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Good morning, Jumble friends, and happy Wednesday! The pace of new clue words has stalled a bit this month with David choosing to use old favorites instead. The first three words were fairly visible leaving FILLET as the only challenge. It also happens to be the oldest clue word of the group having last been used on 4/9/17. The only other interesting fact about today’s lineup is that CHIVE is jumbled the exact same way as the last time we saw it on 5/3/17.

The setting for today’s cartoon is a baseball stadium where the panel is serving a dual purpose. In the top half of the cartoon we see the infield portion of a baseball field where the game is being played while the bottom half serves as our vantage point which is high above in the announcers booth behind home plate. Jeff masterfully added a shadowed wave of fans between both halves to seamlessly blend them together.

The dialogue and sentence inform us that what we’re witnessing could be a perfect baseball game. The definition of a perfect game is defined by Major League Baseball as a game in which a pitcher (or combination of pitchers) pitches a victory that lasts a minimum of nine innings in which no opposing player reaches base. This feat has only been achieved by 23 pitchers in MLB history with the last perfect game being pitched by Félix Hernández of the Seattle Mariners on August 15, 2012.

One unique detail that is visible on both halves of this panel is the logo of the baseball team. We see it on the shirts of the announcers as well as on the jersey of the pitcher. On 7/31/18, I conducted a poll in which I asked visitors to this website what they thought the baseball team name was based upon this logo. The result was a tie between the Jumble City Diamonds and the Jumble City Gems. In an attempt to break this tie, I’ll run the poll again to see if we can find a winner!

The final solution to today’s game was a combination of two words that were both 5-letters each. I had a hunch as to what the answer was based upon the visual evidence within the cartoon. Looking at the letter layout, my suspicion was confirmed upon seeing FEVE in perfect reverse order. Have a wonderful Wednesday, and I’ll see you tomorrow!


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  1. 🎶 Take me out to the BALLGAME…Take me out to the CROWD. Buy me some peanuts and crackerjack…I don’t care if I never get back. Let me root, root, root, for the HOME TEAM…If they don’t win, it’s a shame. For it’s one, two, THREE STRIKES you’re out…At the old ballgame…🎶 “Take Me Out To The Ball Game” – Jack Norworth & Albert Von Titzer – 1908

    ⚾️ When Baseball players take the field, we fans all hoot and holler,
    Excited watching favorite teams…this game cost quite a dollar!
    We make it like a PARTY, our boys VERSUS the others,
    And relax with some beer and food…depending on our druthers…
    Potatoes with some CHIVEs perhaps, or maybe Fish FILLET?
    The Ballpark food has come quite far than in our Daddy’s day…
    It isn’t just a Hot Dog and the requisite pale ale…
    Today an epicurean can certainly regale!
    And while we eat and drink so well, and satisfy each itch
    We yell and cheer for Summers’ Boys…We reach that FEVER PITCH! ⚾️

    Mid week and 🎶the livin’s still easy🎶…Our words all old favorites..no tics, no blinks, no BALKS! SWUNG right through…And our cartoon? HOT DOG! Another favorite! Americas Favorite Pastime! BASEBALL! Today we find ourselves at a BASEBALL DIAMONDS game, the same team we visited last week on July 31st…Only this time we’re up in the BOOTH! Last week, if you remember we were looking at the demise of the Sporting Goods Shop. Hmm..Perhaps we’re seeing this out of (BATTING) ORDER? Or can this be one of the team’s final GAMES? It doesn’t matter…Any Baseball LINE UP is ok with me! We see two announcers, excitedly discussing the fact that a PERFECT GAME is being PITCHed…And that the crowd is roaring…Loud enough in fact to be heard “10 MILES AWAY”! Understandable, since a PERFECT GAME is no easy feat indeed…There have only been 23 in Baseball History….Rare, and the crowd cheers as the AWAY Team is down to their final OUT, and the DIAMOND’s PITCHer only needs three more STRIKES to clinch it! Or a POP UP FLY, or a Slow GROUNDER to FIRST..or…Look, you get it…We just need that FINAL OUT! So as the crowd goes wild…The cheering reaches a…FEVER PITCH! Good one, David! You’ve hit another HOMER!…Better you than that BATTER!

    Ok, eye candy…The entire FIELD is shaded in green…Bearded Right-Handed PITCHER on the mound, with the DIAMOND Logo on his Jersey. Look real closely, you can see a ROSIN BAG on the ground behind him. Great detail, Jeff! Intense Right-handed THIRD BASEMAN, Right-Handed BATTER in the box…UMPIRE..CATCHER wearing #41…Kind of ironic, because to an old METS Fan like me, 41 was one of our All-Time Greatest PITCHERS…TOM SEAVER. I see 41, I see TOM. So whom that #41 might be is OVER MY HEAD…Black silhouetted cheering fans, one PENNANT …Back to the BOOTH…Announcer left, dressed in blue, right dressed in gold. DIAMOND Logo showing on both Polo Shirts….Both wearing headsets, LEFTY has a drink…On the desk we see some sheets of paper, most likely STAT REPORTS, and the slot where they’re deposited after use…But where’s my eye candy in this FIELD of vision? I think I’ll go with the mustache on Announcer RIGHT…A Handlebar? In this day and age? Trim off these ends and straighten it OUT, and maybe, just maybe I see KEITH HERNANDEZ, Announcer for the NY METS…although he usually wears a suit and tie when he does the COLOR COMMENTARY…So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And remember…🎶 For it’s 1-2-3 STRIKES you’re OUT at the old BALL GAME🎶! ⚾️🙋🏻


