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Happy Monday, Jumble friends! Our weekday Jumble duties began with four clue words that we’ve encountered before. FIDDLE was the easiest of the bunch since it was used less than a week ago on January 8th. My choice for the most difficult anagram of the day was THEORY. The anagram was just cryptic enough to make it require a couple of extra glances before coming into view. Our oldest clue word of the day was CRAMP and it was last seen in gameplay on 3/29/16 where it was scrambled as MPRAC.

Today’s cartoon was the highlight of today’s game with Jumble artist, Jeff Knurek, offering up eleven different characters in his panel. Our focus is drawn to the large square table in the front where see a man and a woman eating some food. The cartoon sentence informs us that they’re a couple of lawyers and that they’ve decided to meet at this particular spot for lunch. It wasn’t surprising that their dialogue was legal jargon with both of them dishing out some complaints about their jobs.

The fine detail work within the piece is what really made this cartoon visually appetizing! There were so many different foods being consumed with each one drawn in intricate detail. Starting with the lawyers that are front and center, we see the gentleman enjoying a burger with three visible bite marks in the sesame seed bun. His left hand holds a drink with the label reading “Jumble Burger”. The woman has decided to have a tossed salad as her entree and she’s holding a drink cup with a picture of some vegetables on it making me think it’s some type of smoothie. Just behind them we see a couple of younger men eating as well. The one on the left is enjoying a slice of pepperoni pizza while his friend enjoys a bowl of noodles. Zooming in on the bowl, I was surprised to see that it had some writing on it which said “Pho To Go”!!! The hardest dish to identify was the one being eaten by the woman sitting alone. It looks like some type of sandwich wrap, or maybe even a burrito.

You may have noticed the artwork on the wall in the rear of this lunch spot that looks like a piece of a puzzle. Zooming in on it I was surprised to discover that it was actually the layout of the building and it it says “YOU ARE HERE”. It ended up being my favorite hidden gem this morning as well as the key for me to instantly solve today’s game.

The letter layout for the final solution was an anagram consisting of 9-letters. The F & D that were coupled together at the rear of the layout brought FOOD instantly to mind with COURT being found within the remaining letters for a quick finish. Even though this puzzle wasn’t overly difficult, the superb detail within the cartoon left my Jumble craving sated for today. Have a marvelous Monday, and I’ll see you right back here tomorrow!

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  1. 🎢Don’t do the CRIME if you can’t DO THE TIME (Don’t do it)…Keep your eye on the sparrow when the going gets narrow…(Don’t do it) DON’T DO IT…Don’t ROLL THE DICE if you can’t PAY THE PRICE..no, no (Don’t do it), don’t do it…🎢 “Baretta’s Theme” (Keep Your Eye on the Sparrow) – Sammy Davis, Jr 1976

    βš–πŸ΅ The THEORY that one’s innocent until there’s proven guilt,
    Is what’s believed to be the basis where justice is built…
    A lawyer strives to OUTDO his opponent while in court,
    Don’t CRAMP his style and you’ll see just what your money bought.
    But with truth they sometimes FIDDLE, for the ones who do get caught…
    A crime’s a crime “all of the time”…only in a FOOD COURT…πŸ΅βš–

    Easy, breezy, Monday FARE…But LAW and behold, it’s a BARRISTER CHARACTER puzzle once again…For the 3rd TIME in a week! CRIME…PRIME TIME, perhaps? Hmm. Anyway, JUSTICE once, I’ll TRIAL my best to be BRIEF, CONcentrate on the great cartoon, and just do a few SENTENCES about the eye candy. Ok..The SCENE of the PRIME: Four potted PLAINTIFFS you can see them. A couple APPROACHING. A Mall Directory stating “You Are Here”, two bored Counter-persons, the male at right, an actual BLEMISHED CHARACTER, waiting on two customers. And to whet our appetites, five PERSONS OF INTEREST eating…(And has Jeff gone ABOVE THE DRAW today? You be the JUDGE)…He’s giving us: Pepperoni Pizza and a Hero Sandwich. We see the female Lawyer, SUE FORASAULT, (looking APPEALing dressed in purple), having a Salad SERVED with a drink showing a smiling Carrot and Tomato, and her male colleague, JORY SELEΔ†ION, a napkin protecting his LAW SUIT, enjoying a Burger and drink from…where else? “Jumble Burger”! But a bowl of Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup reading “PHO TO GO”?…I rest my case!
    Have a great day, Everyone! And since we’re talking DINE and PUNISHMENT, I’ll leave you with this: A man was found dead in a large barrel of a Falafel Condiment…The police are treating it as a HUMMUScide…βš–πŸ΅πŸ™‹πŸ»


  2. Good morning. An easy Monday jumble from beginning to end. Breezed straight down the words and once I had the letters down and looked at the drawing, the answer was a given. Thanks Mike and Angela for all your information. You have me at a real disadvantage regarding the cartoon. After reading what you guys found in the picture, I was blown away. Remember when I said I look but not really look. If you had asked me what was in the picture, I would not be able to tell you whether they were drinking coffee or soda. Can’t seem to stop and smell the roses so to speak. I commend you both. Angela you started off strong with your song choice and ended on a high note with your humor. Until tomorrow stay well.

