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Good Thursday morning everyone!  The first three clue words came instantly, but I had to look at SHOULD a couple of times before it gave itself up.  With all of the clue words solved, I moved along to the cartoon puzzle.  I didn’t attempt to solve it without the clue letters because of the word in quotes.  The two G’s together in the letter layout brought BUGGY to mind and I figured HORSE AND would be all that was left to complete the pun.  Sure enough it was there and the overall solution was much easier than anticipated.  After the solve, I looked at the letter layout again and marveled at how well HORSE was hidden within the letters.  If the G’s were moved to different spots, this puzzle would have been a bit more challenging.  Jeff has drawn a couple of period pieces this week and they’re always a treat to look at.  Tomorrow I’ll be chaperoning a small cadre on a school field trip so I won’t have time to do a write-up.  I’m sure some of you will take the time to fill in the blanks in my absence.  Enjoy your Thursday and I hope the sun is shining in your neck of the woods.  I’ll see you tomorrow!  πŸ™‚πŸ΄


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  1. Good morning Mike, good morning everyone. Great puzzle today, but GNAT a challenge at all! Not even a need for the “….”! Just thrown in for the PUN of it, I guess! We’ve HERD some of these words before, but the jumble mix was great! And not to seem the NEIGHsayer, but the biggest take away for me was…Did they use hair sprays back then? ‘Cause if so, with that up do, that poor woman has a head full of imbedded bugs!
    Ladies, ? Mike, enjoy your trip t’row, (I’m doing a 2 hour “Pages for the Ages” today and t’row. Kids today and the elderly t’row). Hope my voice doesn’t get HOARSE!
    Happy Holy β›ͺ️ Thursday to all who celebrate. 🐴 πŸ™‹πŸ»

  2. Good morning. Another easy day. Both the words and cartoon were on a Monday theme. Like yesterday with avoiding to say ram,today it was those pesky bugs the mosquitoes. Thank goodness it wasn’t a thirteen letter word. Till tomorrow stay well.

    • Hi Rita, thank you. πŸ˜‰ Really hectic today. Finished the cleaning, visited a Church, did a library read to the children and then the second Church. Leaving to go to the last Church, and then start Sundays’ cooking. The infamous ‘Day of the 3 C’s’! Cleaning, cooking and Churches! Thank God it’s only once a year. (And since I’m not a driver, I have to GIDDYUP on command)! LOL. Enjoy your day! πŸ™‹πŸ»

  3. Nice Angela……Puzzle was fun. Figured on bug then buggy was a snap after I get my letters. Laughed out loud at that horse, I thought it was going to moo!

  4. Would have been easy had I put the “u” in my list of letters, since buggy was my first instinct. Struggled for a while, then did a letter count, captured the “u” and all fell into place!

  5. Hi! Easy solve today, only double blinker being SHOULD. I give Mike all the credit for my solving the cartoon fast because I used his tried & true method of solving the 3-letter word first. When I saw the letters for “and” I had it at 2:43.
    Enjoy your day!! See you tomorrow.

