Jumble Answers for 05/01/2018







Good Morning, Everyone!              👡 “KLOMPEN” AT THE SAVOY…..👡

🎶 WOODEN it be nice if we were older?…Then we WOODEN have to wait so long…And WOODEN it be nice to live together, …In the kind of world where we belong…? Oh, WOODEN it be nice…? 🎶

👡 The store will not be “crowded”, if that thought had crossed your mind,
There’d be no pun or play on words, or “W” to find…
Of course the answer’s obvious, and the idea is real cute,
A wooden shoe is called a clog, or else it’ll all be moot.
A line is GOING out the door, the LOBBY full to brim,
The owner of the shoe store? What a boon this is for him!
You’d think he’d blow a GASKET, to keep up with demand,
But no, Roel’s a happy man to have these shoes at hand.
Would you believe he named the store quite simply “AS A RULE”?
He got a leg up on the trend, this Roel…he’s no fool…
A leather shoe, when it got wet, the sole would just DETACH,
But not with these new wooden ones…the idea on he latched….
So now the orders pile up, and records are back-logged,
And “AS A RULE” is stepping up…The store is always CLOGGED! 👡

GOING, GOING…”WEG“! And no, it doesn’t rhyme with LEG, although how FITTING would that have been? Actually, it rhymes more with MEH with a bit of a “K” sound at the end…But since this is SOLEly a Jumble Blog, and not a BRANCH of Berlitz, we must move on. So, will today’s words have you STOMPING your feet,? WALKING on eggshells? TREADING water? No…Ok, maybe DETACH might leave you feeling a bit left out, but I’m sure you connected. We’ll move on…Our cartoon. Today Jeff brings us to HOLLAND, where David has laid the GROUNDwork for a very cute pun. We see a SHOE STORE, and the salesman, who I’ve named ROEL, a good old DUTCH name. His store, “AS A RULE“, is bursting at the SEAMS, since he began making and selling these new WOODEN SHOES, called CLOGS. With the main selling PLATFORM for the shoe being that your FEET won’t get wet as they might with leather shoes, Roel can’t make them fast enough! So many SHOES, so WHITTLE time! And WOOD you believe the crowds? We see four female customers, with a fifth one at the door, and a SOLE male customer. A DUTCH UNCLE, perhaps?  We could almost hear Roel saying…”STEP right up, Folks, there’s always ROOM for more. C’mon, we can FIT a few more in here.” HEEL really make a lot of GELD today! (And for the record, that means money in DUTCH, and it’s pronounced as FELD! Again, how FITTING, no? “Oh, these new WOODEN SHOES FELD just great…”). Hmm…So, our question asks…What were the stores..? They were CLOGGED! WONDERBAAR, David! The solution’s a real SHOE IN! A regular DUTCH TREAT! Ok, the eye candy…There are all the DUTCH CAPS or BONNETS, (with those elaborate WINGS),…but they won’t FLY. There’s the requisite WINDMILLS, but I’m not that much of a FAN…I’m going to go with the SHOE BOX in Roel’s hand….It’s a WOODEN Box, and he’s shown saying that the SHOES are SPLINTER PROOF! I SPLIT my sides laughing over that! And WOODEN SHOE just love to have that box? So, There you have it, MENSEN, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And remember, don’t take any WOODEN NICKELS, you can get IN DUTCH that way 👡🙋🏻