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Happy Thursday folks!  Mr. Hoyt really challenged us this morning by picking some obscure clue words to keep us on our toes.  FROND and GEYSER were the two doozies that gave me the most difficulty which caused me to break out my notepad and work them out.  CAMEO came into view after a few seconds of thinking about it, leaving SWITCH to be an instant solve.  With all of the clue words complete, I made my way to the cartoon portion of the program.  Reading the cartoon dialogue and sentence, I figured the final solution would be a play on the conversion of garbage to energy.  Starting with the 2-letter word, OF was my first choice and it was neatly spelled out in the clue letter layout.  I paused a moment to ponder whether David would make it that easy to spot and ultimately chose to go with my gut instinct and fill it in.  ENERGY came into view surprisingly fast leaving WASTE right there for the finish.  Looking for details in the cartoon, I remembered back to when Mr. Knurek last drew a landfill. He put an alien head in amongst the garbage but it was nowhere to be found this time around.  The only fun detail I found was the young child that was looking down at his feet.  He appears to have Crocs on (with socks too — a fashion faux pas) and his feet must have been filthy after mucking around in all that rubbish!  Enjoy your Thursday and I’ll see you tomorrow.  😀


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  1. Good morning. Four successful days in-a-row. Today’s second word “frond”I had down on paper but didn’t think it was right because I had no idea what it meant. When I spell checked the words which I do when not sure ,I found out it was correct but “greesy” was wrong. Who knew it was geyser lol. The cartoon answer took maybe ten minutes to get. Picked up the paper and put it back down twice. The two letter word jumped right out. Then waste followed and with the remaining six letters energy appeared. Since it’s raining out I think I’ll use my remaining energy to straighten out the house. Looking forward to tomorrow. As always stay well.

    • Morning, Paul! I originally scribbled down GREESY as well but knew it was wrong. After a bit of a struggle, I finally found GEYSER. What a great puzzle today and I’m glad you saw it through for the finish. Overcast here as well and it always makes me tired. Enjoy the day!

    • Hi Paul. Good morning. I may be wrong, but I think I’ve heard you mention going to Mass. If so, the palms we get on Palm Sunday are called Palm Fronds. I only became aware years ago when I helped “strip the palms” at Church. It’s a word you rarely hear. If I’m wrong about the Mass connection, you can disregard this comment! LOL. 😀🙋🏻

      • Angela Angela, that was Sunday night. But today was also a holy day of obligation. Just got back in the house. Interesting about the Palms. I’ll take your word for it. You wouldn’t lie about that lol. Knowledge is wonderful.

        • Hi Paul. No what I meant was that by you mentioning Mass, I figured you to be Catholic. And as such, we’re familiar with palms. Years ago when I offered to help strip the palms for Palm Sunday, someone said to me, “Be careful with the fronds, they’re sharp”. I was like….”Fronds, huh”? And I learned a new word. But I can count the times I’ve ever used it! And I also never volunteered again. A whole lot of cuts! Yes, today’s Ascension Thursday. And no, I wouldn’t lie on a Holy Day! I have enough to repent for! LOL. You’re right, knowledge is truly wonderful, and in keeping with today’s puzzle, Knowledge is power! Hope you’re having a great day! It’s raining like the dickens here! 😀🙋🏻

  2. I solved the three words except for yegres and thought energy might be in the answer. Needing gey for energy, I tried those letters in the circles and found geyser. This is the second puzzle in a row related to climate change, with methane being a potent greenhouse gas.

    • Carloine…Good morning. Great thought, and I agree. Very NOBLE of the Jumble Masters to try and get the messages out there regarding climate change. “Today” is not the world our parents left us, and I worry what we’re leaving behind for the future generation.(s). People disputing climate change and global warming….Please!

  3. Good morning, Mike, good morning, Everyone. OHM, do we have a POWERful choice of words today! David has hit it out of the park with these..(unlike my Mets last night…). Personally speaking, Frond and Geyser aren’t words I use in every day conversation, nor do I see them within all the crossword puzzles I do; so tiny bit of a SHOCK there. Cameo, good word. SWITCH? Great one for the topic at hand! All in all, a special tip of the HIGH HAT to Dave today!

    Now Jeff…great cartoon, great details. Not too sure I’d want to be standing right there on the GROUND(ed) like this group, but the hints are amazing! (Why the only female is the one carrying the garbage bags, is a discussion for another time…WATTS up with that)? Jeff gave us: Trash, methane gas, power, electricity…The dialogue and David’s question are deLIGHTful!

    For the solution? Trash = WASTE, and the rest= ENERGY. The man proves why he’s in CHARGE.