  6. Angela, my apologies for just now answering your lovely comments to me 2 days ago. I found them after dinner at about 8 my time, 11 your time, and yesterday I slept most of the day. I did order pizza as I said, a kind I’ve never had before; Philly Cheesesteak, delicious! even though it was odd having pizza with no pepperoni or Italian sausage or ham & pineapple for the Hawaiian one. Hope Mike tells us what kind his little ones wanted.
    “Insanely unhealthy” meat pies, just what my doctor is ordering for me right now because I, an already skinny girl, have lost 15 pounds. Last night our youngest, who loves to cook, brought me some white beans cooked in canned chicken broth with the butt of a smoked ham including all the fat and guaranteed it to be a meal full of fat & calories. We ate our first meat pie, called a pasty, pronounced past’e, in Montana where they put Angus beef, sliced potatoes, & onion onto half a large circle of pastry, fold it over, crimp the edges, & bake it until the meat is done. The chicken or beef pot pies we were talking about have a regular, except smaller & baked in a smaller round pan, double pie crust, crimped, with already cooked meat, lots of vegetables, & gravy, baked until hot & the crust is golden brown. Yours with the meat, eggs, & cheese sound wonderful. They sound like a quiche to me, which I love.
    I am sorry that you are having to learn to live without your mother. It is not easy!! Mine died 20 years ago, and I still wish I could call her to tell her about something happy or adorable that one of our daughters or grandchildren has done or call my husband’s mother to ask her how to cook something.
    On a happier note: Those meat pies are an appetizer?!! Your meal must be like the one I ate at our younger daughter’s (short lived romance) Romanian boyfriend’s house many years ago. In the living room we started with cubes of kielbasa & feta cheese on toothpicks with crackers. The dining room table was not set so I thought this was it & ate until I was full. Next, she quickly put tableware & napkins on the table & a large bowl of homemade soup at each place. After that she brought out stuffed cabbage rolls. Now I am half dead. Next a huge platter of steak, pork chops, & chicken, 2 bowls of vegetables, and different kinds of bread. Last, 2 kinds of dessert, homemade strudel & something else I can’t remember because by then I was in an overstuffed stupor.
    One last thing: First-born daughter (she hates when I say older daughter, lol) took me to lunch at The Olive Garden this week (everyone trying to help me gain weight) and I was hungry for lasagna. It was the largest portion & most delicious lasagna I have ever had, full of Italian sausage & beef, lots of ricotta, mozzarella, & other cheeses, and a thick tomato sauce. It was even good left over so I finished it to the last bite.
    Enjoy your day and good luck with your speeches.

    • Hi Lelia. I just got in. It’s kind of late, but you were kind enough to take the time to write me, so I want to respond. Since I’m up by 5 each morning, it’s been a long day. Besides all the cooking, another tradition is that I had to visit 3 Churches for Holy Thursday. (When I volunteered for the “Pages for Ages”, I didn’t realize it was THIS Thursday! I would’ve definitely rescheduled! Reading “along” with eight 5-7 year old kids for two hours can take its’ toll)! LOL And lastly, we also hold tradition that you can’t do any cleaning t’row, Good Friday, so that all had to get done today also. Thank God this day only comes once a year! So with all this, I couldn’t even begin to address your wonderful comments tonight, I’m really tired. I will though. But I have to thank you now for the sentiment regarding my Mom. You hit it right on the head! The constant wanting to tell Her something or get advice. Relentless. 20 years is a long time, I’m only just past a year; but we know there’s no time limit on the pain of loss/grief, right?…So, to be continued. Hope you have a great evening.
      And Mike, if you’re seeing this and wondering ‘What the ? happened to my Jumble blog’, I feel your pain too! πŸ™‹πŸ»HA HA

  7. Mike, thanks for your delightful comments yesterday. We are both getting our wishes because when you mentioned an impending 75 degree day, I hoped that your warm weather would stick around for you & family to enjoy and wow! yard & birdbath clean, deck furniture out, and you so happy that spring has sprung!!
    You hoped that our colds would poof, be gone, and we are much better today. For the first time in over a month, Jerry felt like going to help a guy at the Mineral Museum with an electrical problem, all of which he does free, and I do not feel dizzy today. Yippee!
    Enjoy your school field trip tomorrow. As a retired teacher, I wonder where you’re going. Remember that all children are not as well behaved as your precious one. I’m hoping you have such a cooperative group that all of you have a really fun time together.
    Enjoy your day today!! Have fun tomorrow.

    • I’m glad you’re on the mend, Lelia! We are headed to LegoLand near Boston for the day. We’ve been before when my son was younger but I don’t think he remembers much of it. All your talk about food has me hungry! Just started dinner prep for the evening, and I’m making chicken tenders in a white wine pan sauce, so it should be delicious. See you tomorrow. 😊

  8. Missing the answers for Good Friday! Thanks!

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