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Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone!  As soon as my alarm went off this morning, I flicked on my iPad to see if we had a themed Jumble and sure enough we did!  I couldn’t resist the temptation to start the puzzle immediately so I did the clue words first and figured I’d hold off on the cartoon puzzle until I could fetch my morning newspaper waiting for me outside.  David chose EXCELLENT clue words that were challenging and perfectly suited for a Friday Jumble.  TRIPLE was the only word that I didn’t get immediately but it did allow me to stay in my warm bed an extra two minutes until I solved it so it was well worth it.  I started my morning routine and then dashed outside and retrieved my paper from a snow bank.  I unwrapped it from it’s blue plastic bag and looked at the front page on my walk back inside.  While closing the front door I noticed that they changed the name of the paper from the Union Leader to the Union O’Leader in an all green font and the apostrophe was a clover — classy touch.  My pot of gold was waiting for me in the back of the sports section so I thumbed through the pages with haste and there it was!  Jeff drew an AMAZING cartoon very fitting for St. Patrick’s Day featuring a leprechaun, a rainbow, and a unicorn all on a field of clover.  Absolute perfection and exactly what I had hoped for.  I wrote down my clue letters and went to work by reading the dialogue and sentence.  David gave us a very cryptic letter layout that had me stumped.  I resorted to some self jumbling which led me to find GREEN first.  With the leftover letters, THUMB was a quick solve giving us a stinky pun and a great cap to a week of puzzles.  I’ll be cooking my corned beef and cabbage later today so if you have any hints or tricks be sure to let me know.  Enjoy your Friday and I’ll see you tomorrow!


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  1. Good morning! 🍀Happy St Patrick’s Day to you.🍀 i get my NY Daily News delivered at 5:15 each morning and found today’s puzzle cute and quick. Then I logged on to see if there was a post. What time as a rule do you post your comments? We host the parade ioday; its 30 degrees here, so cold to be marching! But it’s done every year. And the crowds are unreal. Me? I’ll be watching on TV! Too cold for my Italian blood! Hope your meal comes out delicious. Enjoy!

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    • Good morning Angela! I try my best to post each morning between 8-9am est. I do the puzzle early but don’t post my analysis until after I drop the kids off at school and clean up the breakfast dishes. I already have the answers to the Saturday puzzle because my paper doesn’t do a Saturday edition but they do include it in an insert in the Friday copy. I post those answers late Friday evening before bed. You’ll notice I don’t do commentary on the weekend because everyone deserves a break 😉. Enjoy the parade and see you tomorrow! 🍀


    • I’m glad I asked about the time! I won’t go looking at 5:30 am! LOL. i didn’t know about the weekends, I’m new to your postings. So, you get Saturday on Friday, but do you get to see the Sunday Jumble? The Sunday puzzle is so good. More of a challenge then the weekly ones. I’m glad to have come across your site, and to see so many others who enjoy Jumble. I’m wondering does this mean we’re all fans of Wheel of Fortune also? To me it was always like an animated Jumble! Again, enjoy your St Patrick’s Day. (I hate to say this but I’m not sure of your name. I think I saw someone call you Mike. Is that correct)? I feel rude not addressing you by your name. Ciao!

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      • I’m glad you found the site Angela! My paper publishes Mon-Fri and Sunday so yes, I get the larger Sunday game. I am a huge fan of Jeopardy and my wife and I try to watch it every night after our evening walk. My youngest son is 9 and is quite the fan so I pause my DVR on the easier questions and help him figure out the answer. He just glows with excitement when he can answer it correctly. Mi chiamo Mike, and perhaps I should change my username to help others out. Stay warm! 🍀


  2. Fun day…CB and cabbage tonight at the golf course. Thought the unicorn was a cow,,,,messed me up a tad…..Then wondered if HAMMEY was a word. Using letters from 3 CWs saw GREEN right away, solved puzzle and got MAYHEM and saw unicorn…Fun day..Monsoons starting in Indiana Whew! Mike is your rear end still sore?

