Jumble Answers for 05/22/2018








Good morning, Jumble friends! Today’s puzzle was more challenging than we typically see on a Tuesday and offered some unique clue words that we haven’t encountered in quite some time. STOMP and RIVER were instantly solved upon first glance leaving just the 6-letter words to contend with. FONDUE became visible after noticing that the F was the last letter in the anagram as well as the ON being neatly coupled together in the middle. PEANUT was by far the most challenging to decipher and is my pick for the most difficult anagram of the day. I thought it was PETUNA at first but the absence of an “I” made me continue my search. A few self-jumbles eventually did the trick and I made my way to the cartoon.

The setting for today’s panel is a forest where two people can be seen collecting sap. Although they appear to be Native Americans, they could also be aboriginal people of Canada because Canada produces 90% of the world’s supply of the sweet stuff. After reading the dialogue and sentence, I didn’t pick up any additional information that wasn’t already depicted in the visual clues leaving me little to work with.

A quick search on how maple syrup was first discovered made for some very interesting morning reading. Although there isn’t any documented information on its discovery, there is a legend that seems to be widely regarded as truth. One late-winter morning, an Iroquois Chief was headed out on a hunt but not before pulling his tomahawk from a tree where he’d thrown it the night before. As the day warmed, the sap began to flow from the tree into a container that was at its trunk. That evening his wife thought it was plain water and cooked their evening dinner in the liquid. The boiling turned the sap into maple syrup which flavored the meal like never before!

My favorite detail of this cartoon was very difficult to see unless you took some time to thoroughly examine the drawing. If you look at the left edge of the panel, you’ll notice some trees. The head and front legs of a deer can be seen just poking out from those trees which was quite a surprise when I first saw it.

The final solve was a brilliant answer which took quite some time to decipher. The letter layout was masterfully jumbled and gave nothing away. After a few minutes of trying, I read the dialogue and sentence again and noticed that the information all had to do with trees. TREE was in the anagram and that’s when the answer began to flow. Have a tree-mendous Tuesday, and I’ll see you tomorrow!