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Good Tuesday morning, everyone! We’ve seen all of the clue words before and they were all solved instantly upon first glance. NULBED was a mighty fine Jumble and is my pick for the most difficult anagram of the day. It was last used on 6/6/17 and jumbled as LNBUED. On 3/3/17 it was the same anagram that we see today where it gave me just a hint of trouble.

The setting for today’s cartoon appears to be a music studio where we see four musicians having a conversation with another gentleman. Each musician is dressed in the same exact clothes and their hairstyles match as well. The only difference between them is that they’re each playing a different musical instrument. It wasn’t rocket science to figure out that Jeff was giving us a look at the Beatles before they “made it big”.

The final solution was a quick solve after reading the dialogue and sentence. The visual clue of the Beatles grouped next to each other brought FOUR to mind leaving ALL and IT to be found within seconds. This super easy puzzle was perfect for the novice Jumble player and the delightful cartoon added to its charm. Have a terrific Tuesday and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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  1. 🎶 She loves you, YEAH, YEAH, YEAH…She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah…
    She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah…She says she loves you! and you know that can’t be bad…Yes, she loves you…And you know you should be glad…🎶

    🎸 The year was 1964, Americans knew the name…
    And Brian Epstein said to them…”Let’s go and get the fame..”
    So they BUNDLED up and crossed the pond, and brought the music here…
    And the Beatles came and “Yeah,Yeah, Yeah..” One great big LAVISH affair..
    Hysteria took over, young girls just lost their GOURDs…
    And who could FAULT them for it? These were mop-topped young warlords!
    So they played their music for us, and the critics did admit…
    That the Beatles weren’t all that bad..and they were ALL “FOUR”IT! 🎸

    The BEATLES! YEAH, YEAH, YEAH! Our words today…YEAH, YEAH, YEAH….Sweet Repeats, all…FAULT, in fact, as recently as February 1st. All great new anagrams though….Ok, our cartoon…LIVERPOOL, most likely late 1963, since they said 🎶HELLO, GOODBYE🎶 to us in February ’64. BRIAN EPSTEIN, the manager of the Beatles, suggests a tour of the STATES. Clockwise, from bottom left, JOHN LENNON, (Epstein, of course), GEORGE HARRISON, RINGO STARR, and PAUL McCARTNEY, all FOUR, of the FAB FOUR, agree that it’s a SMASHing idea! They’re ALL FOR IT! (Wink-Wink)! So…When the Beatles were asked if they wanted to TOUR? FOR SURE! They were…ALL “FOUR” IT!! Drop the Drumsticks! 🎶SHE LOVES YOU🎶! Meaning Me! Great one, David! You just..🎶DON’T LET ME DOWN🎶…

    Ok, eye candy…Perhaps today from…🎶STRAWBERRY FIELDS🎶? Hmm..Nothing 🎶REVOLUTION..ary🎶to be seen, really…And as a 🎶PAPERBACK WRITER🎶, I’d have to say that 🎶YESTERDAYs🎶 puzzle had a lot more to 🎶TWIST AND SHOUT🎶about…But, to 🎶GET BACK🎶 to this puzzle….I’m sure 🎶WE CAN WORK IT OUT🎶…Hmm..I could go with the skinny ties, 🎶BECAUSE🎶 that was a trademark of theirs, but they really don’t 🎶CARRY THAT WEIGHT🎶, you know? So, let’s just go with the GUITARS in our 🎶BOYS🎶 hands…Made of 🎶NORWEGIAN WOOD🎶, perhaps? So, There you have it, Folks! Done! Have A Great 🎶DAY IN THE LIFE🎶, Everyone! And always remember…If we all 🎶COME TOGETHER🎶, 🎶THE LONG AND WINDING ROAD🎶 will show us that…🎶ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE🎶, and for sure we can say…🎶HERE COMES THE SUN🎶…🎶ALL TOGETHER NOW🎶… 🎶THE END🎶…🎸🙋🏻