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  3. Good morning. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all. Mauve was the last word I solved. Today’s theme was perfect for today. Took a few minutes and then the answer just popped into my head. All and all a good start for a new day. Take care.

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  4. Mike, ok , nice to “meet” you. Yes, I think anyone who enjoys Jumble is also a fan of Wheel of Fortune. It’s great that you’re opening up the world of words to your children. Kudos for having your son to solve the puzzles. And nothing beats the look on a child’s face when they “get” something, right? I either read or saw on TV recently that they’re considering bringing phonics back to school curriculums. Terrific idea. So much of today’s youth have trouble spelling. Spell check became a double edged sword! I’ve decided to take the Cardinal up on his offer of a dispensation today, so I’m almiost off to one of the unbelievably numbered Irish pubs here on Staten Island for some corned beef and cabbage also! (PS…when I said I was Italian…well I am, by heritage, but I’m from good old Brooklyn, NY)! Again, Happy St Patrick’s Day to all! ☘️

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  5. Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone! My Jumble Stumble was “triple” which I wrote as “prelit”. Not so on the ball today, so a big “duh” for me. The cartoon was brilliant…!!. Mike, thanks for another great one.

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  6. I stumbled on mauve but figured out the cartoon first so it came to me when I knew what letters I needed. It amazes me that I sometimes have more difficulty with the five letter rather than six letter words. For those of you who have the Jumble App, David & Jeff just added some new puzzles. I’ve been doing David’ s “Just Two Words” App but don’t like it nearly as much as the regular Jumble. I’m of Italian heritage but an Irish wannabe on St. Patrick’s Day.. I just read that the odds for finding a for-leaf clover are 10,000 to 1 but may the luck of the Irish be with all of you today.

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    • Hi Betty! I’ve finished all the Just Jumble levels (1012) and am patiently waiting for more. I’d also like to find a 4-leaf clover but we’re buried in snow… The corned beef is simmering away and the whole house smells wonderful. Enjoy your Friday! 🍀


    • Hi Betty. After seeing your post, I looked for the Jumble App and downloaded it. I would have never known about it without finding this site and reading through the comments. Thank you! I also find the 6 letter words tend to be easier to solve. I think it’s due to the larger words having syllables. Happy St Patrick’s Day 🍀 from one paisan to another! Have a good night!


    • I read a recipe that said to do that but it called for putting it in a slow cooker for 8 hours and it was too late. I’ve got my corned beef simmering away and the house smells fantastic! Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Gene and be well! 🍀⚾️


  7. Happy St. Patrick’s Day! TRIPLE took me 5 times as long as it took you, Mike. Because of no “k” or “y” I knew that “lucky” could not be a word in the answer; quick solve of a delightful cartoon.
    Mike, you are cooking one of my favorites! Corned beef & cabbage, yum! I invited my sister to go to England, Ireland, Scotland, & Wales with me. On her Ireland to-do list: Drink Guinness on tap. Don’t know whether she liked it better or just wanted bragging rights of drinking Guinness on tap in Ireland. I did not kiss the Blarney Stone, talk enough already. I LOVED the beauty of the Irish countryside. Visions of all that greenery are still in my mind & heart.
    I read some Irish blessings yesterday and found a short Irish proverb I hadn’t heard before: “May your home be too small to hold all your friends.”
    See you tomorrow!!

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    • That’s a wonderful blessing, Lelia and I haven’t heard it before! I’ll have to use it tonight and impress my wife. I’ve never been to Ireland but some friends of mine visit every year and they always tell me about how beautiful it is. They send us something every time. Last year it was a t-shirt and a postcard. Guinness is my favorite beer and Jameson Whiskey is also very tasty. The only Irish in me will be a drink or two at dinner to celebrate the day. See you tomorrow! 🍀🥃


  8. I had no problem with today’s puzzle ; I enjoy reading all Jumble posts and appreciate you having this site. Just saw an Irish quote “it’s no use boiling your cabbage twice” and never heard that one. My Mom use to say ” I don’t chew my cabbage twice” and guess both mean the same. Good luck with your cabbage and Happy St. Pat’s Day to All?

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