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Good morning, everyone!   Happy 100th Day!      (Bipartisanship)

…5:14 AM, EDT. SI, NY, in the throes of a massive rain storm. Thunder, lightning, buckets of teeming rain thrashing against the windows.  The lights flickering twice. Claps of rumbling thunder, deafening, strikes of lightning illuminating every room. I sit alone, coffee growing cold beside me, as I stare into…Oh, wait…Sorry, wrong page.  This is Jumble Answers!  HA-HA

Today, we’re given some choice words. Joint, (Jinto? What the heck is Jinto)?, Blink, Blink, PASS…Spruce, Mutter. Ok, back to number 2. As a Jumble purist, I always want to finish my words first. Staring, staring….Ah, Cynic.  I should have recognized it immediately, I was called cynical just last night! (Please refer back to the 100 days greeting). This word was expertly scrambled for only 5 letters, don’t you think?  To the solution: 13 letters;  as I’m writing them down, I look at the cartoon: the cop reciting a poem, there’s a J….(we don’t see a lot of J’s)… Poetic Justice! How clever is that? Excellent words, excellent answer! The cartoon. Blue clothes, nondescript yellow car. Maybe someone out there may know what kind.  I have a few male friends who always amaze me when it comes to cars. They’ll see one, and ..”Oh, ’74 Pontiac, turbo engine, four on the floor”, or, ’08 Cadillac, 4-speed automatic, 275 horse power”, or whatever, you get the gist.  Go ahead,  ask me:  YOU: “So, what kinda car ‘dja get”?  ME: “Um, blue”.

All in all, great puzzle for a Saturday morning. I didn’t have the greatest day y’day, felt like I kind of phoned the puzzle in, but things turned around last night. I bought some new shoes, the Mets won, and I took a stand. 😉   I may just quit therapy! LOL!!

Storms over, sun has risen. Let’s get out there and enjoy the day! Until tomorrow. 🙋🏻






49 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 04/29/2017

  1. The rain has fallen, The sun has riz. I wonder where the flowers is! Ah Hoosier poetry at its best. I know it is not James Whitcomb Riley but it is the best I got. Goldilocks puzzle for me today, Stumbled a tad on CYNIC and the answer followed….not a snap but I felt good about it. Men’s Club golf cancelled, I do predict severe Spring floods in Indiana

  2. Yes or no, you offered me, With a hard analogy; Pissed me off, that I will say, Shook it off, start new today! NY poetry , not the best, but it’ll do. Good morning. I’m looking, I’m re-rereading,, ok, no moot questions in your post, so I should be safe here….CCINY just looked so wrong, right? Good scramble. Making book, it’s the money word for today. Storm damn near scared me to death, guarantee it flooded out a lot of Staten Islands low lying areas. It was really fast and furious. My phone and iPad kept sending out flood alerts, between them and the thunder, I literally jumped in place a few times. Glad it’s over. Sorry about your golf game. I think I heard the words “100 days” 100 times already, might be a long news day! Enjoy! 🙋🏻

    • Harry, my local news just now showing massive flooding in I think it said Huntington,Indiana? Cars floating…

      • In the Southern hills of Indiana…..I do not watch the news. Maybe that is why I am always in such a food mood

  3. No wrong HP Huntingburg is South, Huntington is North up by Ft Wayne and the home town of VP Dan Quayle!

    • Ah, news over now. I’ll see if they show it again later. They were showing different states getting hit so bad this morning. Dan Quayle…odd duck! 🙋🏻

  4. Good morning. Last Sunday was out all day and night to my brothers family and sisters-in-laws side for a great time and never got to yesterday’s puzzle because on a special occasion on my side of the family and daughter-in-laws Nothing better than family and friends. Got to bed 2am and was up your time Angela for the same reason. Was worried that my neighbors backyard drain might be clogged and mine couldn’t handle all that rain and flood the basement. Thank God everything went well. You had me laughing with your wit today. Today’s puzzle was fun. Cynic popped into my head right away. Spruce took about a minute to get and the cartoon came quick with justice comming first. Until tomorrow stay well.

  5. Hey Paul, good morning. You should take a look at yday’s puzzle, it was cute. Yep, can’t beat family and friends! (Altough, being honest, sometimes you may want to…)! LOL That was a storm to wake anyone up! So loud and intense. I don’t have to worry about a flooded basement, My house is on a slab. But the other side of the Island gets trashed with storms like this. In 2012, there was massive devastation on Staten Island and in Brookkyn from Sandy. Unbelievable amount of people left homeless. I drove through the area with some relief groups, and I just cried. I could only compare it to the pictures I’ve seen of Europe during WWII. Heartbreaking really. Worst happened to us here was a power outage. Lasted 5 days. Nothing in comparison. I’m sure this mornings storm hurt a lot of people. I’m glad you did ok. I’m with you, today’s puzzle was fun. And I like that phrase: Poetic Justice. I use it a lot myself. You know, when the shoe fits….Get some rest today, I’m sure you lost some sleep. Amazing how beautiful it is out right now. Mother Nature, huh? And I’m so glad I made you laugh! Ciao! 🙋🏻