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    • Good Morning, Brooklyn! Just FOOD. for thought..Give it a shot one day..I think you’ll enjoy seeing all the little pieces of candy….Thanks for the Shout Outs, 😘 and you’re very welcome. Stay warm, Brooklyn, and have a good one! βš–πŸ™‹πŸ»


  3. The Chicago Tribune worked today to see the puzzle very clearly, Save image in download and then there is a + sign above to magnify it without blurring. The Post Star still has Friday’s puzzle at this moment.

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  4. I’m back home and the Peoria papers that had not been delivered yesterday,were delivered today.They are printed in Galesburg which is 48 miles N of Macomb.As far as the puzzle,no problem, as the 4 words seemed recent repeats,and being a math guy,even theory came quickly to mind.The presence of the 2 O’s brought food readily to mind with court quickly following ,given the attorney legal references.

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  5. Chuck B..Good afternoon…Cramp and Fiddle afford us a few different options…Hope you’re having a good one…πŸ™‹πŸ»

    Β° He did feel a CRAMP, but it was his THEORY that as long as he told himself he was fit as a FIDDLE, he would be…so he kept running, determined to OUTDO his adversary.

    Β° Long a believer that no one would CRAMP her style, she set the FIDDLE player straight by letting him know that his foolish THEORY of men’s ability to OUTDO women was merely a pipe dream…

    Β° He knew he could OUTDO him, so in order to dispute his boss’s THEORY that a CRAMP wouldn’t work on this type of wood, he figured he’d FIDDLE around with it until it held.

    Β° After eating Fish Sticks at “Catch DO JOUR” in the FOOD COURT, and experiencing a severe stomach CRAMP, he realized that their THEORY of “No one can OUTDO our chefs” was pure FIDDLEsticks…


    • You are so adept at this, Angela! It took me all morning to pen one and you do four..You are amazing!!! I sent mine in before I had a chance to read your quartet. I hope there isn’t any duplication. Have a great Monday!

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      • Hi Chuck. Good Afternoon. Thanks so much, but it’s just that I’ve been writing for a long time…and I have a very vivid πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ imagination! The words just come easily to me. I see we do have a bit of duplication..maybe two of mine blended with yours. I really enjoy when the words can be interpreted so many different ways…And your sentence is a winner! I love the “stupid theory”…(as most of them usually prove to be)! πŸ˜‚ Wishing you a great Monday too, Chuck, and thanks again! βš–πŸ΅πŸ™‹πŸ»


  6. Hi all – Didn’t we just have FIDDLE recently? I remember thinking DEFILED. (When the lawyer withdrew his case, I hope he didn’t DEFILE his briefs. And that I didn’t just ruin your lunch.)
    THEORY took me the longest. I put the TH together, but could only think of WORTHY for awhile.
    Then the answer – MEET MARKET or MEAT MARKET? Something TABLE? No, FOOD COURT!

    Clay, you are a Jumbleanswers superhero! (β€œHere he comes to save the day!”)
    I actually used the Orlando Sentinel site, but it seems to use the same service as the Chicago Tribune, and it combines the best of the Post Star and the Seattle Times – it’s high resolution, it’s posted early and you can play it interactively online. All it’s missing is the color, which doesn’t matter. Thank you! We would have missed so much detail today.

    Outstanding writeup today, Angela! I especially liked LAW SUIT, but what does it say about us that we both noticed that the teenage server has acne? If they had misprinted PHO TO GO, people might have mistaken it for an arcade picture booth.

    Have a great day, everyone. πŸŽ΅β€We’re in for more rainβ€πŸŽ΅ from now until Friday, so I’ll try to stay dry.

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    • Hey, G. Good Morning…(again)! πŸ˜‰ Fiddle? Mike’s opening paragraph. 3rd SENTENCE? He INFORMED us of it..January 8th…Hmm…Art thou GUILTY of SKIMMING through the written word? πŸ˜‰ Clay..Yes, we’re indebted. But Mighty Mouse? πŸ˜‰ Thanks for the Shout Outs, and I’m glad you liked LAW SUIT. I favored PLAINTIFF…(“plant if”…the trees in the outer hall)., Altho Lou said it might have pushed the envelope…he dubbed it a JUDGEMENT call. As for the acne on the young servers face, I think it simply says that we’re obSERVANT. I wasn’t JUDGING, or criticizing, I was just stating a fact…(And of course, as usual, going for that pun)! .πŸ˜‰ Altho, today we see a lot fewer teenagers plagued by acne then we did growing up, don’t you think? So many effective treatments have come on to the market in the past 20 years or so..Anyway..Tks again, and I hope you’re having a good one! βš–πŸ΅πŸ™‹πŸ»


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