Jumble Answer for 05/29/2018







Good Morning, Everyone!           💃🏻 WEIGHING IN 💃🏻

🎶 When somebody loves you, it’s no good unless he loves you, all the WEIGH. Happy to be near you, when you need someone to cheer you, all the WEIGH….
Through the good or LEAN years…And for all the IN-BETWEEN years come what may…Who knows where the road will lead us, only a fool would say…But if you’ll let me love you…It’s for sure I’m gonna love you, all the way…ALL the WEIGH…🎶

💃🏻With HERBAL wraps and calories that she put to a count,
And exercising every day, and walking all about…
The ICING on the cake is shown, no pun is here intended…
Determined to lose all that weight, her goal is now so rendered.
But what’s with him, and looking at her like he’s quite impressed?
Gee, don’t you think his phrasing to her needs to be addressed?
Just something in his wording, he’s so NOISY…and I’m bothered
He seems just too excited here. He should say…”Looking HOTTER
The “great” don’t seem to cut it, Why? Wasn’t she great before?
I think he needs to check himself, and praise her even more.
I’m sure that she looked good before, just now it’s less to see,
And I hope she’s feeling good for her, and did it not for he.
I like to see her confidence, she’s happy and it shows…
She’ll feel a whole lot better too, when she gets all new clothes!
Let’s hope he’s thinking twice before expressing how he cares…
‘Cause sometimes saying the wrong thing don’t go INTO THIN AIR! 💃🏻

With NOISY leading the PACK as recently as 3/13, today’s words are returning favorites…POUND for POUND a nice mix of easy, breezy with perhaps a little HOTTER spice with HERBAL. Ok, our cartoon. Looking at the FRAME, my first thought, as you already know, is what’s up with this guys reaction? Oh, BUTT WEIGHT, maybe we should MEAT our characters first…Today, Jeff has us in a bedroom, where we see a couple, MOIRA and LES. MOIRA’S  trying on clothes, that are now all too BIG for her because she’s lost a lot of WEIGHT. LES is looking on, and commenting that she “looks great“. Ok, now, lets be honest here. On a SCALE from 1 to 10, doesn’t it seem a little OFF? You know like one of those left handed compliments? And I’m left handed, so I think I know from whence I speak! Maybe it’s just me, BUTT I feel he’s kind of speaking with a FORKed tongue. I DONUT know… Maybe I shouldn’t UNLOAD on him so HEAVILY? It’s just that I think he could have WEIGHED in a little differently. He’s definitely not in the RUNNING for a NOBELLY Prize in Tactfulness here. Anyway…With LES’S saying..”Where have you GONE“? and our question telling us…how happy MOIRA is with all the WEIGHT she’s LOST and loving seeing the POUNDS vanish..What does that give us? INTO THIN AIR! “THIN” air! Good one, David! WEIGH to go!

Ok, eye CANDY…or today, we’ ll call it dEYE-it candy…There’s a pile of clothing on the floor, and hanging out of the drawers. Quite FITTING for the theme here, but not what I was GOING for…We see more clothing hanging in the closet, but they’re no BIG deal. We can see MOIRA’s image in the mirror, but it’s a little THIN…So that leaves our couple themselves, MOIRA or LES…I’m going to ignore LES’s paunch, and DOUBLE CHIN, because the irony alone makes it a WAIST of time…Am I right?…AlDOUGH I do like the little DRAWstring on his SWEAT pants…Great deTAIL, Jeff. And there’s a Jewelry Box atop the bureau…BUTT, today, the solution? I’m going to CHEWs the team EMBLEM on MOIRA’s jersey. The HORSESHOE “U”. INDY COLTS. And Number 4? JIM HARBAUGH? Captain Comeback? A little MOIRA irony, Jeff? Come BACK? Gee, I hope not. Not after all that DIETING! So, There you have it, Folks! Done! Have a great day everyone…And keep this in mind…No one means to GAIN WEIGHT. It just happens by SNaccident!  💃🏻🙋🏻