hope! My friend put my flag up for me yday. I need to see if that storm last night caused any problem. Loose bracket. 🇺🇸 🙋🏻

            • I woke up unexpectedly around 4:30/5 am — I think it was on account of the thunder. Wife heard it around that time too. Crazy! I also put the heat on for a bit this morning to take the chill and dampness out of the house.

      • Hi Mike and all – For awhile, I was listening online to a sports radio show from Saskatoon, and that was the only time I’ve ever heard commercials for hail insurance for farmers’ crops.

      • Yes Angela, “being young has its perks” was definitely meant for me. Keep telling yourself that! One of the few good things about getting older is that it beats the alternative – most of the time.

  3. First–love the new layout for replies!
    “Giant?” Had to do a “hell” what is that before the DING went off. Two to three minutes of staring at the clue letters and the cartoon brought the SOLution to light Great Friday puzzle. Have a safe Memorial Day Weekend everyone and pay tribute to all served and gave the ultimate sacrifice.

    • Hi Earl! My son did a SPECTACULAR job on his poppy contest poster for the American Legion and won 1st place! He initially said he didn’t want to participate but on the last night before enteries were due, he BEGGED me to get him supplies and he worked all evening on it. He’s going to be on the Legion float with his poster and he won a $50 savings bond. Such an honor and it’s going to be a great weekend indeed. I’m glad that you enjoy the new layout. 🙂

    • Hey Earl. Sometimes the 5 letter words are the worst. I like your “hell what”? Old Brooklyn expression! Hope you have a great day! 😀🙋🏻

      • Geraldo is an old friend that used to email me the puzzle faithfully every Sunday when I didn’t get a newspaper and couldn’t find it online. Such a great guy and friend of the Jumble! 😊

  4. Fun puzzle this morning – I noticed they didn’t use the word dents in the puzzle so knew it was part of the answer. Fort Hood is on a four day weekend and school is out — so it is officially summer…..have a good one everybody.

    • Good morning, Rita. 🎶Summertime..and the living is easy…”🎶….School is out for the summer? Here we have another whole month to go. Hope you enjoy it all! 🙋🏻

  5. No problem with the words but I bailed on the answer after twenty minutes. Another climate change puzzle, with more severe storms predicted and happening. Attractive layout, Mike, and kudos to your son.

    • 🎶Sweet Caroline🎶,Good morning. Yep. Do you think they’re trying to tell us something? I’m for getting the message out any way we can. Kindred spirit, ❤️ I can tell. Hope you have a great day. 🙋🏻

      • I think they are concerned. Car damage, something everyone can understand. Hope you feel better. You are still knocking them out of the park.

        • As we all should be. I’m telling myself they’re environmentalists at heart. I am feeling better today, just need the barometric pressure to stabilize. There’s a good one…”I” and “stable” in the same sentence! I “see” my family collectively shaking their heads! LOL…Thank you so much for saying. You truly live up to the song. I’m telling myself that when Neil wrote that classic, he had you in mind! ( I’m noticing how often I use the ‘I’m telling myself…” …starved for intelligent conversation, I resort to talking to myself)!!! 😂 You can see I need to get out! As for knocking them out of the park? You, 🎶Sweet Caroline🎶, are much tooooo kind! Now if only my Mets could follow my example! 😂😂 Be well..❤️ 🙋🏻

    • Thank you for the nice compliments, Caroline! And what a bummer on not getting the final solution. Enjoy your weekend and keep smiling — the sun will be back soon enough. 😎☀️

      • Mike..🎶Keep smiling, keep shining, Knowing you can always count on me, for sure…”🎶…
        Anything? Peanuts? 🤔 🙋🏻

    • Glad to hear, Angela, that you’re on the upswing (baseball again). Did you know Diamond (!) said the Caroline song was inspired by Caroline Kennedy, a fellow New Yorker? I’m happy about that. You are very kind yourself. In fact, this is a kind blog, modeled after our leader.

      • Good one, upswing! DIAMOND!!! Even better! I love it! Now you’re hitting them out of the park! Thank you, I try to be kind. I think it’s so necessary in today’s climate. (Snuck a little environmental one in there)! LOL Yes, I agree, kind blog. And you are, as we say here in NY…So, Sweeeeeeeet!

