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Good morning and happy Tuesday to you!  No problem with the clue words today so I sailed on over to the cartoon.  SECURITY popped out at me instantly with JOB being left for a quick and efficient solve.  It appears as though the prisoner in the cell had an Elvis vibe to him with that hairstyle — Jailhouse Rock anyone?!  Another thing I noticed was the guard on the right isn’t wearing a belt.  It’ll be a long shift pulling up his uniform pants every few minutes so hopefully he gets off soon.  Have a great day and I’ll see you tomorrow!   😀

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  1. I just noticed that uclickgame’s version of Jumble in the Houston Chronicle has its own Sunday Jumble. The date on the cartoons is the same date as the day they come out. They are only 4 words like the other days, but apparently you can do two Jumbles on Sunday. Double the fun!

    • Nice find! Something is wrong with the Post Star not uploading the correct puzzle. I’ll keep my eye on it and hopefully they’ll get back to good.

  2. Good morning. Today’s four words were simple to solve. The cartoon had me hung up for some time because I couldn’t get justice (seven letters) out of my head. I’m at my back door watching the rain come down and the answer just popped into my head. So simple once you get it. I commented on yesterday’s blog about seeing your grandson on the voice and my friend wanted me to tell you how she also enjoyed him. Wishing him loads of sucess. Stay well.

  3. Fun puzzle again today. Figured out the clue words without any problem and job popped up right away so security was easy after that. Thanks for the link to the Voice. Leila’s grandson is one handsome and talented fellow. Congratulations to Josh!

  4. No problem with today’s puzzle. Lelia your grandson is awesome and his hair is beautiful
    I think he will go far on The Voice ; tell him your Jumble friends are pulling for him. Let us know when he will be on again.😊

  5. My dear Jumble friends!! Thank you for all of your fantastic comments about my grandson, Josh West, on The Voice!
    MIKE, thank you for your wonderfully kind & generous words and compliments about my precious grandson Joshua, I mean Josh, and the link you included!! Yes, we are over the moon! Thank you for noticing his attitude!! Many young ones have a good voice & look but few are as sweet as he is. Seeing your words first thing was a huge exciting and happy surprise for me and I will read all of the comments to Josh soon!
    PAUL, thank you for your compliments about Josh right after the show last night and again this morning. Wow! Please thank your friend for me.
    SUSAN, thank you for congratulating Josh not only on his voice but also for all that hair!! When he asked my opinion about his hair, I told him now that my hair is thinning I say flaunt it while you’ve got it! When I was young, I wore my hair side parted. Later I wore it middle parted. Now I wear it departed.
    BETTY, thank you for your congratulations and compliments about Josh of handsome and talented!! Of course Grandma Lelia thinks he’s adorable, handsome, and talented, but it is nice to hear it from you!!
    SUE, thank you for your much appreciated words and compliments, and thank you for asking when he will be on again. Tonight and next week will be more chair turns which Josh has completed times 4. Yippee! After that, when he calls to tell me when he’ll be on again, I will tell you!

  6. Glad that you checked in today, Leila. Your grandson was a pleasure to watch last night. Equally pleasurable was seeing how much your daughter and son-in-law support and love him. Josh is very lucky to have parents like that. Their demeanor also speaks volumes as to the kind of parent that you probably are, too! Proud times for you and your family, to be sure. So glad that he picked Adam, BTW!

  7. John, thank you for your kind and insightful comments. It is true that we are a very close & loving family. My husband, our 2 daughters, and I were like 4 peas in a pod. Josh is an only child and you saw his loving mom, my daughter, and his doting father. Our younger daughter loves all 4 of her wonderful ones. I told Josh that he deserves an Academy Award for the look on his face as he pretended to be deciding which judge to pick. The whole family had already unanimously agreed with Josh’s choice of Adam!
    Glad you checked in because I keep forgetting to ask if you are wearing a mask as you scrape walls & floor causing a find powder that should not be in your lungs. Yes, I am a mother hen.

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