Jumble Answers for 08/11/2018






DAN   IL   MN   AE   =   “MAINE-LAND”  

Good Morning, Everyone!         🌊 MAINE:  TOPIC OF DISCUSSION 🌊

🎶 If you’re fond of sand dunes and salty air…Quaint little villages here and there,
(You’re sure)..You’re sure to fall in love with OLD CAPE COD (CAPE COD, that OLD CAPE COD)…If you spend an evening you’ll want to stay, watching the moonlight on CAPE COD Bay….You’re sure to fall in love with OLD CAPE COD...🎶 “Old Cape Cod” – Patti Page – 1957

🌊. I’ve been to Maine a few times, but never quite like this,
I didn’t board a little boat and sit back quite in bliss…
I do remember sailing there, and fishing with delight,
And cooking in the GALLEY on those cozy star-filled nights…
We ate, we DRANK, we sang along with music that we knew,
And “Old Cape Cod” was always heard upon the ocean blue.
There was no cause for MUTINY, we travelled that whole summer…
IMPEL is causing me distress…the tense an awkward bummer…
The Coastline there’s quite beautiful, the sea food really grand,
I’d recommend to anyone a visit to “MAINE-LAND”! 🌊

With none of today’s words being new, there was no cause for pause…IMPEL, in fact, was seen here as recently as June 22nd. Finding ourselves on the waters surrounding MAINE’S COASTLINE, today we see a tourist couple, clad in Life Vests, being motored by a bearded Guide dressed in overalls. The dialogue and question of our cartoon serves up our solution on a silver platter…With the Guide mentioning the PINE TREE STATE, the question stating the LARGEST NEW ENGLAND STATE, and knowing that a COASTLINE borders LAND….Our solution? “MAINE-LAND”. Very clever, David…a TREEmendous pun!

Ok, eye candy…Admitting that I know very little about MAINE, I’m unable to identify the GRAY LIGHTHOUSE. There’s beautiful green landscaping, and grayed rock formations surrounding it. Looking to do some research, I read that there are 65 historical lighthouses, spread along MAINE’S Coastline. So I began looking at pictures…And here I am…STILL unable to identity our Lighthouse! And figuring that I may have already insulted the MAINERS amongst our readers by highlighting “Old Cape Cod” as my song choice, I’m going to stand down and defer to Jeff, or to you, our readers. If you can identify the Lighthouse in Jeff’s drawing, and would like to share it with us, please write in and do so….As for my song choice, when I think NEW ENGLAND, I think CAPE COD. Yes, I’m aware that it’s in Massachusetts, but I plead being New York born and bred; and having visited there many times, it’s a place near and dear to my heart. Oh, right, the candy…On the iPhone our woman is holding, Jeff’s showing the reflected image of the panel’s scene in miniature detail. A MINUTE ABSOLUTE! Kudos, Jeff. So, there you have it Folks, Done…Or today, perhaps somewhat undone! My apologies…Have a great day, Everyone! And I’m really hoping someone sheds some LIGHT on the LIGHTHOUSE dilemma! 🌊🙋🏻



11 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 08/11/2018

  1. Some disgruntled sailors DRANK too much in the GALLEY and allowed one rogue shipmate to IMPEL them to MUTINY and head for the “mainland.”
    No problems with the clue words or the solution. Clever pun this Saturday morn.
    I also love “Old Cape Cod” Angela—the song and the Cape—especially the beaches and the film festival in P’town. Thanks for shoring up memories of Massachusetts. Like you, I know very little about Maine–aside from the Bush’s retreat. And auto-correct won’t let me spell it, so I’ll leave it out.
    Thanks for the details in your poem and post and there seem to be few details to help identify the lighthouse, so good look with that. I’m off to enjoy the beach and walk along the shore and the long pier leading to a great lighthouse here on Lake Ontario.(if you Google Sodus Point NY Lighthouse, you will see where I am.)
    Have a sunny, satisfying, sandy, sultry, smashing Saturday. Sayonara.