  6. I kept seeing idiot instead of ditto but once I got that straightened out I was okay. Dents appeared to me first and the rest fell into place. Congratulations to your son, Mike. The American Legion used to sponsor an annual essay contest when I was a child. I remember my sister won several medals for her work. Nice to know they still have those type of activities for children. We have Memorial Day remembrances in our Presidio even thought the military is no longer located there. They are always very moving services. Have a safe and happy weekend everyone and thank you to all of you who may be vets. You’re the best!!

    • Hi Betty, DITTO on the IDIOT! Here in NYC we’ve had Fleet Week going on. It started Wednesday with the ‘Tall Ships’ coming into NY Harbor. Breathtaking, tear inducing, never gets old. I had to miss it this year, but my friends filmed it for me. It continues all through Monday, with air shows, and ship tours, and concerts. The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum is especiall amazing. There’s so much to see. And NYC swarms with boatloads of young, wide eyed sailors in their dress whites. Thousands of Navy, Marine Corp, and Coast Guard members walking, gawking amongst us. Your heart swells just looking at them. It’s all so touching, and you’d have to be made of wood not to be moved. I’d recommend Fleet Week to anyone looking for a good time to visit NY. I sound like a travel agent! LOL. And ditto to thanking all our Vets! Hope you have a great weekend too. 🇺🇸 🙋🏻

  7. Angela, we have Fleet Week the second seek in October and it sounds like a similar schedule as yours. It begins with the Tall Ships sailing into the Bay under the Golden Gate Bridge and are a sight to behold. I live within walking distance of the bridge so always go down to see them arrive. The culmination of the celebration is the four day performance of the Blue Angels which inspire awe and apprehension as they soar over the City and the Bridge. All traffic in the area comes to a grinding halt. The first time they were a part of Fleet Week was sometime in the 1980’s. The City Fathers had not announced to the public that they were going to be here and there were a lot of calls to 911 as we citizens thought we were under attack. They fly fast and low.

    • “fast and low” – that’s for sure Betty. For awhile, I lived in Chicago on the 36th floor of a highrise near Lake Michigan, and one Sunday morning, the Blue Angels flew by BELOW my balcony!

      • The woman writes a beautiful, poignant piece, and you pick up on “fast and low”. Hmmmm. For a moment there I was expecting an 🎶East Coast girls…” 🎶 connection. Oh,meant a minute, that’s what I was thinking😂. Ok, sorry, Bud, my bad! 😂🙋🏻

    • My brother the aviation expert had a joke about a mother seeing her son off into the Air Force – “Now remember, Mario, fly-a low anna slow!” .. apparently the WORST advice you can give a pilot!

        • As John Cleese reported his boss at the BBC saying, in response to a Monty Python complaint letter, “There are some people one would WISH to offend.” — No offense 🙂

          • None taken. Just a joke. Speaking of, the age comment? It was a question. I thought maybe he got us mixed up. These things happen. The thread today is really messed up. At my end anyway. Look around. I threw Mike a 🎶🎶 but Nada. He wouldn’t play. Go for it, I’m lost without the musical interludes. Well maybe not lost, but 🎶”Searching, searching”🎶 😉🙋🏻

    • Sounds just like ours. So much beauty, right? Makes you proudER to be an American! I can only imagine how you all felt not knowing what was going on. Living here, since 9/11, I still cringe every single time I even hear an airplane. I doubt it’ll ever go away. How lucky to be in walking distance of the bridge. It’s a beautiful sight in itself! 🙋🏻

  8. Hi all – No problem with the words, but the answer took a couple of minutes. Separated the vowels, and then DENTS appeared and I saw it.

    Since I’m eating breakfast while doing the puzzle, I thought maybe I should have JUMBLE-aya.
    You know, 🎵JUMBLEaya and a crossword pie, and sudoko 🎵? Nah, I didn’ t think so.

  9. Is anyone else seeing delays while typing? I’ll be typing and no characters show, then they all print out at once. Saw it yesterday also after the conversion, and I’ve never seen it before.

    • I’m just seeing a slew of comments here…but no emails came through. Something dastardly behind the scenes? Let me send an email to myself to see …Not much of a stretch, I’ve got talking to myself down to an art! 😂🙋🏻

    • Hi Steve, I’m having delays, too. I have an old computer that does stuff like that occasionally when I’m typing, so I’m used to it. Sometimes if I close open websites that will help.

