Jumble Answers for 04/14/2017








Good Friday morning everyone!  No trouble with the clue words today as they all came to me instantly.  I didn’t attempt to solve the cartoon without the clue letters this morning because I was running short on time.  Mr. Hoyt did a splendid job of hiding the answer within the clue letter layout for the second day in a row and it was quite challenging.  On my first attempt, I found FATHOMS and I thought I was on to something.  That left me with INCLINE but it didn’t make sense even though it was two 7-letter words.  I re-jumbled all the letters and started again.  This time I found HIM which led me to HIMSELF and CONTAIN was right there for the finish.  Have a great day my friends and I’ll see you tomorrow!  πŸ˜€πŸ‘πŸ»


9 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 04/14/2017

  1. Good morning, Mike, good morning everyone. I’m so behind schedule today, and then this….The words were no problem. The answer? Didn’t get it until I rewrote 3x’s. Same here, Mike, I found so many other words, albeit not 7 letters., (at least you got the number right)! I’m staring at the letters thinking….”WATER am I doing here…”? I just couldn’t SEA it. I was thrown off by the words “underwater cell” in quotes and the ax. But then I thought of the phrase, TOP HIMSELF , saw himself, and got contain. Really good letter mix, there’s no ESCAPING it. Mike, enjoy LegoLand and Good Friday, literally, to all who CELLebrate. πŸ™‹πŸ»

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    • The more I think about it, I was wondering if David managed to sneak FATHOMS into the letters by design. You’re right that there were so many other words in the puzzle that it was hard to find the right one to start with. Enjoy your Friday Angela, and I hope you got lots of rest after your hectic day yesterday. πŸ™‚


      • Hi Mike. Oh, now I SEA it! Great CATCH! I didn’t pick up on your take on FATHOMS when I first read your post. I was thinking FATHOM as a verb. I didn’t fathom your meaning! LOL. Kudos, very good eye. No, not enough rest! But all I really have to do today is the reading with the Seniors. Thank God because I feel like I’m under water!
        Enjoy the outing, gotta love Legos! πŸ™‹πŸ»

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  2. I found “stomach” as in the way he died from being hit there and getting appendicitis or having it already and then getting peritonitis.
    Had to use two hints to see “contain.” Then “himself” made sense. Great job for all who got it on their own. Tough one!


  3. Hi! When I finished the second word SNOWY, I thought, “Oh, no! Too bad Mike has to see this word again before next winter because of being so happy that it is spring.” Last two words went fine, but then…the cartoon puzzle! I worked in the newspaper version for quite a while & then got out my letter tiles. I swirled & rearranged them, but no luck. Did a little “fresh eyes” by leaving it for a while. I could not make a single 7-letter word, so began looking for a compound word, but no luck. I decided to look at the online version and HIMSELF jumped right out. I hurried back to the letter tiles & made CONTAIN with the other 7 letters, thus ESCAPING having to give up.
    Mike, I know you’ll have fun at LegoLand because when Josh’s parents took him to one of them, their pictures showed me a little boy having a very fun day.
    Enjoy your day, everybody!! See you tomorrow.

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  4. Good afternoon. Had the words pretty quick and was off and running at the cartoon. Like Mike I also could not get fathoms out of my head. I put the paper down and went to play bocce. Just got back to it and decided to look for the answer than solve it. I know it’s Good Friday but I needed a little fun as yesterday was a bummer being at a funeral parlor. I laugh when they say “the golden years”. Nothing good about getting old. On an upbeat—-. Till tomorrow stay well


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