Jumble Answer for 06/03/2018










Good Morning, Everyone!                    ➕ COUNT ME IN! ➕

🎶ONE, TWO, buckle my shoe…three four, shut the door, five, six, pick up sticks…seven, eight, lay them straight…nine, ten, begin again…..Now everybody sing with me...ONE, TWO, buckle my shoe…🎶

➕ You figure it can’t be that HECTIC, your fingers can show what you mean,
You hold them up high, you wiggle them some, so easy…or so it would seem…
They look at you faces all SMOGGY, you’re hoping they’ll try to INVEST,
The UTMOST attention to detail, but penguins you’re getting at best.
You try to think baseball and scoreboards, it might be a good tack to use,
But you’re at the ninth INNING showdown, and one starts to play with his shoes.
If anything’s taught me ’bout HUMBLE, I swear to you it must be this,
A child will make you take notice that knowledge is laughter and bliss…
I’ve taught numbers to legions of littles, and I must say it’s never for naught…
When that lightbulb you see, go off when the Wees…finally GIVE IT “SUM” THOUGHT! ➕

🎶Twinkle Twinkle Little…Chicken!🎶 Seriously, this is what I got the morning I decided to teach one of my Littles 🎶Twinkle Twinkle Little Star🎶 Why? Because…that’s what he felt like singing! And there you have it! Logical? No, and that’s ok…We eventually got to the Little Star, but the laughter that we had along the way? Priceless! Like today’s words! Do we have a CACHE of logophilia today? Oh yeah! So, where should we start? Let me COUNT the ways…Today, if your day isn’t HECTIC, and your mind not too SMOGGY, and you chose to INVEST the time in this, perhaps one of the UTMOST challenging collection of words, imagine yourself at the plate at the bottom of the ninth INNING with 2 outs, and then you’ll know HUMBLE! Today’s words are excellent, and I found every one on a previous puzzle…except INNING. Which I’m sure we’ve had, but I STRUCK OUT trying to find it….Ok, our cartoon solution…We find ourselves in a classroom this morning. A teacher is attempting to explain the fundamentals of ADDITION  to a group of FIVE little tots. Using the tried and true TWO PLUS TWO, he’s asking the children to “picture” things, while drawing dots and the NUMBERS on a board. ONE child looks enrapt. ONE has a look of total bewilderment…(This may be my shoe boy)! Another is seen holding up his fingers on both hands in an attempt to emulate what he’s seeing. And another is asking if he could imagine penguins! Penguins! Like the chicken! You want to just shake your head, and say..”THINK, kids, THINK“! …So, as our question asks…What did these students need to do to learn how to ADD? …GIVE IT “SUM” THOUGHT! Ha! Is this a NUMBER ONE PUN, or what? Great job, David! We can always COUNT on you! Ok, eye candy. I’ve pretty much SUMMED it up already..All the cute little quirky things that Jeff has ADDED into our cartoon..But I THINK I’ll go with the little bewildered boy..He’s wearing a pendant, and it’s THOMAS, The Little Engine That Could! Good for you, Little One! Just keep saying it...”I THINK I CAN…I THINK I CAN“!…And you will! So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And always be sure to COUNT your Blessings! ➕🙋🏻