Jumble Answers for 02/17/2017








Happy Friday everyone!  I can’t believe I was fooled by STEREO yet again.  It seems like every time David uses it in the puzzle I have the hardest time figuring it out.  The other three clue words were quick to be solved so I moved along to the cartoon.  The answer came to me in a flash but I had to go slow to make sure I spelled the 12-letter solution correctly.  There weren’t any unique details in the cartoon but the dialogue about the people being charitable made me smile.  I did Saturday’s puzzle in the middle of typing this and I’ll post the solution later this evening.  I’ll be busy tomorrow morning getting ready for my son’s birthday party and won’t have a chance.  Have a great weekend!  πŸ˜€


10 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 02/17/2017

  1. Good morning. Had the same problem with stereo. The other words were finished in seconds as the cartoon answer. Without even looking at the letters it came to me. Now I needed to spell it correctly. Hope you son has a great birthday party tomorrow. Family is everything. Miss the old days when the kids were growing up. Great memories. Stay well.

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  2. Good morning! Paper still in yard. Used the one with the timer, clicks, tunes, & noises that don’t make me so nervous anymore but still took 11:28 because of STEREO! I got up twice & came back with fresh eyes; finally took out the letter tiles and there it was. I actually enjoyed struggling with a word that was hard for me but, just like you, was surprised to find out what it was.
    Mike, I am still enjoying your tree picture with icy branches. Happy Birthday to your precious son; the joy of your life and master fisherman. I’m off to take a friend out to lunch for her birthday. Happy Friday!

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    • You would think that after all the times that we’ve seen STEREO that it would leap out at us! That’s why the Jumble is my favorite puzzle. The sun has arrived and clear skies for the next few days. I’m looking at the tree from the picture right now and it has no snow anymore — I hope it stays that way! Enjoy the birthday lunch and I look forward to hearing all about it. Let us know where you went and have a great day. πŸ˜€


  3. Happy Friday, Mike! The jumbled stereo word ALWAYS gets me, too. The other words were solved in a snap…A little hesitation for me on the answer to the clue. It’s a sunny day here in Southern Ontario. We might hit the low 50’s on the weekend. Have a great weekend. And Happy Birthday to your son! πŸŽ‚ 🎈🎈

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  4. I too am stumped by stereo everything it appears. At least I’m in good company. Figured out the puzzle solution without difficulty. Happy Birthday to your son. We’re in for a rainy weekend here in San Francisco. Will hunker down with knitting or a good book. Happy weekend to all of you.

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