  2. To be very honest there was a little time spent on differentiating facial features. Not much, but enough to clue you in on who was who. Most evident was Ringo with the oftentimes deer in the headlights look

  3. Who could find FAULT with the cornucopia on the LAVISH buffet table, festooned with a golden GOURD and a BUNDLE of bamboo shoots?
    Totally agree with you Mike–instant solve all round. In fact one of the days when I did not need to write anything down.
    Angela–I thought you would go with “Love, Love, Love” today after I saw the cartoon. Great choice of course and your poem was a worthy witty, whimsical wonder! Thanks for the details and as far as narrow neckties—that’s what every man wore in that time. You can almost pin point a decade by the width of men’s ties. Now? So few men wear them that it’s hard to keep track.
    I was a little puzzled by the size of the guitars? in the cartoon. Aren’t they a little under sized??
    Lovely day up here after a tropical day yesterday—temperate climates may not suit everyone but variations can be very refreshing.
    You mentioned so many Beatles’ songs I almost lost track—but did I see “Michele” any where?
    Oh well,
    “Let It Be, Let It Be.”

    • Good Morning, Earl…Part Two! We have to stop meeting like this! 😂😂 …I chose 🎶She Loves You🎶 because Jeff drew Paul saying..”Yeah, Yeah, Yeah”. So I figured it was the logical choice. And you know there were plenty of choices! 😉 I don’t really know what kind of neckwear men were wearing back then, but I do remember any early pictures of the Beatles showing them with those skinny ties. Cute touch. And we’ve spoken about men’s attire once before, remember? I still love seeing a man in a shirt and a tie, and luckily I still get to! The guitars? Yes..In fact, John’s seems to resemble a violin in a way, and Paul’s does look a tad smallish. Georges’ does appear to be bigger, and more realistic. But then again, guitars are really not my forte.. I must tell you, that your sentence gave me a big smile, I love the imagery. Funny, because I knew there was no way I could work a fruit or plant into my poem, so luckily I was able to use GOURD as a slang word for head! The weather here is very hot and humid, especially for early morn. Last night we had a violent storm……albeit short lived. But long enough to scare me! You know how I am with thunder and lightning! 😉 So…Michelle? I’ll do something for you, as soon as I get my sausage and peppers going….And your closing song? Perfection! 🎶🙋🏻
      ….And Thank You soooo much for the Shout Out and Poem Nom. I should have opened with that…Mea culpa! 😔🙋🏻

      • OOPS!! I for got to put BUNDLE in capital letters. Could you correct it for me Angela? Thanks—that’s twice in one week. I am slip, sliding,, away.

        • Asked and answered…And no worries. It got past me too! But then again, a few things got past me this morning! 😂. And it’s all good! Be well Sir! 🙋🏻
          WAIT A MINUTE!!! Another one almost did! 😂 🎶Slip Slidin’ Away🎶? Trying to sneak that in, huh? LOL…Simon and Garfunkle are for another day…Hopefully soon. Today…it’s all Beatles! 🙋🏻

    • Here you go, Earl. Michelle, my Belle? Only you know for sure!…😉🙋🏻
      There lives a NY Gentleman, with class and charm profuse,
      And knowledge of so many things, that he puts to good use.
      His words flow just like honey, his comments quite profound,
      And traveling’s another thing…The Man has covered ground…
      Perhaps Michelle’s a special one? Is there something to this?
      A random song he just prefers, or maybe a sweet Miss?
      He’s too much of a Gentlemen to ever kiss and tell..
      We’ll never know quite truthfully, but then..Hey, what the hell!
      If Earl wants to see Michelle here, I’m happy to concede…
      And if I could I’d serenade…instead of offer read…
      So this I give to you, Kind Sir, I hope it satisfies…
      For you are what we Brooklyn girls call one great Stand Up Guy! 😘

      • Thank you so much for this undeserved tribute. “Michelle” has no special meaning for me–just one of the many Beatles’ songs that I find myself humming on occasion. So when I read your post and saw so many songs mentioned, I just missed”Michelle.”
        And yes, I am more than satisfied with your Ode to Michelle(and Earl)
        Merci, Merci, Merci.

