Jumble Answers for 01/25/2017








Good Wednesday morning everyone!  I had no problem deciphering the clue words this morning, although at first I thought UNEVEN was VENUE but it wasn’t long enough.  I quickly filled in the words and moved on to the cartoon.  Just one glance at the illustration and you were transported to a scene from the 1980’s movie Caddyshack.  The clue letters weren’t needed on this one and I solved the anagram just by looking at the sentence.  Even if you don’t know much about classic movies, the battle between the greenskeeper (Bill Murray) and gopher is one that just about everyone can identify.  Now I have to be honest, I have never seen this movie from start to finish but I’ve seen parts of it over the years.  It plays on the Golf channel quite a bit late in the evenings and it’s probably the most iconic golf related movie ever made.  I noticed a BW on the golf flag and after a quick web search I discovered that it stands for Bushwood Country Club.  Another interesting fact is that the movie was filmed in Florida and this golf course was chosen because it didn’t have any palm trees.  Looking at Jeff’s cartoon you’ll notice there are no palm trees in the background either!  The director chose the location to give the movie the feeling that Bushwood was in the Midwest.  Spoiler alert, the explosion at the end of the movie was reported by a pilot at nearby Fort Lauderdale airport who thought a plane had crashed which makes sense seeing as the movie was produced before the days of special effects.  With my limited knowledge of the film, I know Chevy Chase and Rodney Dangerfield were in it and I can only assume that they are the two people in the background near the golf cart (which appears to have a satellite dish on it).  I’m sure our friends who are more knowledgeable about the movie will point out some details I may have overlooked and I look forward to hearing from them.  See you tomorrow!  ⛳️


10 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 01/25/2017

  1. Good morning! I, too, wanted to make VENUE for UNEVEN but also just one glance at the cartoon and had the answer which helped me get UNEVEN. I, too, have never seen Caddyshack but recognized it immediately from having heard about it, read about it, and seen bits and pieces over the years. I know that it is a classic movie.

    Phoenix is nicknamed the “Valley of the Sun” so when you asked me last Thursday to catch some rays for you, I planned to do it as soon as possible. I was surely surprised that it rained the next five days in a row! When the sun finally came out yesterday, I caught many rays for you. I am transmitting them to you via my computer, and I bestow upon you the sunshine that I am sending!!! Have a wonderful day!

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    • I think it worked Lelia because after a few days of rain and slush, it’s bright and sunny — just like a cool spring day! Thanks for all your help and I hope you’re feeling much better. Enjoy your day! 😀☀️


  2. Good morning. You were right about it being simple. I too thought it was venue at first glance. I wish I had a stop watch for today. I would have given the “minute man” a run for his money.Too simplistic. You have me looking at the picture in a different light now and looking for the hidden extras.

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  3. The cartoon is B&W and small in my paper. I can barely read the dialog let alone see the details that you all do. I have been intending to get a magnifying glass for some time, now!

    Indeed an easy puzzle today, albeit revenue was MY first instinct, too. Finished in 38.9 seconds.

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