Jumble Answers for 03/08/2017








Good Wednesday morning everyone!  The first three clue words came to me instantly with DILUTE giving me just a few seconds of pause.  With all of the clue words solved, I attempted to complete the puzzle without the aid of the letters.  CUT and SAW were the two words that came to mind but I was at a loss for the 5-letter word.  Writing out the letters, I saw TRICK immediately followed by THE and DID for the finish.  Hopefully this puzzle didn’t turn you into an angry magician and make you pull your hare out!  Take care and I’ll see you you tomorrow.  ๐Ÿ˜‰

13 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 03/08/2017

  1. Well Mike….you sound like me! Another Goldilocks! Golf in Indiana today, will play between puddles.

    • Rain here as well, Harry. Single digits expected this weekend so no outside activities planned. I guess Mother Nature still has a few TRICKS up her sleeve. ๐Ÿ˜‚

  2. Good morning. Just like last week this was easier than yesterday. The whole thing took less then minute. “No stop watch to confirm the actual time”. Your never really happy because when it’s too easy or too hard, your annoyed. Oh well. Till tomorrow stay well.

  3. Good morning! No problems with clue words or cartoon puzzle. The cartoon picture was amusing with him repairing his prop with first aid equipment. I wish that budding magician the best. Mike, enjoyed your comments, as usual.
    Yesterday afternoon I commented 7 thank you notes: Mike, Harry, Paul, Susan, Betty, Sue, & John. Now Josh thanks all of you for your very encouraging words. Have a wonderful Wednesday. See you tomorrow.

    • Hi Lelia! I’m glad that you had a chance to relay our congratulations and best wishes to Josh. I hope you have a great day and let us know when to tune in to the show again. ๐Ÿ˜Š

    • I tried to watc h the link and on my laptop the sound was awful — put he sure is a handsome young man, I wish him well, keep us posted.

  4. Soon as I got the word humid, I knew the 1st word had to be ‘did’ and got the puzzle with no problem, the rest of the words were a snap knowing the letters I needed. Hard one tomorrow???

  5. Like others, an easy puzzle today. Had to write down the letters to get the puzzle solved, too, Mike. Like Paul, all done in less than a minute.
    Lelia, I AM wearing a respirator for the dirty work in my basement. Not a fun project and it is going very slowly. Next phase is sanding the old paint off of the concrete floor! Fun times in Spokane!

  6. Seems to be a recurrent theme today, easy solve for me as well. Supposed to be in the 70’s today in San Francisco. No rain in the seven day forecast. Looking forward to some sunshine. Happy Day everyone!

  7. Rita, my Jumble friend, I just now found your earlier comment. Thank you for trying to watch and for your complimenting and encouraging words. Today on Google, I typed “Josh West on The Voice.” About 5 or 6 sites popped up, and all of them had the video of him singing his whole song, the chair turns, and some of the footage of all 4 judges asking to be his choice for a coach. I have now heard his performance more than a dozen times. Hope you can find it. Sweet of you to try. Good luck. See you tomorrow!

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