    So much rain here again today, dark skies that just won’t LIGHTen up! Long Holiday weekend coming, if it doesn’t clear up, there may be no FISSION!
    Hope everyone has a POSITIVEly wonderful day! 🔌 💡. 🙋🏻

    • Rita, good morning. I love your “thinking cap” reference. Another good phrase we don’t hear much anymore. I was told it as a child, and I still use it with the kids today. And we pretend to tie it on! Hope you’re having a great day! 🙆🏻. (Look closely…me tying my thinking cap on….)! 😀

  4. Clue words gave me no black-out although I had to look twice for “geyser”. I was hung up on “to” being the two-letter word until I realised that bird was sitting on the wrong wire. Took a few minutes but the cartoon lead me to the station.
    ,There is a Steuben County here in NY but I suspect that has nothing to do with Jumble Anyone have any ideas about that reference?

    • Steuben County NY pops up when you do a search for “Steuben County” and “Methane” so it might be the site that Jeff is depicting in the cartoon.

      • There was also a Steuben club in lower Manhattan back in the 50s,60s,70s that once a year on a Sunday before the kids go back to school got together outdoors in Union City N.J. across from the old Sears building. If it rained it was held inside the two buildings. They came from all over Pa etc Great fun if you were a kid. Also dancing and good times for the adults.

    • Hi Earl. You’re right. We do have a Steuben County Landfill in NY. The Jumble Masters aren’t NYer’s, but who knows? Maybe they’re giving us a shout out today? (Too bad it’s garbage related, but let’s look at it as a PSA for the environment instead)! Put that POSITIVE spin on it! LOL. Love your “Bird on a Wire” reference! Good one! (Black out too)! Hope you’re having a great day! 🙋🏻

  5. Mike, Good morning. Do you notice the (eerie ) similarity with our comments? Telepathy? I kind of feel sorry for you…God knows you don’t want to be thinking like me!!!! You’re much too young to be sacrificed! 😂😂😂 🙋🏻

      • Bonanza! Great old western….Not much to work with? Never underestimate! 🎶 🎶We’ve only just begun…🎶. Wait til Steve wakes up! 😀🙋🏻

  6. Even living in Coral Gables didn’t help me get palm “frond ” easily. Took 8 minutes to get the clue words and only about 20 seconds to get the answer. This was a very challenging Jumble today!

    • Hey Clay, And if anyone should, it’d be you, right? LOL… I think it’s just that no one says…Palm “frond”. It’s hardly ever spoken. 🌴🌴🌴. 🙋🏻

  7. Didn’t WASTE much ENERGY completing this goldilocks puzzle. Hung up a little on cameo and geyser but frond came right away knowing botany.

  8. Lot’s of page views today. Almost as many in two hours than all of yesterday! Be sure to chime in and leave your thoughts, my friends. 😀

    • They looked like Crocs to me as they had holes in them whereas none of the other people’s footwear did. I added a photo to the website to show what Inwas referring to.

      • Yes, Crocs. First I though he was upset because he had dirt on his shoes, but the specs are perfectly symmetrical, so I went with Crocs too. But, can a little boy be guilty of a fashion faux pas? Anyway, the poor kid probably thought his father was taking him to some kind of laser show….”C’mon, get dressed…I’m going to show how LIGHTS are made….”! Been there, done that…My Father: “C’mon, get dressed…Wait til you see what I got you….” Me: So excited, thinking,,,,”OMG….A puppy, a puppy….” It was a baby brother. Just sayin’. 😢 🐶 🙋🏻

  9. LOL…See my comment above….😂😂😂😂. “Fashion your seat belts, It’s going to be a bumpy night….” 1950, “All About Eve”, the immortal Miss Bette Davis. (I just saved Steve the trouble to look it up…He spends wayyyyy too much time looking things up, you know)? 😂 ( ❤️Steve)…. 🙋🏻.

    • Thanks Angela! I wouldn’t have known that, and I’m too busy looking up the Big Bopper.

      • Let the poor man rest in peace! You just should have come to me with it sooner…LOL. I’m a treasure trove of the most inane, arcane tidbits. I READ A LOT!!!! The Bette Davis movie is a classic. I use “Fasten your seat belts” all the time…Seems I’m always finding that bump in the road! LOL. Glad I could be of help! 😂🙋🏻

    • Even for a hip, trendy New Yorker, “Fashion you seatbelts” is going a bit too far. Just get in, buckle up and drive!

