Jumble Answers for 01/06/2017







Good morning and happy Friday!  I was able to solve today’s puzzle in a flash, unlike yesterday’s brain teaser.  PANTRY would be my pick for the most difficult word to decipher.  When attempting the cartoon anagram, the OW being together in the letter layout was all I needed to see to make the solution visible.  With the puzzle having a Roman theme over the past couple of days, ROW and MEN came naturally and EMPIRE was a quick solve to finish it off.  Have a wonderful weekend and I’ll see you tomorrow!  🙂


6 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 01/06/2017

  1. Had the words in 54 seconds, but the puzzle stumped me for a bit. Once I got row, everything fell into place in under 5 minutes. I rarely get the puzzles with quotation marks solved before the words or very quickly.

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  2. Got the words very quickly but when I looked at the cartoon and saw the first word in quotation marks my brain usually shuts down. It did again and I asked my son to bail me out. Between my son and daughter-in-law they always do. Next stop Saturday. Stay well.

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