  10. Hi Mike et al! LOVE your site makeover! It looks like spring has sprung on your site because of all the bright color against the white. Great job!
    Congratulations to your talented son who is a chip off the old block. What goes around comes around so your loving him so much will continue to return to you.
    Easy time with Jumble words today even though I thought idiot for a second as did others. I was fine with “droven” in that I have droven about 40 miles this week, but I changed it into VENDOR anyway. LOL Got the answer word DENTS first because a friend removes dents from cars for a living. He uses mallets, mirrors, magnets, and many more tools. When I dented my brand new car by bumping a cement post beside the drive-by mailbox, I called him immediately, and Jerry & I could not tell where the dent had been.
    Yesterday when I could not get on the site for a while, the link kept telling me no access due to wordpress robots or something like that, and after trying it over & over I became so frustrated that I began to feel sorry for Harry & how he feels.
    Thanks again for welcoming me back. Delighted to be back! Enjoy your day! See you tomorrow.

    • Thank you for the kind words, Lelia! We’re very proud of him and his hard work. What is this talk about robots? It was my intention to unleash anything other than a few minor tweaks. What have I done?! And still no Harry to boot…. Hope they didn’t eat him. 😵

      • And Mike, The reply boxes now seem to be missing on a lot of these. What hast thy wrought? Robots, missing boxes, missing emails, missing Harry….You know that old, (not to bring up old again…) that old saying, “If it ain’t broke…”? Jeez. But it does LOOK better. Any chance you remember my comment from a while back, my Father telling me to stop going after looks, and finding someone that could change a lightbulb? Just ‘sayin! 💡😂😂

        • Mike, Angela – The reply boxes have always been missing from many of the comments which are replies themselves – you can see that in the old posts as well. I’ve found that replying from the reply button in your email (like Gmail) almost always puts the reply in the right place. (Now watch it mess up *this * reply). Using the nearest reply button on thr website, not so much.

          • But now some of us, well me anyway, haven’t gotten the emails! Yes, the boxes were missing before, but it seems a lot more now. While you’re here, have you found the 🎶🎶? 🙋🏻

    • Hi Lelia – Today’s “Close To Home” comic says “To seem more booklike, the latest Kindle has a ‘paper-cut’ option” – apparently a small razor blade comes out – I’ll pass on that improvement.

    • Hi Lelia, Giggle at droven! I feel for Harry too. I miss Harry. I’m having some blips with the site today also. Maybe too many comments. Some people just don’t know when to stop!😂😂 Wishing you a wonderful day! 🙋🏻

  11. Mike, I just came back to check for more comments, saw your son’s poster, and burst into tears because it is so magnificently done and the words and sentiment are so special. I thank him for that in the name of our whole family: Jerry, Air Force 4 years; grandson Jeremy in the Army now; my dad in the Navy, and more.

  12. Mike, The poster’s adorable, but I don’t know where to comment. My last one landed up there somewhere, not even close to where I posted it. Kudos to a job well done! (Your son’s poster, I mean, not the website)! 😂😂 ❤️

  13. I don’t seem to have a problem that I’m aware of. I am receiving your posts and seem to be able to reply as well without difficulty. By the way I like the fresh new look. It’s much easier to read.

  14. What’s better than watching a Pittsburgh boy cream a Pittsburgh pitcher? Watching him do it in Pittsburgh! Priceless!! ❤️⚾️

  15. They’re going to revoke his birth certificate if this keeps up…❤️⚾️

          • LOL. I’m still doing some M&M’s. Gotta have something without the caffeine 😫

              • I have family that are season ticket holders. Not THOSE seats, but I can ask. They may know. You know how it is, every family a few…LOL. ⚾️

              • That must have been so cool. What’d you spend double the time of the game driving back and forth?

              • Yea, but wow..That’s some serious change! 💰💰 Prob most of them are corporate seats. They give them out to different people at times. Employee perks, out of town clients, etc. Then if you’re really a Big Wig, you get the date with Derek!! 😂⚾️

              • I’d watch the Dodgers. I don’t know if I can get the game. I’m looking.

              • Found the Dodger game. Just in time to see that long ball. I started cooking gravy for Sunday because I was bored. I really can’t do anything too physical yet. But I started too late, so now I have to finish. I got out for a while, but steps are still a little problem navigating. At least it’s better. And yes, I say gravy not sauce. LOL. 🍝 😉

              • Oh I followed you! I have a killer recipe for gravy that I could practically drink with a straw. Yes it’s amazing! And I feel bad not asking for an update on how you were doing. Glad you got out for a bit even with the awful weather.

