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Good Monday morning my friends and welcome back to another week of Jumble answers!  I didn’t run into any problems with the clue words today.  Even though we’ve seen WALRUS before, it would be my pick for the most challenging of the bunch.  The cartoon was well drawn and included some great detail such as the blinders on the horse and the giant cloud of exhaust behind the vintage automobile.  The mix of a man on foot, two men on horses, and a couple in a car alluded to this being a busy location where many modes of transportation were in use causing a traffic jam.  I didn’t need the clue letters to get OF WAY after reading the dialogue where the man says “After you!”  No word came to mind for the four letter word in quotes so I jotted down my letters, crossed out OF WAY and was left with RIDE to complete the puzzle and pun.  There appears to be writing on the front of the automobile but it’s so small that I couldn’t make it out.  Some people have commented that they would like me to start putting the cartoon sentence in my answer post so I’ve included it today.  I try to keep my posts as simplistic and uniform as possible and am not sure if I’ll continue to do so.  Please let me know your thoughts and I’ll catch you tomorrow.  πŸ˜€


26 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 01/23/2017

  1. Good morning. Only had trouble with walrus so I went to solve the cartoon which was pretty easy. Now knowing I needed a w and r, came up with the word. Didn’t remember having that word before. I don’t believe you have to put the cartoon sentence in you comments. First of all it’s extra work for you and it’s right here in the paper. Enjoy waiting for your post with the extra comments. Stay healthy.

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    • Hi Paul and good morning! I really thought that we’ve seen walrus before but perhaps it was on my page-a-day Jumble desk calendar or on the Jumble app. I do so many Jumbles a day that my brain becomes Jumbled and I lose track, lol! In regards to the cartoon sentence, I agree that it’s extra work and it’s right there in the paper or online version. My only thought was that if someone does a web search by just typing the cartoon sentence in the search box then it would pop up a result which would get my site more traffic and might help some folks looking for an answer to an old puzzle. I’d like more traffic but my goal is to have more of a “community focus” for enthusiasts such as yourself rather than a stats driven one. I’m not defending either position, just more jumbled thoughts in my brain. I’ll make a list of yea and nay and let the users decide. Take care my friend! 😊


  2. Yes, today was an easy solve. I too solved the way you did with crossing out OF and WAY. I think adding the clue sentence would be nice – it’s just a few more letters to type. You do a great job and I look forward to seeing your response every day. Missed them last weekend when you were away, but, hey, you need time off also.

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  3. I thought the puzzle was easy this morning – or maybe it was just me. You don’t have to put the cartoon sentence on there for me, I’m more interested in what your thoughts are about the puzzle.
    Another great football weekend, I’m so ready for the Super Bowl even tho my team isn’t in it. Have a great week everyone.

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    • Good morning Rita and I’ll jot down that your a nay. I was so excited that my Patriots won yesterday that I went to Dick’s sporting goods at 6:30 am and bought my son an AFC championship shirt! 😊


      • I’ll be rooting for them as will my nephew who lives in England — the game is in the middle of the night for him, so I leave lots of fun messages for him to read when he gets up in the morning.


  4. I couldn’t disagree with Paul and Rita more! The puzzle was created by a cartoonist. The cartoon is what makes the Jumble unique. There are plenty of boring puzzles out there with just the words. David and I create a few of them (Boggle Brainbusters, Word Roundup) . Keep on talking about the cartoon. It’s my favorite part of the puzzle.

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    • Good afternoon Jeff. Several people have asked me to start writing out the sentence below the cartoon in my posting along with the anagram and solution. I’ve been conducting a poll as to whether I should or not. That is what they are referring to. πŸ˜€


      • Oops. Yes. I wasn’t aware that it was just the Bonus Answer Clue they were talking about. By all means, you should include it. My bad. Talk about the drawing more!

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      • I enjoy talking about the cartoon — especially when we find the “easter eggs” that you put in. We all ❀️ the little details! Thanks Jeff.


  5. I appreciate your help and am fine with or without your listing the cartoon sentence. If we come to you for help, I would assume that we see the cartoon and sentence and need help with words/answers. You should do what works best for you; thanks for all your help. BTW, I had no trouble with today’s puzzle and enjoyed doing it. πŸ™‚

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  6. I too am not a fan of golf. I went once and that was enough. A bus load of us guys went on a combination golf outing and Atlantic City gambling trip. We went to a small town in New Jersey which was on the way to Atlantic City. We had four guys to each cart. The mayor of the town wanted to have us four arrested for being on the greens with the cart. We didn’t realize we had done that and pleaded forever for them to give us a break. He let us go but for the rest of the play there were spotters watching. I got a trophy “horses backside”for worst player. This was in the mid 70s.

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