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Happy Friday, my friends!  This puzzle truly had my brain confused this morning, and I couldn’t have been more pleased.  David picked some excellent clue words with AROSE being the most challenging of the group.  We’ve seen MYSTIC before so it didn’t trip me up this time.  The Q was the odd letter in OPAQUE and I find that when there is a unique letter, the word is much easier to solve as there are only so many words to choose from.  Mr. Knurek’s cartoon coupled with Mr. Hoyt’s fantastic and cryptic letter layout are what really stole the show.  I was stumped just by looking at the letters and not sure where to begin.  I immediately found RISE, but it was already used in the cartoon and I was sure they wouldn’t make the solution that easy.  Perhaps it was a trick, so I went with it and I’m glad that I did.  I crossed out the letters and tried my darndest to make a 7 letter word out of the remaining letters.  After a few minutes, nothing was coming into view so I read the cartoon again and started thinking about alternate words for historic.  I found PAST in the remaining letters, then I went back and wrote down my original letters and crossed out PAST and found STORIED in a flash!  I hope my explanation wasn’t too confusing and if so I apologize.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see this Jumble headed to the JUST JUMBLE game in the near future.  We did get some snow last night here in NH.  It was the first recordable snowfall for my snow stick so I thought I’d share a photo.  It’s just under the 3″ mark and exactly what the local weatherman predicted.  And lastly, I had a few extra minutes this morning to attempt Saturday’s Jumble.  The clue words were more difficult than todays and  I’m still stuck on one of them.  I’ll post the answer later this evening when I can commit more time to figuring it out.  Enjoy the day and I’ll see you tomorrow.  🙂

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    • Good morning Lelia! The JUST JUMBLE game is in the Apple App store. It’s the Jumble game with just the clue letters and cartoon and you solve for the solution. It uses Jumble cartoons from the past and is so much fun to play. I’m not sure if you can download it anywhere else other than the App store but someone can fill me in if I’m wrong. Thanks for the kind words and Happy Friday! 😀


  1. Down and out again. Got stuck on the last word. Have not seen opaque for some time and then the answer just floored me. Starting a wrong trend. Nice shot of the snow but not looking forward to shoveling when we get some. Have a great New Years everybody.

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  2. I had an easy time with the words but it took me a while to come up with the answer. I too found rise but knew it wouldn’t be in the answer because it was part of the cartoon. All of a sudden I spotted past and storied just fell into place. I’m enjoying your snow pictures . They are predicting cold weather here for us in San Francisco next week 40’s in the early morning and 50’s during the day. I know that won’t elicit any sympathy from you East Coasters. We definitely are weather wimps here. There was a “dusting” of snow about 30 years ago and the entire city came to a grinding halt. Happy New Year to you!

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    • Hi Betty! It sounds as though we were both on the same page this morning with the solution. The amount of snow we received was just an inconvenience and nothing more. It’s practically all gone as temps have risen, the sky is clear, and the sun is smiling. Enjoy the day and thanks for sharing! 😊


  3. Black eyed peas and cabbage are definitely not a New England thing. I learned about it in Arkansas, where I was born and raised, and was quite frankly surprised but also pleased to hear someone else mention it. Now that I am a desert rat it seems to me that tacos and tostadas would be more appropriate, but both daughters who were born and raised here in Arizona stick with the black eyed peas and cabbage.

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  4. I knew the answer before I looked at the words, opaque blew my mind , however, the other three were done quickly. Since I had the answer, I just gave up on opaque and checking here to see what the word the letters made. Thank you for your help! 🙂

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  5. Sonehow I came up with ‘STEROID PAST’. It sounded right considering the building was getting bigger. But after some re-thinking I knew it was just too clever to be correct. I usually take scrabble tiles and start rearranging letters every which way. It’s also easier to separate words this way. ‘STORIED’ finally hit me.

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