Jumble Answers for 03/16/2017








UPDATE 8:55 am – I’ve been getting lots of email stating that the correct cartoon answer is CLOSE AT HAND so I’ve updated the answer and apologize for any inconvenience.  It also makes more sense than DEALT ON CASH.  I was misled by the pile of “cash”on the table but upon further inspection it looks like tarot cards.  Thanks for helping out my friends!

Good Thursday morning everyone!  Great clue word choices today with SPRAWL giving me just a hint of trouble.  We’ve seen APIECE before so it didn’t trick me this time.  $100 for a palm reading is too pricey for me if that’s the going rate.  I’m happier not knowing and I’ll just let my future unfold the way the big guy intended.  We had most of our repairs completed yesterday leaving two minor inconveniences.  I’m thankful for all of your positive posts and prayers as the storm really hit us hard.  My wife proved that she is the rock of our household by reminding me that it was just stuff that can be fixed or replaced.  The weekend is almost here and I’m hoping for a St. Patricks Day themed puzzle tomorrow.  Take care and be well!  🙂


60 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 03/16/2017

  1. Good morning!
    I check your posts daily to see if it corresponds with my answers and each day we are on the same track. However today my jumble answer was :
    Close at hand. Hilarious!

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  2. No, thank you, for all the time and effort you put into this each day. And with all you have going on there due to the storm, it’s understandable that you wouldn’t be truly focused on this today! Be assured, no need for mea culpas! Good luck with your repairs.

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  3. Mike, if I paid more attention to the national weather reports, I would never have said on Monday for you to enjoy your snow day. I pictured you & kids, home from school, drinking hot chocolate & having fun together while instead you were bracing for the horrendous storm that you knew was approaching. I apologize for being so ignorant about the weather. I figured it out a few comments later when you told someone you had already shoveled snow twice that day. It won’t be my last stupid comment ever, but I feel better after apologizing and letting you know that I am sorry for saying that.
    Here you are with blizzard weather and we have record-breaking temps in the 90’s!?
    I’m relieved to hear today that our prayers were answered in that none of you were physically harmed.
    All those comments have me wondering what your original cartoon solution was. I can’t figure one out, but I’m sure yours was good.
    Our thoughts & prayers will continue to be with you as you finish your repairs. See you tomorrow!

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    • The plan was to enjoy the storm rolling through but the winds were crushing. We live near the ocean so there isn’t much protection from them. No need to apologize as you always post beautiful and inspiring words. Thanks for all the prayers and we’re almost back to 100%! I’m looking forward to cooking a wonderful corned beef and cabbage meal tomorrow to get our minds off of the storm damage. Maybe I’ll even enjoy a Guinness beer or 3! Enjoy the sunshine and warmth. See you tomorrow, Lelia!


  4. You were close, How ever YOU Are not correct. I believe the best answer is ( close at Hand). See the hand at the window, and she is close to retirement..
    I did like that you tried to make good of your answers…You may want to check this out…I will look for your reply…

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  5. Good morning. Boy there was a lot of people coming out of the wood work to lay it on you. Now we know your not a God. Welcome to reality. With all the problems you were having it’s understandable. I’m glad your almost back to normal. Looking forward to tomorrow. After making fun about yesterday’s cartoon answer being sooooo easy,this was a tough one. Stay well

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  6. That’s the great thing about the uclickgames site; it won’t let you put an incorrect answer. However, it is funny once in awhile to get a different answer with the exact same letters. That’s not possible, so that is the drawback of uclick because it takes out that cleverness.

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  7. Hello – my first time replying to you. And before I write why I am sending this – I just want to let you know how truly I do appreciate you being and sharing a big part of my every day life. Think this will make you chuckle – but the answer that I had for today – March 16th – is…. CLOSE AT HEART! You showed the answer as – DEALT WITH CASH! This doesn’t happen all that often – that all the letters can make other words – very rarely – so thought I would share this with you. Again – many thanks and great thoughts for – the JUMBLE and keeping so close in touch! Do appreciate you! Kathleen Bever

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  8. Ha Ha Ha! Welcome to our world, Mike! Imagine what kind of emails we receive when we make a (about once a year ) mistake. I’ve got some fabulous prizes coming your way next week. LAL HET SEBT!

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    • Thanks for taking it easy on me, Jeff! The emails and comments have been nonstop today, so I can only imagine what you and David must endure. Your gesture of sending me something is very kind and I can’t wait to share it here with all the fans of your puzzle. Have a great St. Patrick’s Day!


  9. Wow, Mike! Never have I seen your site so active. Even a comment from Jumble Jeff…Fantastic! Tomorrow is another day and with a bit of Irish Luck and a few Guinnesses all will be well. Great job today

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