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Good Monday morning my friends and welcome back to another week of Jumble fun!  Mr. Hoyt gave us some challenging clue words today with INLAND being the most difficult for me to solve.  I did manage to solve the cartoon without the clue letters which always makes me feel good.  With all the clue words solved I double checked my answer to make sure that everything checked out and it did leaving us with a stinky pun.  It appears as though the chef has one heck of a fire going!  I hope he didn’t use too much fire starting liquid as it always makes the food taste disgusting.  Come to think of it, I haven’t used my charcoal grill in years because it’s too much of a pain to get going.  Gas is so much quicker and easier but the taste just isn’t the same.  I noticed some hamburgers, hot dogs and chicken on his side table so it looks like a tasty meal is on the way.  Have a great day and I’ll see you tomorrow!  😀 🍔 

15 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 03/06/2017

  1. FOYER gave me pause. Kept seeing FOREY but I knew that was wrong. Backed into it as the answer was so easy. Love Monday’s with easy puzzles. I too like my gas grill – a Weber Q-just the right size for me. Have a great week everyone.

  2. Good morning. Typical Monday puzzle. I had no problem in solving both ends. The whole puzzle was done in under two minutes. Mrs late sleeper is not getting me today. Till tomorrow stay well.

  3. Foyer made me stop and think for a minute, but I already had the puzzle answer and knew what letters I needed so no problem there, Finished all my puzzles in no times and I’m off to the library.
    Have a good one,

  4. I too figured out the puzzle answer first but was challenged by foyer. Have a good day everyone.

  5. Good morning! I, too, got the cartoon answer before the words but had forey spelled wrong rather than FOYER so thank you very much for your correct answer!
    Our youngest of 5 millennial grandchildren, Josh West age 18, with long bushy hair, called & told us to tune in starting tonight to The Voice & watch for him to audition. We can hardly wait!! I’ll probably weep happy-tears!
    I remember when our oldest one, Jeremy Jones age 29, who has 3 sisters Jennifer, Jessica, & Jocelyn, played guitar in a rock band before he got married and then became Sergeant Jones.
    Have a wonderful day! See you tomorrow.

    • Watched your grandson sing on the voice show. He was good Should be proud of him. All four wanted him and he went with Adam. Good luck.

  6. Mike, thank you for your much appreciated enthusiastic words! I also have it set to record, and our fingers are crossed for our youngest singer, Josh West!

  7. Lelia! I missed the show but was able to Google Josh’s performance a few minutes ago. WOW!! His voice is amazing…And so is his hair! Congratulations!

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