        • De rien, de rien, de rien! You’re welcome! 😉 Undeserved? Hardly. You’re a true Gentleman, and a kind soul…So, very much deserved, IMO. In a way, I was hoping there WAS a Michelle to speak of…I’m always on the look out for the romantic angle…but just as well, I’m glad you like it. Anytime, Earl, anytime…Be well, and enjoy what looks to be a beautiful night! 😘🙋🏻

  4. Good morning. Great work from our “Three Amigos “. You guys came through like our beloved Mets. Good choice for the song but I just can’t get to appreciate the group. They flaunted free love and drugs and that just went against my upbringing. My oldest has all their albums and pictures of them. Not me!! Today’s puzzle was easy breezy. Even the cartoon answer was a blind solve. Could Tuesday’s pile have gotten mixed in with Monday’s? Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Hey Brookkyn, Good Morning! Thank you, Bud! And yes, YEAH YEAH YEAH to our Mets. I remember you mentioning last time that there was no love lost between you and the Beatles..But I hope this didn’t become the case with us..You know I was just breaking them on you yesterday when I “bristled” at you likening me to the little elephant…And you know it was all just tongue in cheek, right? I could never get upset with you, you’re too much of a Sweetheart. So tell me we’re good….Or I’ll be singing the blues…😔🙋🏻

      • Of course I do Angela and wouldn’t you say she was the cutest of all of them. I can picture you being fully in charge directing the guys on what to do. They could have been robins building a nest.Same result.

        • Hey Brooklyn…Ok, good…I was just a little worried there, when I didn’t hear back from you…I know a lot of times, the “written word” can come off wrong..And the lack of inflection can be a problem. But was she the cutest? Well compared to those men, yes, of course she was! 😉 LOL..But, I’m not a bully…Take charge? Yes, when need be..but I “rule” with a gentle touch! 😂 So, I’ll take it. The robins though? ..Not so much! …Hope you’re having a great day, Brooklyn! The weather’s absolutely perfect! Just like you! 😘🙋🏻

  5. Today’s puzzle was a breeze – more like a Monday offering than the one we had yesterday. Have a happy Tuesday everyone.

  6. A blind solve, with a slight hesitation on BUNDLE.

    Mike, I have NOT tried the crickets at Safeco. Maybe on the next trip!

  7. Agree an easy solve all the way around.I recall the Beatles invasion when they appeared on the Ed Sullivan Sunday night show and literally took America by storm.

    • Hey Chuck…It was 🎶REVOLUTION🎶ARY for the times, right? Had poor Ed’s head spinning…More than usual! 😉 Have a good night, Sir! 🎸🙋🏻

  8. Hi, Mike et al! I enjoyed our happy little Beatles puzzle today and was glad the cartoon answer was quick & easy because I had to use the letters to solve BUNDLE.

    I am still not gaining weight & fell below 100, so Joyce, who lives only 15 minutes away, is coming over today to stay a week to “see if you are eating & resting enough.” She cooks as I do without going crazy with spices, so I will enjoy her food. Her husband & Josh will like being able to practice their loud music whenever they wish, and not only will they have a standing invitation to eat here but I will also give them money to eat out. They love going out together for sushi.

    I’ll be having a restful week and hope all of you will, too!

    • Hi Lelia. I was glad to hear you were able to enjoy your dinner party on Sunday and I hope the “eat-in” this week goes well (and that Joyce’s house is still in one piece when she gets back home!) Take care.

  9. Hi all – Everything was quick today; just an extra tic to see what letters to put before ISH in LAVISH.

    Hey Angela, a “tie”-in with the recent Asimov Quiz – It would still be years before Paul “Prophet”ed from writing “Hey JUDE.”