      • I thought you were tired! LOL. I’m guessing you never saw the movie? And here in NY, we always say..”Fasten your seat belts…” 🙋🏻

        • Yep, the reply threads seem a bit random.
          Anyway, get some sleep Gracie and I hope you feel much better tomorrow. See ya!

          • Serious thunder lightning storm raging here. Enjoy the night. Goodnight. 🙋🏻

            • Mike says “Change is good, Steve.”
              🎵”Life is change; How it differs from the rocks” 🎵
              However, change is EVIL”

              • An unrelated comment on Mike saying change is good regarding the format switch.

              • Good morning, Glory. Up early, no? Oh, ok, I was lost on that one. Did you peek at the NHL results? 🙋🏻

              • I’m up at the usual time, but I can only answer yesterday’s posts because I haven’t read today’s Jumble yet. Usual routine, get up, help wife take pills, go get coffee at Peets, go grocery shopping if necessary, come back, get some breakfast and read comics and Jumble, then post, usually around 9:30 PDT.

                I did see the Pens won in 2 OT but not the score – that was a *good* decision not to watch it yesterday. I’ll still enjoy it tonight.

                Praying for good weather over New Hampshire so Mike doesn’t succumb to any more Idle-hand-Devil ideas 👹☠️👹👹.

              • Good routine. Kinda wish I had one. I’m always flitting all over the place. The game? You’re going to enjoy it. Really good. Def what we look for in a Game 7. Yea, Mike saw the error of his ways. Poor baby..he got sucked in by the shiny colors! Maybe the devil made him do it! There’s a trivia question for ya! Who coined that phrase? And try not to look it up! LOL. 😀🙋🏻

              • Right off the top of my head, like my hair, speaking of talking on the flip –
                Flip Wilson?

              • No sorry necessary! I’m just about to do more errands myself – after one more joke on today’s site.

              • One more? Did I miss the first one? I’m going to attempt “boots on the ground” too. Flats. Baby steps…..👟 🙋🏻

  10. Paused at geyser but no problem with the other words or cartoon answer. I was thinking that Steuben was referring to Steuben Glass which I think is now made in Corning New York??? It’s garbage, recycling and composting day here for me. Happy Thursay everyone.

    • Hi Betty. Corning does have like a glass museum or something upstate. We talked about going because it’s located in or near Wine country and well…..🍷 LOL. I think they have a factory/ warehouse also up there. I bought a top on line for an old Corningware piece my Mother had that I broke. I was so happy that I could replace it. I guess we won’t know the reference unless Jeff tells us. Hope you’re having a good day. 🙋🏻

  11. Hey Mike, that “gut instinct” of yours? That’s just the methane. Let it out; you’ll feel better! (Although the rest of us might not).

  12. Mike, et al, there is a Steuben County in Indiana. I did not read all posts and sorry if I am repeating info. I had to use pen and paper to get cameo and geyser, however, no problem with answer. Still raining and cool here, dreary day. Have a pleasant day!🌈

      • Indiana? Then that must be the place! And for a minute there Earl and I thought maybe Jeff was thinking about NY! Mike, I can hear you laughing!

  13. Zoom – CAMEO (remembering Earl’s comment about words ending in vowels made it quick).
    Zoom – FROND, instant, this is easy.
    YEGRES – SPLAT! Right into the brick wall.
    Took a bit of time for SWITCH, then a bit longer for GEYSER.
    Had to separate vowels and consonants to get the answer. Have a great day, all.

    • Que es esto, ZOOM? It’s new, it’s different. We’re coining words here. Tic, blink, snap, Goldilocks, peanuts, now zoom. Mike can use all this with that first graphic novel….KAPOW!!!! 🙋🏻

  14. Steve, First off (is that a “real” phrase, or just. NY one )? First off, I’m having a hard time getting past Early Girl tomatoes. Only on the Left Coast. (Apologies to everyone else, I’m just referring to Steve).😀 ..and why am I not surprised they’re your favorite? Strawberries…any time anywhere, any name…See now, that “looking up ” stuff again. Fiddle heads is the kind of stuff nightmares are made of. Google needs to start paying you some kind of royalties. If not,! I’ll start the petition and a GoFund me page, and ante up.” Fronds of a young fern….”? Again, can something like this be good to know…? Could you see yourself using this at a cocktail party? In the same vein, this morning on GMA, they featured a story about a guy giving his girlfriend flowers that turned out to be a bunch of kale. As usual, it somehow went viral. The commentator, I forget which one..one of the blondes..(Jeff)? ended the piece with sonmething to the effect of…”The couple are now saying…’Can’t Everone just LETTUCE alone’! I immediately wrote it down for future reference….LOL….🙋🏻

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