Jumble Answers for 12/31/2016







Happy Saturday morning!  THIRD, COSTLY, and KARATE were tricky for me today.  After they were solved, the cartoon was a piece of cake.  Have a great New Year’s Eve my friends and be safe tonight if you choose to imbibe.  I’ll see you all next year!  😋🥂🍾


6 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 12/31/2016

  1. Good Jumble today. Snap on CWs 1,2,4, could not get #3……Tried the clues I had and party jumped up and crasher just fell right in place thanks to the picture. Then struggled with KARATE even though I knew which clue letters I needed. Be careful out there tonight. We friends of Bill W call it amateur night. any groans?

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  2. Had trouble with karate and more problems with the answer. Got party after awhile but couldn’t make a word with my remaining letters. That’s because I put them down wrong. Had to go out and when I returned my daughter-in-law had the answer. Now I know why I was stuck. No e and an extra a. Have a safe New Years.

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  3. Karate took a while for me, too. Once I had all of the letters, the puzzle was a snap. Didn’t solve this one without clues; my first thought was “break dancer”, but wrong length on second word and no B in the clue words.

    Have a great and safe NYE! Oh…GO DAWGS! Roll BACK Tide!

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