Jumble Answers for 01/24/2017






Good Tuesday morning everyone!  BECKON was the word to get the wheels grinding in my head this morning and is my choice for the most difficult word award for today.  After solving the clue words I was on to the cartoon and had a feeling LIFT would be one of the words after seeing the tiny forklift in the background.  I wrote out my clue letters and sure enough LIFT was there leaving FORK for a quick Tuesday solve.  Kudos to you if you were able to read the company name on the workers hats.  My only guess was JUNCO but I’m pretty sure that I’m wrong.  Have a great day and I’ll see you tomorrow!  πŸ˜€


16 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 01/24/2017

  1. Good morning, Mike (Millennial Mike/Jumble Mike)! Sorry I’ve been absent 2 days, but they’re excused absences Sunday in bed coughing all day except for cheering for your team! Congrats from husband Jerry & me !! Monday dose of cough med from Dr. made me too loopy to comment!

    I’ll bet you had a smile on your face when you read your Saturday’s comments with 5 of us changing BOING to BINGO and 7 of us remembering Mr Ed. What fun! I hope the polite guy Trevor comments again soon.

    Well, I cannot believe it took me so long to get the cartoon answer today with it pictured right there! Our cartoonist drew the bite of food on the guy’s fork and showed him lifting his fork preparing to eat the bite, but I didn’t figure that out until I had the answer. Tomorrow I am going to go back to describing out loud what I see in the picture before attempting the answer as you did by seeing the actual forklift. I agree that beckon was a toughie.

    It was adorable that you bought that shirt for your son! Did daddy get one too? Oh, on the vote you are taking. I am fine with or without the question so please put me down with the people who think it should be your choice. Have a wonderful day!


    • Good morning Lelia! I knew something was wrong when I didn’t receive my sunshine last weekend. Luckily the Brady/Hogan show filled in for you in your absence. I didn’t get a matching shirt — I figured I’d wait for (not going to finish the sentence as I don’t want to jinx all of New England). Have a great day and I hope you’re back to your normal self ASAP. Be well! 😷


  2. Good morning. The words were real easy for me but had to get help for beckon. Then once I saw it, was mad that I didn’t get it. Now that I had all the letters, the answer was solved in a minute. I got fork first. With a magnifying glass the name on the hat is “junco”. Stay wel

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  3. What is the Brady/Hogan show?
    We have not forgotten your sunshine! It rained Friday, Sat, Sun, and again Monday!!! While the sun was out for a while on Sunday, I asked my husband if he thought that was enough to send and all he said was,”Get back in the bed with that cough.”

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  4. I enlarged the picture to check the name on the hats and I see it has been confirmed — beckon gave me a fit, so I did the crossword puzzle and came back and it was no problem, got the puzzle soon as I circled my letters.

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  5. Beckon tripped me up for a bit, too. Had to reverse solve after I had the answer and placed the k. Still finished in just over 2 minutes.

    Where does one find a reliable version of the Sunday puzzle? Of late the electronic version on my paper ‘s website has had mismatched clue words and cartoons. Talk about a tough solve!

    As an aside, my decision to use a stopwatch was inspired by the inclusion of a timer in the online version of the Jumble.

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    • I bought a subscription to my state newspaper so I wouldn’t miss it. Geraldo emailed me the puzzle when I didn’t get the paper. My paper only has it in black and white so I miss the color aspect of it on Sunday. Better than nothing I guess. If you find a reliable online version, please let us all know!


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