Jumble Answers for 03/09/2017







Happy Thursday everyone!  I finally encountered the challenge that I was waiting for all week.  David chose excellent clue words, and it was the last two that had me stumped for quite some time.  I managed to get BUSHEL before UNPAID and they always look so easy after you solve them.  I’ve never played bocce so I was behind the eight ball before I even started to solve the cartoon.  Reading the dialogue and sentence I wasn’t too sure what the answer might be.  I wrote down CRACKED IT on a whim hoping that CRACKED was bocce lingo.  With all of the clue letters written down, I figured IT was the 2-letter word leaving BOTCHED to be deciphered in a snap.  Jeff drew a sign for PALM CAY prominently in the upper right hand corner of the cartoon so I did a quick web search.  It looks like Palm Cay is a development in the Bahamas so perhaps “Russ” is a friend or relative that resides there.  Looking at the master plan of the community, I found tennis and basketball courts but no mention of bocce.  Have a great day my friends and I’ll see you tomorrow.  πŸ™‚


25 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 03/09/2017

  1. Good morning. Got the first three words in less than thirty seconds. Bushel for me took a minute longer than the rest. The cartoon answer an easy solve as well. I just started to play bocce at the park with a bunch of older guys. Been watching them play for over a year now and just joined last month. I enjoy it,some guys really take it seriously. At least it gets me out of the house and becoming a couch potato. Oh,there are also some female members. Stay well.

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  2. For some reason today was a snap for me except for CHORD. Since I do not have Scrabble tiles, like some people, while trying to do the words in my head I kept trying to pronounce the CH as in check and I knew CH ord was not a word. DUH Happy today.

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  3. Another really easy one, love the game, they play it all the time on the streets of NYC or at least they did when I lived there. Gloomy day here in central Texas.

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  4. Rita, my dear Jumble friend, I did not find your yesterday’s comment until after dinner last nite. Thank you for trying to watch & hear Josh and for your complimenting & encouraging words. On Google, I typed “Josh West on The Voice” and up popped many sites that had his whole performance. Hope you can find it. Sweet of you to try.

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  5. Good morning every one! Mike, I wanted to answer Rita so got up as soon as I woke up & did Jumble at computer while half asleep and the timer said 2:35! I was surely surprised that every word I typed and the answer were all correct first try!
    Thanks again for your wonderful words of congratulations for Josh and I will definitely tell you when to watch again as soon as I know.
    Husband says we might be in the nineties soon! Wow! If you get more snow, hope you have wood pellets left!
    Have a terrific Thursday. See you tomorrow.

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    • Hi Lelia and EXCELLENT time on the puzzle today! The winds are really blowing hard today so I hope we don’t lose power. Plenty of wood pellets in storage aka my garage and we had an oil delivery of 380 gallons last week so we’ll be toasty until next winter. Enjoy your Thursday!


    • Hi Charlie! The location in the puzzle was Palm Cay, not Palm City so perhaps that may have been why you couldn’t find it. Have a pleasant day and thanks for sharing. Be well. πŸ˜€


      • Was reading your comment about Palm City vs. Palm Cay. I live in Palm City, FL about 40 miles north of Palm Beach. It’s a beautiful little community without the sprawling skyscrapers which are allowed south of here – a 4-story building limit. πŸ‘πŸ»β€

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  6. Howdy! Palm Cay is the community that David’s parents, Russell and Julie, live in in Florida. His parents are our best editors. David is the spitting image of his father. There you go.

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    • Mostly played in the Italian communities in the old days. Up to eight people can play four on a side. Two from each on either end of the court. Closest one to white ball (balleni) scores a point could be four points after four guys on one side roll their balls.


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