Jumble Answers for 01/05/2017







Happy Thursday everybody!  I thought I put the wrong paper in the recycling this morning when I saw what appeared to be the same cartoon.  Looking closer, I noticed the empty plates and came to realize that this would be day 2 at Cafe Rosa.  The clue words gave me so much trouble compared to yesterday’s relatively easy game.  GAMUT and FERRET were the show stoppers so kudos to David!  I don’t recall seeing these words used before and they were so well jumbled that it took me at least 5 minutes each to decipher.  Perhaps you had better luck than I did, but I’ll be happy to hear if I wasn’t the only one befuddled.  As for the cartoon answer, FULL came to me straight away and AGREEMENT took a moment but didn’t cause me as much stress as GAMUT did.  Overall an excellent puzzle that put my brain in full gear and truly tested my jumbling skills.  There weren’t any easter eggs in this puzzle that I could find but it did leave us guessing which side picked up the tab.  The cameriere is looking in the direction of Team Hoyt so one can only assume.  Have a fantastic day my friends.  πŸ˜€


26 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 01/05/2017

  1. Good morning. I also had slight difficulty with gamut in that I pulled out the Dictionary to see if I spelled it correct. Also got full right away then after stairing at the letters came up with agreement. I too thought the paper made a mistake with the same picture. But the answer was much longer.

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  2. Timed myself this morning. Had the answer before the words, again, and completed the whole thing in less than four minutes. Some days are like that, other days I stare and stare with no results!

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  3. I told my husband that I felt proud of myself today as I unscrambled the words and answer very quickly. I consider Jumble to be brain food and we all need that!! πŸ˜‰

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  4. You asked for easter eggs in the cartoon; does this qualify? To show that he has finished eating, Jeff has removed the napkin that was tucked in his shirt and is now holding it in his left hand. I thought that was a good detail. The hardest word for me was LINER and second was GAMUT. Great puzzle today and fun as usual.

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