Jumble Answers for 04/12/2017








Happy Wednesday everyone!  SEASON was the only word that I wasn’t able to solve at first glance, but it came to me quickly on my second attempt.  With all of the clue words solved, it was off to the cartoon puzzle.  I attempted to solve it without using the clue letters but I just couldn’t crack it.  After writing out the clue letters and reading the sentence and dialogue, I still couldn’t come up with anything.  A little self-jumbling of the letters led me to find RAM and the rest flowed right into place for the solve!  The letter layout was very cryptic and didn’t give anything away.  It was also 13-letters so David had a lot of material to work with.  Great cartoon and I especially liked the birds that Jeff drew in the “dizzy lines” above the rams head on the left.  The broken horn and black eye also showed us that it was a heck of a scuffle.  Enjoy your Wednesday and I’ll see you tomorrow!  πŸ˜€πŸ


22 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 04/12/2017

  1. Good morning. Started out thinking “could this be Monday”. Had no triuble with the words. Now looking at the cartoon and knowing that they are called rams,and with that in mind, I still couldn’t get the answer. Still enjoyed the cartoon. Would have liked to see it from your view than the paper. Just do not like going on the computer. Till tomorrow stay well.

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    • I had the EXACT same thought about this being a Monday puzzle, Paul! The cartoon was great but yesterday’s cartoon was a real treat and worth booting up the PC for. Enjoy your day. πŸ™‚


  2. Hello, I’m new to this. Is it “fair” to figure out drawing answer first, then work backwards and work on words. Easy in that horned animals meant that ram would be part of long word. Fun

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  3. I got this quickly because one of my tricks worked. I look to see whether he is avoiding saying a common word that would normally be used — because it could mean that the word is in the answer and would give it away.

    In this case, ‘horned animals’ was a curious phrase that tipped me off that he didn’t want to say ‘ram’, and then ‘ramifications’ fit the clue.

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  4. The words were an easy solve for me also. The word “ram” didn’t enter my mind, and the first word that I saw in the clue letters was “formation”. I feel rather “sheepish” not being able to come up with the solution!

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  5. Great puzzle today. I like the challenge of one long word. Like Steve I picked up on the fact that he used “horned animals” thus ram and then ramifications came to mind. Worked backwards again today. When I can’t figure out a word I put the consonants on one side of the paper and the vowels on the other side, that usually helps me find the answer. Happy Wednesday everyone .

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  6. I don’t like long words for puzzle answer, however, the answer came to me as soon as I saw “ram”. Also, no problem with words. Have a great day!🌈🐐

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  7. Hi! My solve was ditto to some of yours. I had to look at SEASON a second time, and I got “ram” by asking myself what word he was avoiding when he said “horned animals.”
    Mike, we are still coughing but I am getting closer & closer to being able to tell you that your hopes are coming true such as “hope you are feeling better,” etc. Thank you bushels for all the encouragement and comforting words.
    Enjoy your day!! See you tomorrow.

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    • That’s great news, Lelia! It sounds like a cold that just won’t go away and I hope you wake tomorrow and *poof* it’s gone. All is going well here. 84 degrees yesterday and I cleaned the yard of all the leaves and branches from the storms. Cleaned the birdbath, put out the deck furniture and even started the lawn irrigation sprinklers! I’m so happy that spring is here. Enjoy your evening and all the talk about pizza by you and Angela finds me ordering a pie tonight. πŸ•


  8. Where are the jumble answers for Good Friday? Guess you have the day off?

    Love to see the answers because I’m not so good at the untangled words yet! But still trying! Thanks a lot!,,, Sent from my iPad

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