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Happy Wednesday, everyone! We’re at the midpoint of the week where we typically see the puzzle increase in difficulty but that wasn’t the case today. USHER was the only word that gave me a moment of hesitation and then it was clear sailing all the way through the rest of the clue words as well as the surprise answer.

The setting for today’s cartoon appears to be a living room where we see a father and son about to begin an arm wrestling match. Dad has quite a height advantage over his son so he’s kneeling on the floor to make the match as fair as possible. The dialogue between the characters is nothing more than a straightforward explanation of the rules for a proper match which junior seem’s to pick up on quickly. The action lines around the interlocked hands indicate that both competitors grips are tight and the match can get underway!

I noticed in the dialogue that the father says “you try to bring my wrist down to the table” when in fact the match is taking place on an ottoman (also known as a footrest or hassock). It’s very possible that dad said table to keep the rules as simple as possible so his son would have an easier time understanding them.

On a final note, the shading in the upper right corner of the cartoon was an interesting addition. I wasn’t quite sure of its purpose when I first noticed it but it appears to be the arch of a doorway. Perhaps we’re watching the arm wrestling match from another room in the house? We may never know but it didn’t have any impact on the overall solvability of the puzzle.

Have a wonderful Wednesday and I’ll see you tomorrow! πŸ™‚

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      • You’re welcome, Mike. And thanks, the same to you…A beautiful day, after ydays storms..It was terrible, right? πŸ’ͺπŸ»πŸ™‹πŸ»

          • Lucky. We had it all..It was pretty brutal. Funnel cloud over Brooklyn..Insane! And we had just been rain soaked from Sunday…Just glad there weren’t any power failures nearby…And today? The most beautiful day! Mother Nature, right? Have a good one, Bud! Talk to you later! πŸ™‹πŸ»

  1. 🎢 I remember DADDY’S HANDS workin ‘ ’til they bled, sacrificed unselfishly just to keep us all fed…If I could do things over, I’d live my life again, and never take for granted the love in DADDY’S HANDS….DADDY’S HANDS were soft and kind when I was cryin’…DADDY’S HANDS were hard as steel when I’d done wrong…DADDY’S HANDS weren’t always gentle, but I’ve come to understand…There was always love in DADDY’S HANDS…🎢 “Daddy’s Hands” – Holly Dunn 1985

    πŸ’ͺ🏻 You can USHER in a New Year, you can usher in ideas,
    But creating GIANT wrestling arms will probably take some years.
    It seems odd to see this happening, the son looks way too small,
    And the Dad looks like an OUTLAW…he’s strong and looks real tall.
    His arms projecting muscles, no PASTRY eater he…
    But why’s he teaching arm wrestling to a child young as he?
    Sure the basics are real simple, there’s not much for you to know,
    Just take your Wrist and push ‘gainst his..You pin..And there you go!
    All you need is concentration, and the strength behind the clasp…
    And you’ve learned about Arm Wrestling, and it’s all EASY TO GRASP! πŸ’ͺ🏻

    With today’s words all Sweet Repeats, there wasn’t much to get WORKED UP aBOUT…and none of them got me DOWN. The only oddity? USHER has been used at least 5 times in the past few years, and yet each time, including today, the anagram is totally different! And we’re only working with 5 letters here! Kudos, Dave. That’s a FEAT in itself! Ok. On to our cartoon: Today, Jeff has brought us into the home of ARMy HAMMER, and his son, BEAU. We seem to be in the living room, and there may be an ARCHWay in the background. ARMy seems hell BENT on teaching young BEAU how to ARM WRESTLE. Since there isn’t much to learn, the dialogue is telling us that’s he’s INSTRUCTING him to keep his ARM steady, and achieve the WIN by bringing DOWN his WRIST…Basically, what it comes DOWN to is a WRIST WATCH…And then ARMy’s probably saying…”BEAU, It’s all in the WRIST…but first, form an EL, BEAU, with your ARM”! Let’s face it, Folks…Rocket Science it’s not…So with our question stating that the rules are SIMPLE…What are they? EASY TO GRASP! ‘Gotta HAND it to you, Dave…You’ve PINNED DOWN another win!