  2. At the masquerade PARTY, Holly wore a sprig of CHIVE in her FILLET, VERSUS a full-face mask.
    FILLET also made me pause. Wasn’t sure if it had one l or two. The definition is not the usual one, but I wanted to stay away from food today!
    Great post Mike. I always appreciate your attention to details.
    Angela–an easy song choice today, right?
    Home run on the poem, certainly wasn’t swing and miss. You must have had your bat tarred up.
    Knowing your love of baseball, I suspect today was ” Joy in Mudville”. Right?
    Soggy day up here, but a welcome relief for farmers. Enjoy the day.

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  3. Good morning. Thanks Mike on all that detail. You pitched a perfect picture. Angela, how did I know you would pick that song. The Cubs sing that every game because of the late famous announcer who always worked up the crowd. The game was a perfect one so I’d say you hit a home run foul. Earl pitched his perfect inning as always. Do you know that in all those perfect games there is only one done in the World Series. I do remember who did it and what team it was. But I’ll leave you hanging unless you really what to know. Today’s jumble was another easy one for me with Versus being the hardest word. In fact after I blind solved the cartoon answer I knew the letters I needed for the word. Until tomorrow stay well.

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  4. Versus troubled me at first,as well as fillet,but the overall fever pitch solution was a snap.
    After my formal accordion activity up at the ATG Festival outside of Chicago last week,today’s is a summer concert in Chandler Park in Macomb,Il, my hometown since 1970.

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    • Good morning, Chuck. The gazebo looks like a beautiful setting for your concert, and I hope the weather cooperates for the Peoria Accordion band. Enjoy!!! ☀️🎼😎


  5. HI, all! I loved the baseball Jumble puzzle and had no trouble with the words or cartoon answer.

    Thank you Mike, Angela, Steve, and Paul for your comforting words of sympathy yesterday. Your kind words meant a lot to Jerry, me, and both of our daughters.

    Off to our PCP to get a referral for a better heart doctor. Have a great day, all!!

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  6. Hi all – Only FILLET took an extra look after realizing it was borrowed from French. Thanks Earl for a new meaning! I had never heard that sense of the word.

    Coincidentally, the pitcher that Paul’s referring to just had his 88th birthday yesterday. Unless my memory’s playing tricks on me, I saw the end of that game on TV after getting home from school.

    Nothing much to say about the cartoon, so before I digress into baseball, let me wish you all a wonderful day.!

    An interesting fact is that despite the rarity of perfect games, the one before that which Mike mentioned occurred only two months previously; the Giants’ Matt Cain on June 13, 2012, the only one in team history.
    Also, Philip Humber of the White Sox pitched one on 4/21/2012, making that the only year that three such games were thrown.

    That Jumble perfect game is no sure thing, though. So many have been lost in the late innings. The one that sticks with me is the one that Armando Galarraga almost threw, only to have a blown call on the 27th out when the umpire called the *obviously* out runner at first safe. It’s amazing to me because of the good sportsmanship shown by both men. The pitcher said (I think without irony) “Nobody’s perfect”, the umpire tearfully apologized after the game, and they both shook hands on the field before the next day’s game.

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  7. It looks like the fans are not just raising their hands but may have their phones in them taking video or pictures of the perfect moment. Maybe a day game since there is no allusion to a flash in any of the hands!

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  8. No issues today. We have a copy of that great photo of Yogi Berra jumping up on Don Larsen after the perfect game. Yogi signed the photo but something happened to Larsen, who wasn’t able to make it.
    Lelia, I wish to add my condolences as well.

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    • Nice Caroline. I watched that game and have all the games in a scrap book. I have three scrap books of the Dodgers and Yankees when they played in the World Series. I especially like the one when the whole front page has a picture of a bum with the caption “Who’s a Bum”.


      • That sounds wonderful, Paul. I was a big Yankee fan as a kid but kept nothing from back then – just memories and that photo I got with my son.


    • Hi, Caroline! I debated listing the names because of knowing full well that you and everyone else would have feelings of sympathy, whether having the time to put them into words or not. Sometimes the chores & activities of life take over. Thank you for your kind words about this and about my trying so desperately to gain weight. Enjoy your evening!


  9. Hi Lelia,
    And I debated saying something, too, knowing that it wasn’t necessary.
    I hope, as I’m sure everyone else does, that your weight loss problem has gotten better.


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