    Maybe I can shed a little light on the guitars. I noticed that the one at the top seemed small, and then that it had only four strings. I would have said, hey, if you can draw people with only three fingers, I guess you can also draw guitars with only four strings — except for two things. One is that the other guitar and bass are correct, right down to the bass being left handed. The other is that I’ve read in the past couple of years that George Harrison had a well-documented lifelong love of the ukulele, often taking one on tour and frequently bringing some out after dinner at his home to play with friends and family. I believe I even heard Sir Paul tell of this and perform a song on one in tribute to George.
    Now, this theory does require that the drawing was intentional, and that it’s John lower left and George at the top, but quite frankly, from the drawing I can see that either way.
    Have a great day all!

    • You could be right, Steve, since John did have somewhat more of a hook to his nose, and the Beatle in the lower left does too. And umpteenth people are mentioning here and in my real life (😉) that there seems to be a fine line with the features. So your ukulele sighting may be the money shot, and proves your theory! And the more I look at it, in daylight! 😉 I agree that it is George up top…Kudos! 👏🏻 🍷…And if I’m not mistaken, wasn’t it John who was most looking forward to meeting Elvis? Case closed. UKE made a good call! Have a good one, G! 🎸🙋🏻

        Now there’s one item I can cross off my bucket list – getting a response, or any acknowledgement whatsoever from Jeff. I’d given up hope! 😂

        You know I’m just teasing (well sort of 😂), and I hope you didn’t take any offense at people (cough, cough) trashing the faces. I would be the first to note that I have never had any trouble at all identifying the Beatles in any of the previous cartoons. I’m SURE it must have been a resolution problem at the syndicate – what my high school algebra teacher used to call “an inkographical error.” (EXCELLENT geezer trivia knowledge about the ukulele from a whippersnapper more of the Wilco and Poi Dog Pondering era, by the way. 👍)

        Thank you very much, Jeff. I’ll now spend a few hours getting my blood pressure and heart rate back to normal. 😂🙋🏻‍♂️

  10. I remember that a year ago, there was a Beatles puzzle, and it was also around Paul McCartney’s birthday, June 18. I don’t remember there ever being a Beatles puzzle around Ringo’s birthday, July 7. I agree that there wasn’t much differentiating of facial features.

    • Hey Michael. You have a fantastic memory! Last year on June 21st, we had a puzzle about the BEATLE’S haircuts, and it took place in a Barber Shop. Later on in the year, on August 26th, there was another puzzle that took place in a Record Store, where the vintage album, “Yesterday and Today”, the one with the infamous “Butcher Block” cover, was being priced by Jeff himself. And this year, on February 28th, they were featured once more, again in a Record Store, circa 1965-66, where a young couple is shown looking at Beatles Albums that are for sale. There may be others too…I’ll take a look for you. Obviously, Jeff and David are Beatles fans! Have a great day, and thanks for bringing it up! 🎸🙋🏻

      • Angela–Do you keep a scrapbook of Jumble puzzles? I don’t remember either of the record store puzzles that you mention. Thanks for the info!

        • Hi Mike. May I call you Mike, or is it just Michael? I ask because, if anyone calls me Angie, the hair stands up on the back of my neck! 😂 I try to keep the actual puzzles from the paper. But it doesn’t always work out. But I do keep a copy of all my posts. Still, some do get away from me. But I assure you, you can take this info to the bank! LOL..I especially remember, because the puzzle of the couple browsing in the Record Store? Jeff’s art work on the tiny album covers was exceptional. I call things like that the Minute Absolute! And you’re very welcome…Anytime! Take care. 🙋🏻

    • Hey Again, Michael…I found you a Ringo! He was featured back on March 1st, 2017, as Richard Starkey, in a puzzle having to do with him choosing RINGO as his stage name. Beatles running amok! Ciao! 🎶🙋🏻

  11. Angela–I’ve always posted here as Mike McCormick, but today it wouldn’t take my Facebook login, so I had to use my Google login, which has me as Michael.

    • LOL…You know, I thought so, because the Mike was coming out of my mouth too easily! 😉 But I wasn’t sure…And since I’m not batting 1000 today, I figured I’d better double check!
      So, ok, Mike it is! …(But it’s still not Angie, ok)? 😉 Wishing you a good one, Mike! 🙋🏻

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