    Ok, eye candy…Before we get INTO IT, I’m wondering if I should mention that our theme here today, ARM WRESTLING seems to be a Sweet Repeat also. We’ve WRESTLED with this same theme as recently as June 4th, and before that on January 2nd! So, do we have a pattern on our HANDS here? I do feel I’m in a POSITION to ask, RIGHT? Anyway, back to the eye candy…Except for the fact that it’s a LEFT HANDED DUAL…(Odd, RIGHT)? and both FATHER and SON are SPORTing similar hair cuts, (Little BEAU has sideburns)!… there’s nothing much to see HAIR today. Jeff’s DRAWn the lines of MOTION aROUND the GRASPed WRISTS..It’s MOVING, but it’s not a KEEPer…Maybe the eyebrows? Serious ARCHes there, RIGHT? And there is the Bannister, but it’s nothing, RAILy…All a little BICEPTive…So, I think it’ll all come DOWN to what they’re LEANING on. Since we do appear to be at home, and it’s definitely not a TABLE, what WOOD that be? I think it’s a HASSOCK, RIGHT? Yea, I’m LEANING towards a HASSOCK, and I like the SHADOWed imPRINTS from their ELBOWS that Jeffs’ DRAWn… Nice POINT, Jeff! So, There you have it, Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! It’s beautiful out, and it’s still early…Get out there and enjoy the WRIST of the day! πŸ’ͺπŸ»πŸ™‹πŸ»

  2. A GIANT OUTLAW tried to pass himself off as an USHER in the theatre but a sharp-eyed PASTRY chef recognised him and called 911.
    Mike—I didn’t notice that the pair had their elbows on something other than a table–great attention to detail.
    Angela—-never heard of this song or the artist but it came in handy, right? Brilliant.
    Your poem and post gave me all kinds of interesting thoughts. In Northern Nigeria and perhaps India, a footrest is also called a “poof”–not sure how that word transmogrified into another meaning? I know the etymology of “ottoman” and footrest is DUH. So much for that tangent.
    I’ll stop with your ARMy HAMMER reference—all I could think of was the use Arm and Hammer Baking Soda is put to in my house—-as an odor-killer in the frig.
    I know it’s overused, but today is one I would call PERFECT. Hope everyone else is getting a respite from storms, heat, humidity,or lack of it, etc. Enjoy this Hump Day.

    • Good Beautiful Morning, Earl! Perfect it surely is! Your sentence has me LOL! What a cast of characters you’ve employed today! πŸ‘πŸ» Kudos! The song? It’s a heartbreaker for me, πŸ’” I’ll tell you that much. And it may not be that HANDy πŸ˜‰ (Good one)..But it’s what came to me early this morning…You know the rest..Your mention of Nigeria and India, and transmogrified has me reeling! Only you! I marvel at the stories you have buried!..And you know there really is an Armie Hammer, right? He’s an actor, and his is a fascinating story. So I made sure, despite my tongue in cheek portrayal, that I spelt it differently…I think you’d enjoy his family history…Thanks for the Shout Out, and I truly hope you do get out there and fully take advantage of the WRIST of this beautiful day! Enjoy! πŸ’ͺπŸ»πŸ™‹πŸ»

    • Hey Earl…Just thinking..A little PSA! …Your mention of Arm & Hammer? I buy it by a 13.5 lb bag at Costco. I use it for everything…In the pool with the chemicals, to keep the water bacteria-free and sparkling, in my washing machine as a laundry detergent, as a scratch-free way to clean my shower doors, the microwave, the bay windows, etc, etc. I even use it every once in a while to vacuum the rugs, when I’m not looking for the fragrance of Carpet Fresh… This is not our Grandmothers’ Arm & Hammer! πŸ˜‰ Sure, It’s in the Fridge…but it’s soooo much more! πŸ˜‰πŸ™‹πŸ»

      • Armie Hammer–yes I am aware of him and his family—fascinating.
        I also use Arm and Hammer Baking Soda for all kinds of things around the house—and depend on cleaning vinegar to help with some of the household chores you mentioned.