    • Good Morning, Earl…Kennebunkport? I had a little trouble myself…until I voiced it, and let the auto-type run amok! Nice nautical reference with your sentence, and extra points for keeping with today’s theme! 👏🏻 With the words and solution being instant solvrs, I thought I’d have some time to look for the Lighthouse…But it just gave me grief, and this was so not the morning for it! Funny you’re on the beach, while we here are just emerging from Armageddon! My lights flickered so much, that I lost the entire post at one point…and this was soooo not the morning for it! 😉 It threw me totally off schedule, as I had to try and re-write from memory! I laughed because my first poem had a Sinatra reference in it…And I still can’t get the rhyme back into my head! When I get a chance later, I’ll be happy to Google your destination today…In the meantime, Thanks for the Shout Outs and the Poem Nom…and let me know if you’ve hummed 🎶Cape Cod🎶 most of the day…😉 Enjoy! 🌊🙋🏻

    • Earl, I did look up your lighthouse and museum and it looks very beautiful and interesting, thank you! One of the first things they noted was its Fresnel lens. Here in the Bay Area we also have a Fresnel lens in the Point Reyes Lighthouse, currently undergoing a big renovation. What I found amusing in the story is that when they actually turn on the light for tour groups, they have to first draw all the curtains in the room so that no light gets out to confuse the shipping (The lighthouse’s function having long been replaced by a nearby Coast Guard beacon.)

    • Earl…Not to take anything away from our featured state today, but I don’t think many realize the wonders of NY State. NY isn’t just NYC…We really do have it all…Puts me in mind of that commercial that used to run..the I ❤️ NY one….There was so much to read, but I always enjoy going through people’s reviews of a certain area…One byte that caught my attention…” Sodus Point is a dining, boating and fishing mecca”…There you have it! Hope the rains didn’t reach you, and that you had a great day! 🙋🏻

  2. Good morning. I got your back Angela. I like the song choice,she did a great job and makes you want to visit the place. Never have been there but I did spend a month in Maine for Morse code school. My question is this. Does the artist always have to have a particular thing in mind or can’t he just wing it. Maybe it is the lighthouse in Seagate Brooklyn. If he draws a horse must it have to be Seabiscuit or couldn’t he draw the features of a few horses that he saw. Maybe our artist can clear that up for us. My choice for the hardest word for today would be Mutiny. Took an extra five minutes to finally get. The cartoon answer was no problem after I wrote down the letters. Land came to mind right away followed by Maine. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Good Morning, Sailor! Could we use a boat like the one in our cartoon today or what? I know you must have gotten hit as hard as us, because my phone kept going off with weather alerts about Brooklyn as well as Staten Island…What a deluge that was, right? And I don’t think we’re out of it yet…So, I owe you one, Paul,…You brightened up what was an otherwise horrendous morning, with your mentioning Seagate and Seabiscuit!! I was rolling! Plus I appreciate you getting “sea” in there too…Kudos, 👏🏻 And you may be right. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar! And the Lighthouse may just be a lighthouse?.And I wasted so much time for nothing…and again….this was soooo not the morning for it! 😂😂 Ok, you put one up on the board for Mutiny…the tally begins…Have a good one Brooklyn, and thanks for having my back! 🌊 🙋🏻

  3. Hi all – The last two words each took a couple of looks. I always try ITY at the end of a word, but when that didn’t work, saw MUTINY. Then thought LEGALY but that needed 2 L’s before the Y and EAGLE wasn’t in there, so GALLEY appeared. The answer was obvious, although I could tweak things to squeeze “RHODE-ISLE” in there. Unfortunately, to fit the description in the cartoon, size does matter.

    My cool grandfather was born in Maine but never talked about it except to say that you could pour a cup of water out the window and it would freeze before it hit the ground.

    My family once took a ride just like the one in today’s cartoon except it was a rowboat near Point Judith, RI. The owner told a story about its name, which had a little girl saying she saw something, and everyone went “Where? Where? POINT, Judith! Very funny to a six year old, and of course I still remember it because it’s a pun!

    I also love the song, Angela, and I’ll just add my usual recommendation of Tom Rush’s instrumental “Rockport Sunday.”

    Have a great day; wishing better weather to those who need it.

  4. Hi, all! I loved the cartoon picture today of nature with water & pine trees and the happy people discussing the main attributes of the lovely state of Maine.

    Taking my time and writing the words and letters slowly to prevent a rookie mistake, as Mike calls them, I still finished in under two minutes.

    Today is the 90th birthday party for Jerry’s 90-year-old Ohlund cousin, but I don’t feel like going. However, I’m sending Jerry laden with 3 Hallmark cards; one beautiful, one nice, and one funny one in which Snoopy asks, “How old did you say you are?” and inside says, ”Yikes! That must be a zillion in dog years,” plus a vase of beautiful yellow (her favorite color) flowers for the table. Both daughters will go with Jerry so they will have a fun time together, and I will get a nice long nap. Enjoy your day, all!

    • Hey Lelia…Hope you’re having a good day…I envy you the nap! Take care…🙋🏻

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