Jumble Answers for 04/15/2017








Have a wonderful Saturday and I’ll see you tomorrow!  πŸ˜€


21 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 04/15/2017

  1. Good morning, Mike, good morning everyone. Got my nights and days mixed up. Totally off schedule. Easy, breezy puzzle today. Was it tax themed because it’s 4/15: the traditional Tax Day? (I’m so sick of that word tradition)! Should they have held this for Tuesday? Either way, great puzzle and graphics. Love the ships’ female figurehead. I’m picking REJECT for the best jumbled word. Easy guess, but it looked so good! We don’t see many J’s, right? And IMO, Treasury was just too cute for words! Going back to sleep, so much ahead…
    Good (Holy β›ͺ️) Saturday to us all. πŸ™‹πŸ»


    • Hi Harry. Good morning. 43 here! Heat kicked back on. Prob be good for golf later, but it’s feeling cold right now. And t’row we’re looking at 82! 82! Might end up scrambling those eggs at the Egg Hunt! Need to make 10 dozen later today. (Kinda’ nauseating to think of this early in the morning)! LOL. Enjoy your golf game. πŸ™‹πŸ»


  2. Good morning. Fun puzzle today. Thought maybe it would be a little harder for a Saturday. I think you were right Angela about the puzzle having to do with tax time. Thank goodness I have mine done in march. I use to wait till the last minute.Simply no reason to. Looking forward to Easter Sunday,till tomorrow stay well.

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    • Good morning Paul. Yes, it is a tax related puzzle, right? I think the puzzles are done way ahead of time, so 4/15 would just naturally call for the theme.I agree with you. Get it over with, there’s no getting around it! Good that you got to play bocce yday, perfect weather, (I saw it being played at a few places here also). I just might join in the game t’row, between courses! Even just to digest! LOL. And getting old? I’m sure you were just upset with the funeral. It’s tough. But even though the years might not all be “golden”, they beat the alternative, right? I say “Bring it on”! Looking forward to t’row also! 🐰 β›ͺ️ Have a great day! πŸ™‹πŸ»


  3. Hi! Easy solve today. First I read the cartoon puzzle question & did the first two words. Then I quickly filled in cartoon answer because of having S, U, R, & Y. I did one “self jumble” for MATTER and 6 self-jumbles for REJECT.
    Looking forward to family Easter meal at younger daughters house. She will cook ham & other stuff and all 3 of her daughters are bringing some of their favorites. All 5 of them told me not to bring anything. This will be a first, and I plan to enjoy it to the max while remembering all those years that I did it all.
    Angela, not a word of reply to me today, please. We will chat after Easter when you don’t have 10 dozen eggs to prepare. I remember those busy days!
    Enjoy today & tomorrow, everyone!! HAPPY EASTER!!!


    • Hi Lelia. Quick hello. The eggs are done, pretty colors! Being delivered to the nursing homes and the outreach program for children’s baskets. They hand them out at 3. We kept 20 for the hunt trow but with the heat that’s expected, it’s a toss up. Prob use just the plastic ones. I didn’t forget to get back to you, just so much going on. You did get my message from Thursday night though, right? 4 o’clock it’s back to cooking. I’m “assigned” just doing the meatballs, stuffing the artichokes, and making the zucchini. Just!?! LOL. And yes, between today and trow, so little time! …To be continued. Have a great day! πŸ™‹πŸ»


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  4. Steve, thanks for mentioning yesterday that you had the same feeling about SNOWY as I did in reference to Mike. He begins in the Fall with back-breaking loads of wood chips. Then comes the “you know what” with shoveling & more shoveling. This year added the devastating storm with destructive winds. Ouch!
    After I posted yesterday, I looked at the clock and realized that I had spent well over an hour doing the Jumble. Question: How long is long enough to spend doing the Jumble before one quits being too determined, dedicated, or just plain stubborn to go to Mike for the answer? Any suggestions will be much appreciated but not necessarily followed. lol

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    • Hi Lelia. Usually if I don’t see it in about 5 minutes I’ll put it aside and come back later. Amazing how fresh eyes can help sometimes. But I knew I was never going to get the Houdini answer, so just gave up. As Brother Dave Gardner used to say, “I ain’t proud!”.


      • It also helps that “I ain’t employed” either (retired), so I have more time for this.


  5. Steve, after retiring in 1995 after 25 years of teaching elementary school, mostly 3rd grade, I enjoyed being able to spend as much time on puzzles & games as I liked, but herein lies my quandary now. I wish to be finished with the Jumble quickly so that I can come to the site to see what everyone has said. I already have a huge handicap in that I am 3 time-zones away. Why am I whining this to you when you are further west than I am? Happy Easter!!

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  6. Angela, yesterday I did find your Thursday night comment but was overwhelmed that you sent it not too long before 10 p.m. when you should have been in bed to get even 7 hours of sleep before 5 a.m. And that lecture was brought to you by a woman who sometimes did school work & church work until 2 a.m., fell into bed, and finished waking up in the morning at 5 a.m. in the shower. Sometimes I had nightmares about my principal coming into my classroom after lunch & finding me lying on my desk asleep. Never happened, thank goodness. See you after Easter, and have a very Happy Easter!!

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