Jumble Answers for 04/30/2017










Mike, This one’s for you! 🍾

Good morning, everyone!     Happy Sunday!

Where do I begin..?  Plural, I had to write down. Once on paper, check. Velvet, check. Spooky, check. UNISEF, you know I’m saying UNICEF….(So then I’m thinking donations, so then I go to maybe I don’t give enough, so then I want to go check my tax returns….this Ladies and Gentlemen is the result of lack of sleep and AADD)! LOL. Back to the puzzle..So I think Fusion, Ef..something, I had to write this one down too. Ah, Infuse, check. Higher, a little tic, but check. And finally, Detach, check.

Now to the answer. I saw words that would fit the first answer word:  Solved, Opened, Vetoed. Show of hands, how many of us were looking for that M to put Stamp somewhere in there? Just me? But then, there’s no A either. I thought from the initial read that the middle word would be His  I wanted it to be His!  But the only word that could have given me the I, was Infuse. So, of course, I go back and look at it…and OF COURSE, there’s UNICEF again. So now I’m convinced sleep really IS essential to good mental health. I see that I’m right with Infuse, so it’s not going to be His.  (This throws off  the whole path I was going down). So I have to rephrase, and it has to be The, or One. I go with The. The H’s and the V and all those Es were throwing my concentration off. The blurry eyes didn’t help! Seven minutes into staring at the letters, I decided to concentrate on the cartoon. And there it was. The carrier’s boss, I assume, has a gruff look on his face. And the clincher for me? His hand.  He’s gesturing a Stop, or a No Way. And then, it hit me. I could have had a V8! No, really I could have had a V8 instead of the orange juice….Oh right, the puzzle…The main office won’t approve…the carrier was pushing his luck.  Pushing the Envelope!  It should have been such an easy solve, but I just couldn’t see it.

Todays puzzle SEALS it for me. No one welcomes Mike back more than I. (Ok, maybe some…HA)!  The weather’s gotten better here, I hope everyone is safe from the storms. Wishing us all a blessed Sunday.

Until tomorrow….Oh no, wait… Thank you all, it’s been a pleasure! ❤️🙋🏻







30 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 04/30/2017

      • HA! I have an engineer friend I have to ask. I’m curious: it seems so cerebral for a cartoon. Enjoy the day. 🙋🏻


      • Harry, I found this..,
        1. 2,808 = (24 * 117 = 2808)
        2. 431 (has to start with 1, for final answer. therefore, only choices are 134 and 143, and 134 is not prime)
        3. 4096 (16 cubed is 4096. zero has to be in 2nd position)
        4. 479,001,600 (just keep multiplying)

        Answer: 1,000,000 is the $64 check in binary

        ALL I CAN SAY IS: HUH?


      • Yes, the Foxtrot Jason’s Jumble Special Math Edition is real,
        but what about a copyright infringement suit?

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  1. This was much easier for me than the past two Sundays, but I did have to pull out my pad to go through all the possibilities for PLURAL. Thanks so much for taking the time to host the blog – and for keeping us thinking and laughing.

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    • Good. Morning, Sweet Caroline! Great solving skills! Cute puzzle, but it took me longer than it has in years! Two important things in life, right? Laughing and thinking! I’m glad I could help. Enjoy the day! ❤️🙋🏻


  2. Talk about a Jumble – my local electronic version had the wrong cartoon in it, making for an impossible solve this morning. At least I easily solved all of the clue words!

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  3. Hello All, Infuse is the only clue word that gave me pause today. The cartoon was another story. Figured “the” was the middle word but had deliver or delivery stuck in my head though obviously not correct as there was no i among the choices. Had to walk away and when I came back envelope popped into my head and pushed followed easily. Brain got a good work out. Hope the weather has calmed down in your part of the country. We are having simply gorgeous weather. It’s supposed to be in the 70’s here. Just a pleasure to walk in the sunshine though just realized that the windows desperately need washing after all the rain we had. Great job all week, Angela. You did Mike proud. Happy Sunday.

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    • Hi Betty. It’s always like that. We get a word stuck in our head, and it overshadows everything. How I wasn’t even thinking envelope until the end, I just don’t know. Glad you can enjoy the weather. The windows can wait! Thank you very much for your kind words. Happy Sunday to you also! ❤️🙋🏻


  4. Good morning. The words were fun today with plural and detach taking some time to solve. I’m looking at the cartoon letters and in between still cleaning up so after a half hour of going back and forth to it I decided to look for your answer. It’s so easy when you see the answer. Haha. But I gotta get out of here and take a break and see the guys for some relaxing time. The mess will still be here when I get back. Stay well. Till tomorrow.

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    • Hi Paul. Good afternoon. Yep, we see the answer, and it’s that V8 moment! LOL. Great decision. Enjoy the day. Why waste the sunshine. Plenty of time to clean up later! Hope you’re enjoying yourself! Ciao! 🙋🏻

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  5. Got the words quickly with a slight pause at INFUSE and a slightly longer pause at DETACH,
    but the answer, Oy! I saw ‘SOLVED THE’ and never got any further. Very clever pun!

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    • Hey Lefty! Good afternoon. Can’t get passed how long I looked at those letters before I saw the solution. Def running on empty. Would you believe I’m tired! And my head hurts! Hope you’re having s good day! 🙋🏻


    • Thank you, but,no, can’t use Drop the Mic here. Shows arrogance I think. Drop the mic is walking out of the restaurant! LOL. My Father always told us: self- praise stinks. Neither a braggart nor an egotist be. Words of wisdom. 😊🙋🏻


      • Hey Angela
        Re our culinary discussion yesterday, I think it’s time to
        put on the Rolling Stones and have some
        “Pashmina’s Head Soup”.
        Hope I didn’t spoil your appetite.

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      • Hey, Forget the appetite , I think it’s spoiled me from wearing the thing ever again. Conjures up images of sherpas and goats! Damn imagery! It got so cold here again. 85 yday , 50 now. Crazy 🙋🏻


      • Steve, You see the Mets score today? Football numbers. What a disaster. And another injury? Kinda like the scene of an accident. You don’t want to see anything, but you just can’t turn away. I don’t know why I kept watching. Like doing Penance. 😟


      • Speaking of animals and food, I’m glad nobody called you a LAME DUCK on your last day as Jumble administrator, because you exposed yourself to the world for an entire week, and yet have nothing at all to EAT CROW about. Nice job.

        I’m done posting for today – see you and Mike et al tomorrow. Cheers!


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