  6. Another easy one to end the week – storms today in central Texas – not my cup of tea, which reminds me, I need to get back to mine. see ya’ll next week — good Lord willin’ and the creeks don’t rise,

    • Good morning,Rita. Looks like we’re all getting hit. It stopped here by about 6:30 and it’s been nice since. I love you’re expression, I may try and fit that into my repertoire! Should go over big with the New Yorkers! I love the different colloquisms used across the country. Is that the right word? Take Dr. Phil. I could listen to that man speak all day! One of my favorites: “Trying to run that by me, is like trying to get sunrise from a chicken”! He cracks me up! 😀 Enjoy your tea, enjoy your day, stay warm and dry and safe. 🙋🏻

      • My former co-worker from Birmingham Alabama used to say “Good Lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise” all the time. Another: “Like trying to sneak a pork chop past a wolf. Good wishes to all you experiencing such scary weather!

        • Hey Steve. I don’t think I’m catching your posts in order. A lot of…PINGS! (🎶Went the strings of my heart🎶…Oh wait. That’s Ding! Close enough! I so love that saying. Texans have a lot of good lines. It must be a real Southern expression. But Dr Phil. He’s too funny. He says something about, “Like nailing jello to the wall”! Get out! He slays me! Hope you’re enjoying your day! 🙋🏻

  7. The only thing Sandy did to us was no electric for four days. But I had friends that lost their houses in Garrison Beach and just over the marine parkway bridge by Ris Park. “Just came to me”. Breezy Point.

    • Yes Paul, Gerritsen Beach and Breezy suffered so badly. I don’t think I’ll ever get those images out of my mind. I hope we never see that again. I had a nephew born in the midst of it all. Poor little guy spent the first week of his life with no heat! I often wonder what could he have been thinking? “Put me back..it’s too cold out here”! 😊🙋🏻

  8. Hi, all! I think solving this puzzle was not too easy, not too hard, but just right!! Got first 3 words quickly but had to MUTTER a little before the last one came to me. Had to write the clue letters, but wanting to use the “J” first, JUSTICE popped out before very long and POETIC made it the perfect answer to go with the cartoon. Fun!!
    Gracioius!! I am so sorry to hear about all the rain & flooding that so many of you are having to deal with. I’m almost embarrassed to report that our Phx., AZ temp today will be in the 80’s, a little breezy, bright & sunny.
    Wishing you good weather ahead, Jumble friends.

    • Hi Lelia, Yes, a just right puzzle for today! The storm was horrendous.but now it’s 82 here and sunny! A beautiful day. Go figure. Hope you have s great day! ☀️🙋🏻

  9. I am happy to serve as DUNCE today and make you all feel smarter. (Golden Oldies: “I’m a Loser” – “HELP!”) But I ain’t proud. (“Sometimes you’re the windshield, sometimes you’re the bug 🐜)

    Got JOINT, CYNIC and MUTTER instantly, then after 7 minutes had to take a break on the last word and clue.
    15 minutes later looked and saw SPRUCE – how many times that has stumped me in the past. Then couldn’t come up with a word with J in it, so for the first time tried the trick I learned here; separate vowels and consonants. It worked! JUSTICE popped out and solved the puzzle. DUH. And I didn’t even drink, stay up late, or survive a storm last night. Just an aging brain, I guess. Or maybe I need to *start* drinking and staying up late.

    • Hey Lefty! There are no Dunces…just alternative geniuses. LOL. I think when a word gets you once, it’s going to get you again. Some words just don’t catch us right. Look at me with Cynic. I was called it last night! Just last night! (Which was another reason I walked out of the restaurant! But, want to laugh? Big grandstand move…I left my pashmina! Can’t win for losing sometimes)! Anyway, I’m like…”I’m a cynic”? The word was bandied about like 3-4 times and here this morning I’m blinking at it! Too weird. HA Maybe you should start staying up later and imbibing a little. Might do wonders for you! Or just watch the Mets! You’ll be on that roller coaster so much, the head spinning may just shake out the cobwebs! LOL. Happy trails! Later 🙋🏻

      • Imagining definitions of “pashmina” was more enjoyable than looking it up. I thought maybe you didn’t finish your dinner.
        My brain is a lost cause today. I’m so dumb I missed my OWN pun (STUMPED) the first time. I’m outta here to go take a nap (or maybe it should be a drink).

        • Lefty, Now I’m laughing! Too funny! A pashmina. Never heard the word? Sound like one of my brothers. He’s always telling me “Why can’t you just say shawl”! So wait, you thought it was some kind of Italian food or something? I’m dying here! And of course I didn’t finish dinner. That’s the beauty of walking out…make your point. “I don’t need this..I’m ‘outta here!” HA. So I may have lost a ‘shawl’ but who cares. Anyway, go have that drink. Too much sleep can hurt a person! Later. 🥃🙋🏻

      • Thought it might be like a Middle Eastern lamb dish, you know, A lovely pashmina poached in white wine or something. This is starting to sound like a Sex in the City episode where I’m supposed to know the names of shoe designers. Not likely! My idea of fashion is to wash my jeans once a week and change my T shirt before it smells (TMI).