              • I went to the reader. Maybe this’ll be is easier. Ok, now wait. When you say gravy, what are we talking? Gravy , Italian for pasta? No problem,you needn’t ask. Yea, the rain stopped for a while so I tried getting out. Just had dinner and came back.

              • You may be! LOL. Not that there’s anything wrong with that! LOL..some good Dodger baseball here, no?

              • I enjoy watching the Dodgers even tho they broke half the hearts 💔 in Brooklyn. Some of the old timers still haven’t gotten over it.

              • Yes, you may be. But it’s a harmless addiction..You’re only hurting yourself! LOL…

              • My Saturday post just went live. Guess I didn’t schedule it correctly for 12:01. Oh well, it’s only half an hour and we’re the only ones live!

              • 😂😂. You’re too funny! You never know who’s here tho! Today I was looking thru stats…It’s a landslide! LOL…And you’re right, a lot of Int’l interest.

              • But nobody comments from abroad. So frustrating! Oh, before it gets too late, do you want to do Sunday? I’ll be at the parade with BIG POPPY!!!

              • It has to be the language differences. Remember we spoke about the nuances, etc. BIG POPPY! ROTFL. Hysterical! 😂😂 Sure, I’ll pinch hit….

              • Once again..🎶”A’int too proud to beg…”🎶 LOL…Well, you’ve extended the olive branch….I’m eating meatballs. From M&Ms to meatballs. I so have my nights and days mixed up! LOL.

              • I broke down and nuked some nuts for a treat. It’s FRIDAY after all. Might be weird but I do lick some salt off the shells. Too much info?! Ha!!!

              • No, you’re just a salt head. I don’t do salt. In my case, it triggers the vertigo, and I dont want to give up the coffee. What’s healthier the nuts or the meatballs? I think the nuts, huh?

              • You’re really suffering huh?! I feel so bad for you but hopefully it goes away as quick as it started. Lelia had it, if you remember from earlier in the week but it subsided after a day. So sorry!

              • Yea, this is a bad one. I haven’t had one like this in a while. Usually a day or so it goes away. Who knows. Could be because I haven’t slept right in a while too. And I do a lot of coffee. Yes, I remember Lelia got hit also. I’m pretty sure it affects women a lot more than men.

              • Any secret ingredients in your sauce? Mine is simple but rich and I can rattle the recipe off in a heartbeat if you want to hear…. 👂🏻

              • Maybe we’ll save it for an email, ok? And look at you ready to rattle off your recipe! I’m telling you, Friday night Mike is A trip! You’re too funny! You know I’m surprised Steve never jumped in…I think he was stressed today.

              • Deal. Friday is the best day of the week. All obligations are met and I can de-stress a bit. Always a treat but it would be nice to hear from others.

              • I agree, and you deserve it. I think most people like to sleep like normal folks though, don’t you think? 😀

              • Sleep is overrated. I work on 6-7 hours of rest but not everyone can tolerate that. Perhaps it’s because I’m young and it doesn’t bother me at all. But I do understand it. Here’s your smiley face, as requested, from a post WAY earlier when talking about age. 😀

              • You’re killing me! 😂 I think I used the exact same comment with Steve the other night. Sleep being overrated. I feel so too. And the age thing doesn’t bother me, it’s someone else that’s a tad touchy about the subject! LOL. 😂

              • I just had to start a blog about the Jumble. There are maybe two others that I know of that go into detail about the game. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — it’s like a gift every morning when I open the newspaper!

              • There’s others? I never knew all these years. I think I told you that a cousin of mine told me about yours. He was stuck one day on a Sunday solution and I gave it to him and he “accused” me of getting it from here. What is it with these men? Jumble envy? 😂😂

              • ROTFL…😂😂😂. Yea, that b—–d! It’s all his fault! SO ROTFL….😂

              • I just saw your email with the post. I can look, cause I already solved it. It was an adorable cartoon. I’ve already started a post in my head. It’s kind of eerie how we mirror one another in thoughts, right? Very similar. And we really don’t know one another. Funny, huh? You know I do mine every morning at 5:30. And then after I post it and see yours, I’m like…Huh? Weird, right?

              • It truly is remarkable. But some of the credit belongs to David & Jeff for putting out clues to solve it in a particular order. They are my heroes! I truly hope that I get to meet them at some point. I have so many questions for them but I definitely don’t want to come across as a weirdo or sumthin!

