Jumble Answers for 02/16/2017








Good Thursday morning, my friends.  COSMOS was the word that stumped me this morning but it was “mime” own fault!  I wasn’t able to get the word right off the bat so I tried to memorize the letters and think about it during my morning routine.  When nothing came to mind, I went back and looked at the word again.  I memorized two C’s instead of two S’s — rookie mistake!  Once I figured it out I was determined to finish the puzzle swiftly.  DON’T was my guess for the contraction so I penciled it in.  ME seemed like a good choice for the two letter word but I couldn’t figure out a 7-letter word with the leftovers.  I erased ME and added it to the front of my letters.  After doing that,  MENTION hit me like a sack of potatoes and IT was left for the finish.  Jeff did a great job with the mimes but it wasn’t until after the puzzle was completed that I was able to realize just how brilliant an illustration it really was.  Given my passion for comic books where the illustrations are just as powerful as the words, I felt silly not being able to figure out the final answer based on their body language alone.  Overall, it felt great having a challenge after a relatively easy week of puzzles.  Another snow storm brings another school delay.  It sure looks beautiful until you have to shovel!  Have a terrfic day and I’ll see you tomorrow.  😀


8 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 02/16/2017

  1. Today’s puzzle I like to call a Goldilocks puzzle. Not too hard and not too soft, just right! CWs were not a snap but came with a little effort and the answer fell in place and gave me a smile. I am done talking!!

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  2. Good morning. Got the words in under a minute but the cartoon was another story. After ten minutes I took the easy way out and looked for your answer. Oh well tomorrow begins anew. Stay well.

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  3. This one was easy for me today. Like Mike, my first inclination was don’t and me. Brought it together in 1:10.

    Was finally able to take the time yesterday to finish the repair on our leaking kitchen drain line. All buttoned up – no leaks and no plumber!

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  4. Good morning! First 3 words easy, worked a while on COSMOS. Knew the answer but putting a little dot above each letter as you showed in your pic, I had no “E.” My newspaper version is tiny; found my E circled in DIGEST.
    I did have a delicious burger yesterday at … ta daaa … Freddy’s Steakburgers that Harry told you about. Also good fries and frozen custard.
    Mike, thank you for the beautiful snow picture today. Also, after seeing your new site color for a while now, it’s not black & white as I first thought. It’s a very handsome deep charcoal gray and the white words show up well. I like it. Enjoy your day and stay well & warm and have fun.

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    • I looked for a Freddy’s Steakburger restaurant near me, however; they haven’t hit the east coast yet. Thank you for the kind words about my background choice. I figured it was a nice change of pace and maybe I’ll change it to match the season. The one I picked was dark and cold and it reminded me of winter so I’ll warm it up a bit for spring. Enjoy your day! 😀


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