Jumble Answers for 07/11/2018






ER   IE   DD   IA   =   “RIDE” IDEA 

Good Morning, Everyone!      🐎 Now That Was Using HORSE SENSE! 🐎

🎶 MUSTANG Sally, think you better slow your MUSTANG down…MUSTANG Sally, think you better slow your MUSTANG down…You been running all over the town now…Oh! I guess I’ll have to put your flat feet on the ground…All you want to do is RIDE around Sally, RIDE, Sally, RIDE…All you want to do is RIDE around Sally, RIDE, Sally, RIDE…All you want to do is RIDE around Sally, RIDE, Sally, RIDE…🎶 “Mustang Sally” – Wilson Pickett 1966 

🐎 Way back in the 4th Century, a man, a horse a PADDLE,
A thought, perhaps a LINER ‘tween the man and horse…a Saddle?
A man sat in the FOYER of his home, he was Sarmation,
With JIGSAW-like precision, he worked with determination…
He looked for balance, comfort too…a hide his horse could wear…
The Saddle was invented and voilà, the “RIDE” IDEA! 🐎

With the exception of JIGSAW, today’s words are Sweet Repeats. Unable to find JIGSAW in the files, if it does prove to be new, it looks like we may be BREAKing some sort of record with so many new words in such a short period of time. Yesterday’s SNAZZY was a first as suspected, so it looks like our Jumble FOALcabulary is  just FOAL of new words! But did anything BREAK my STRIDE this morning? NEIGH, NEIGH…it was an easy, breezy RIDE right through…So, ok, our cartoon. Today, we find ourselves in what I believe to be the year 365 AD, among so COLT SARMATIONS. I don’t think I’ve ever HERD of them before, but HAY, there’s a whole lot I STALL don’t know after all these STEERS…We see three men, one astRIDE a HORSE, and they’re discussing the invention of the SADDLE. One man is asking how the other came up with the IDEA, and he’s like..”.CUD you believe I was just TROJAN some thoughts around in my head, and there it was? I figured why should we always be sitting up here FRIESIAN? This SADDLE will keep us warm in the winter, and in the summer? No SWEAT, it’ll work well then too”! And then a third man is HERD CHAIRing him ON…So, in answer to what the INVENTOR had? He had a great solution! He had the “RIDE” IDEA! HIP-HIP HOORAY! I’m HORSE from CHAIRing so loudly! Really good one David…You just keep surPASTUREing yourself every day!

Ok, eye candy…There’s a HORSE alone in the background…Meh, SOLE what…I like the ancient facial HAIR, but I’ll BRUSH PAST it. The hats are nice, but they don’t look very STABLE…Let’s just go with that eye-rolling look on the HORSE’S face…That’s a pretty pRUMINANT glance…I guess the whole IDEA JOUST isn’t SITTING so well with him, huh?..So, There you have it, Folks! Done! Have a great day, Everyone…And don’t settle for MAREly getting by today…Get out there and ROAN around…It’ll beHOOVE you…you’ll see…🐎🙋🏻