              • Yes, agree. They’re amazing. I’m as weird as you. I create my own Jumbles. Everything but the cartoon drawing. I’vecbeen obsessed for years. My friends and I used to buy papers together, sit down together, and solve. They’d accuse me of cheating! WTF? We’re doing this together. Real brain thrusts. So they won’t let me join in with them. Yea, like its my loss? LOL…😂😂

              • I’ve been tempted to post some of my original Jumbles from time to time but I’ve never got up the gall to do it. It’s always around the holidays that I want to post them!

              • You do them too? LOL. I thought it was just me? In mine, the woman are all dark haired and dress in every color but purple!!! 😂😂😂

              • Oh, but of course. I told you, I’m a true Jumble Purist. Words 1-4 in order. Write my letters, then the cartoon. Just as I was taught as a child, just as God and Dave and Jeff intended!…😂

              • Maybe they only seemed more challenging because you were younger and less well read? I miss the challenge also. Mike, as much as I’m loving this, my food is cooled, and I’m going to pack it up. I’m up since 4:45, eeekk. I’m going to throw in the towel. 😀

              • THAT COMIC SHOP THOUGH!!! I hope Jeff drew it for me with all of my talk about comics. He seems like such a caring and thoughtful man I’m so happy he participates from time to time in our discussions. He loves the game and it shows!

              • Uh…🎶” Ain’t too proud to beg…”🎶 ROTFL….😂😂😂. You know what struck me right away? Growing up we always said comic book store, not shop. Is that a NY thing? IDK. I think I’ll include it in my post.

              • Ah, I never knew. None, we just said the comic book store. Actually, in Brooklyn we had what we called Candy Stores. Comics, drinks, newspapers, candy. We had it all! LOL.

              • Tell you the truth, I don’t know where one is out here. It never came up. I only know about Brooklyn.

              • Unreal…My God, we are toooooo alike! LOL SCARY….Good night, catch you on the flip! 🙋🏻

              • Mike, you know I’m not getting a reply box on any of these. But the emails have resumed. So strange. So much easier with reply boxes, tho. And now when I try to reply from the notification icon, it keeps saying Problem, page reloading. Just venting. I know there’s nothing you can do about it.

              • I thought that too. I think I mentioned it in a post to Lelia earlier today. I think Steve and I broke your blog! Sorry! 😵

              • Could be that the blog can’t handle the traffic. It’s really Steve and I bandying back and forth so much. We really should curtail it, and leave it with just Jumble interactions. We did end up breaking your blog, huh? Sorry 😢

              • Up to you. I wouldn’t know anything about it. Lighten the load would prob help.

              • Worth a shot I guess. I really can’t speak on it. Never indulged. I do notice that now that I went to the reader, I’m not having any problem. But I can’t see the new format you put up. This is all black and white.

              • LOL. Good one. I may go to that in the future. I was so afraid to say the word Shut out, I didn’t want to jinx it. But you done good! ⚾️

              • Not that often we both have a good outing. Good way to start off a weekend, right? ⚾️😉

              • Yea, I do love my baseball. And you’re always a pleasure to speak it with. 😉⚾️ Very enjoyable.

  16. Mike, I agree you need a chat room for those that like to talk a lot about things other than Jumble. It is hard to keep up with comments when there are over 200 and hard to answer replies as they are often not grouped together. It’s your site and you should do what you feel is best. Just throwing in my two cents. 🙂

      • Mike and Angela – I hope you guys are asleep for your health’s sake. Don’t know if Mike reads these day after posts. Anyway I’m fine, no stress, just busy. I was doing laundry all afternoon, then needed to get dinner, and after that all I wanted to do was concentrate on the hockey game because I figured it would be good, and was it ever! Thoughts on that later. (Watching hockey takes attention, unlike baseball 🙂 ).
        Our time difference really messes up real time chatting.
        Also, Angela, you know my wife had vertigo for about a week also? This last week she’s much better, so I’ve been able to do stuff with her instead of posting here, fun as this is. So take heart; as I’m sure you know, things do heal up eventually, and I sincerely hope you’re completely well very soon. ❤️
        I read your posts after the fact and it was great fun. Only problem for me is I can’t get most of the games you’re watching. Mike is ADDICTED to MLB? – that’s how I was all winter with NHL CENTER ICE; it’s great.

        Mike – re: the GULP on Geraldo answering Angela on Mets vs Yanks; tell him not to worry – he has a 50% chance of surviving!
        And I think the chat room is a great idea to try out, before my Gmail hits two 100-answer blocks of messages for one day!
        Take care you guys, see you — I guess later today!

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