        • Lefty, HA-HA. Either you’re really funny today, or I’m just happier, (or maybe I’ve just lowered my standards), because you have me laughing again. Good call on the Middle Eastern dish, pashmina does sound more Arabic than Italian. I find it ironic though, that you feign ignorance about fashion, yet you know about Sex and the City and the shoe connection?! Where’d that come from? Hmm, me thinks the man doth protest too much, n’est-ce pas? And, uh yea…TMI! On a much happier note, I gave it a shot and called the restaurant. My lovely pashmina was still hanging where I placed it and they’re going to hold it for me! And they say NYer’s aren’t nice! We’re nice! 😊🙋🏻

      • I think you’ve lowered your standards 🙂
        I read about TV shows in the newspaper columns even if I don’t watch them. I think I saw maybe 10 minutes of that entire series run.
        Noo Yawkers; youse guys can be brusque and tough and insulting, but yes, also caring and strong, especially when it counts in a crisis like 9/11 or Hurricane Sandy.

        • Ha! You’re probably right! And it’s not the first time! LOL. Oh. So you’ve read articles about it. I see. And I’m sure you haven’t looked at the pictures, right? HA! Ladies, where have we heard THIS before?! LOL. God. I think I’m funnier today too! And yes, seriously we’re untouchable in a crises. 🙋🏻

      • Hey, now that I did actually look it up, maybe I wasn’t so far off after all:
        “The Pashmina goat or Changthangi as it’s called in Kashmir,”
        When they stop producing wool, mmmmm, pashmina stew!

        Goodnight Gracie.

        • LOL. Guaranteed every time I wear it now, I’ll be thinking livestock and stew! Do you follow NY sports at all? ‘Gotta hand it to those Yankees. That’s all you heard tonight, the Y fans crowing about last nights game. Tough being a Met fan! Always feeling a little bit in their shadow. And now the Rangers looking like they’re gonna blow it too. Ah, the life of NY sports fans. I was thinking about Mike before and how he must be itching to get back to this. Of course he handles it so much more sanely! LOL 🙋🏻

      • Just watching the Rangers ’cause I’m a big hockey fan and watch as much playoffs as I can.
        How can you stay up so late and then get up for news at 4:30? That’s ok, I don’t think I want an answer. Tomorrow. I have my Mike welcome post all ready to go.

        • On Sunday the news doesn’t come on until 6! I’ll catch a break! I don’t sleep that much, or that well. I’m working on it. And I went to Church tonight so I can sleep in the morning. Watching the Rangers? Isn’t the game over? And isn’t Mike returning Monday? 🙋🏻

      • I just meant I’m following the Rangers, although I did see the game on tape delay.
        And I meant I’ll post more tomorrow, finished for tonight. Yes, my Mike post is for Monday,
        good Lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise, maybe literally for him.

        • LOL. Yea that risin’ creek! Oh yea! I’m def tired. I didn’t even read your post right. Ok. To sleep..Goodnight Gracie. 🙋🏻

    • Hi Brian. Actually I’m not a native. Transplanted Brooklynite; educated transplanted Brooklynite! I really shouldn’t say that but I did! I’ve had this argument so many times. “It’s an Island, so now I live ON an island”! I think it’s because all the other boroughs say IN, so…who knows. But it hurts the ears, right? And I agree, it is boorish! Enjoy the beautiful day we’re having! 🙋🏻

    • Hey Steve. Eh, I give it a 6. Sounds okay, but not easy to dance to! Later! 🙋🏻

  10. HI SUE: We haven’t seen you here all week, and I’m concerned. Last you posted was in the wee small hours Sunday morning. I pray all is well, and I’m looking forward to seeing you back here. Mike will be so upset with me if scared away any of his loyalists! I hope you’re doing well. 😊🙋🏻

  11. Hello everyone! We’re back home and had one heck of a much needed vacation. See you all bright and early Monday morning. 😎👍🏻

    • Mike! With my 3-hour advantage, let me be the first to say welcome home! So glad you made it back safely! More to post on Monday – get some sleep!

        • Angela at 1:51 AM: Uh, you do realize that if we were in a restaurant, this is where I’d be walking out, right? LOL 🙋🏻

      • Thanks, Steve! I got home and watched the end of the Dodgers/Phillies game. INCREDIBLE!!! Happy to be home but truly missing the Florida sunshine. Anyone living there is truly blessed. 😊

      • I’ll be happy to finish your delicious pashmina stew for you. “Are you gonna finish that?” (Don’t you just love to hear that?)

      • Thanks, Angela! I’m so happy that you kept the site running in my absence and also managed to pick up quite a few subscribers to the email list. I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done! 😉

  12. Mike, no thanks necessary. I was glad to help. I just hope I haven’t tarnished your reputation in the Jumble world! You have my email address, you can contact me if you need to. Glad you’re back. 🌞🙋🏻

  13. Saturday, April 29th Jumble was hard. Could not come up with joint, never thought of cynic at all. Then I never thought of an officer having anything to do with justice, only courts do. Officers just enforce the law and make arrests.

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