Jumble Answers for 08/10/2018







Good Morning, Everyone!         🎨 AT WHAT PRICE…GAME? 🎨

🎶 Well, the AUCTIONEER was goin’ ’bout a mile a minute, he was taking BIDS and callin’ them out loud…And I guess I was really gettin’ in it, ’cause I just shouted out above the crowd…And I said, “Hey pretty Lady! Won’t you gimme a sign? I’d give anything to make you mine, all mine, I’ll do your BIDDIN‘ and be at your beck and call.” Yeah I’ve never seen any anyone lookin’ so fine, Man I gotta have her, she’s a one of a kind…I’m goin’ once, goin’ twice, I’m sold…🎶 “Sold” – John Michael Montgomery 1995

🎨 To anyone who’s ever been, an Auction’s quite intense,
You know the DRILL, you bid and bid it’s all at your expense.
While moderation comes to mind, it’s not always the case,
The REMEDY for foolishness: Remembering your base…
To bid ABOVE your means can sometimes get you in a bind,
It all depends on who else might be bidding on your find.
A DRAGON breathing down your neck, you look at him and think,
“Will this person outbid me here”? Your hopes begin to sink…
You want this painting badly, but just how much can you spend?
You swallow hard, your paddle’s up…here’s to the “BIDDER” END! 🎨

Wrapping up another week of Jumble fun, today, AUCTIONS speak louder than words…I searched for our words, and as odd as it seems, I just couldn’t find REMEDY. GRANTed…WOOD I be wrong? EASELly…but what’s the SOLUTION? It may be new, it may nART…But I will put in a BID for it to be the SKETCHIEST of our words today. I saw Emery, and I just couldn’t BRUSH past it…You know how it is…You PICTURE something in your mind, and you may as well HANG IT UP…you’re stuck! But I blinked a few times, and it PAID off…Ok, our cartoon: Today, we find ourselves attending an ART AUCTION. Six patrons are in attendance, but our focus is only on two women clHAMMERING for attention, and holding paddles # 2 and 6. A BIDDING war’s in progress, and our ladies, named TINA and LOUISE are going at it TOOTH and nail…And how ironic! The painting at the center of the storm, is a replica of the FRAMEous AMERICAN GOTHIC. And the artist, GRANT WOOD, used his dentist Byron McKeeby, as his farmer! I just enjoy these quirky little things…The woman was his sister, Nan Wood Graham. And speaking of quirky…Tina and Louise? Tina Louise? Ginger GRANT on “Gilligan’s Island”? Now she was a work of ART, am I right? Beautiful woman. Again, this Six Degrees of Separation just amuses me…And whether or not Jeff was thinking along the same LINES as I? I GOTHIC think so! Anyway, our question is asking…With the price going up and up in this war, who’ll win the PADDLE? It’ll go on until the…”BIDDER” END! Good one, David! OIL I can say is you’re always right on the money!

Ok, eye candy…Where do I stART? Let’s BRUSH past the BACKGROUND players first…There are two gentlemen at center, one wearing a 10-Gallon hat, both experiencing cases of Sticker SHOCK! The look on their FACES is PRICEless! The other two male patrons are only seen from behind…Louise at left, looks annoyed, while Tina has a look of joyful animation…And our AUCTIONEER is nattily dressed in purple, as he recognizes another BID from #6. There’s no GAVEL in sight though, and I PAINTiently searched. And as always, there’s Jeff’s Weather Vane, with its’  requisite form of fowl. But the WORK of ART here today? Our PAINTING! With AMERICAN GOTHIC being the most parodied PAINTING in American Artwork, Jeff has definitely UPped the ante! I mean, CANVAS be? He’s drawn the two characters as David and himself…and re-named the PAINTING, “AMERICAN PUZZLERS“, with his signature showing! Now how cool is that? Depicting David as the male figure, (with perhaps a Nike logo on his bib-front), holding a WOOD – a GOLF CLUB instead of a pitchfork, Jeff, in turn, has taken on the persona of the female figure, sporting an Izod sweater instead of the apron. Ok, maybe he altered the characters’ features a little, but it sure looks like a SELF-PARODY! And the BACKGROUND of the PAINTING? It’s a Golf Course instead of the Farmhouse! Gotta hand it to you Jeff! PAL, ETTE’s truly a STROKE of Genius! So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And how about PAYING it forward today…TEXTURE loved ones! 🎨🙋🏻