        • LOL…Me too, Earl! The white vinegar! I get that at Costco also..5 Liter jug…Going to Costco’s better than a trip to the Gym! πŸ˜‚πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺπŸ»πŸ™‹πŸ»

  3. Hi everyone –
    I thought the matching haircuts, which Angela pointed out, were very cute.
    For the answer, I tried finding words ending in Y. That led me to easy and then “easy as.” When “easy as” failed me, I tried “easy to.”

  4. Okay Caroline, I too saw easy and figured “as” also but couldn’t make any word out of “rgpto” so had to switch to “to” and sure enough “grasp” appeared. Nice that we got a grip on the puzzle without much difficulty this morning. Happy Wednesday everyone.

  5. Hi all – Ironically (because of my comment below), GIANT took me the longest. Then had to write the letters, figured TO was the two letter word, and saw the answer after a minute.

    I didn’t even notice that they were competing left-handed. Shame on me, RIGHT? πŸ˜‰

    I meant to mention this previously, because we had that puzzle recently about breaking the sound barrier – During one of the A’s/Giants games at AT+T park last week, the camera *very* appropriately ZOOMED IN on a man in the stands, and it was Chuck Yeager watching the game!

    Have a great day, everyone! I’m on hold to make an appointment. 20 minutes and counting! β€œYour call is very important to us.” πŸ™„
    PS – The power of Jumble Answers! As soon as I typed that, the β€œnext available representative” answered.

  6. On the road again delivering my wife to Midway airport for her flight to Denver for her Sisters reunion.As a result I had to access the puzzle on line,thanks for the link.No problem with the words or ultimate solution .

    • Hey Prof! No grass growing under your feet, huh? You’re very welcome! What’d’ya think of the game last night? βšΎοΈπŸ™‹πŸ»

      • Being a Cleve Indian fan I was glad the AL triumphed,and enjoyed the interchange with Lindor,when he was in on the broadcast.As an aside JA Happ,who pitched the 10th inning for the AL,is a Spring Valley,Illinois St Bede Academy grad,where my grandkids Emily and Frederick are students.

        • I like Happ. I love his given name…Nice connection with your Grandchildren, too. What’d’ya think about those on field interviews? Entertaining, right? βšΎοΈπŸ™‹πŸ»

  7. Hi, all! During breakfast, I solved the 4 words, wrote the circled letters in a line, solved the cartoon, and put a dot under each used letter in the line to check my work (all of which I learned from Mike). However, I barely finished brushing & dressing before time to leave for an apt. and a delicious lunch out together at the Cracker Barrel.

    This Jumble puzzle reminds me of when I used to put my arm in position and ask Jerry to arm wrestle me. It was fun & easy for me because all I had to do was give it my all for a few seconds, but poor Jerry really worked hard at keeping his pressure low enough not to splat my arm on the table and just right to keep our arms even.

    That WAS a delicious lunch! Siesta time!

    • Hi Lelia – Now this is funny. I haven’t heard any good β€œsongs from the ceiling” while shopping lately. But then, just like I mentioned monsoons and one hit you, you mentioned songs yesterday and, of all places, the 99-cent Only store came through! Remember we liked the Stephen Stills guitar solo in β€œWooden Ships”? This has equally beautiful work also, from β€œJust a Song Before I Go”, and it also has some of my favorite lines:
      πŸŽ΅β€She helped me with my suitcase, She stands before my eyes
      Driving me to the airport, and to the β€œFriendly Skies”.
      Going through security, I held her for so long.
      She finally looked at me in love, And she was gone.β€πŸŽ΅
      Graham Nash’s high, slightly British-accented lead vocals.


    • I’m glad to see that my technique is still working for you, Lelia! I’m also glad to hear that you enjoyed a delicious lunch yesterday at Cracker Barrel. You said that you went β€œtogether” and I can only assume that your company was Jerry or one of your lovely daughters. Have a wonderful day. πŸ™‚

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