Jumble Answer for 05/20/2018










Good Morning, Everyone!         🚙 “WRECK” AND ROLL 🚙

🎶 Got two CARS and a chainlink fence, got INSURANCE for ACCIDENTS. Nevermind what I don’t know, I dream of places I won’t ever go. But I lead a good life…Yeah, I lead a good life. ‘N every Sunday we’re out at the lake, teachin’ the KIDS how to jump the wake…We drag em on two skis, they kick one loose, they don’t know it, they hadn’t got a clue…That they lead a good life…Yeah, they lead a good life…🎶

🚙 The time must come when baby birds must fly off from the nest,
And with it comes inevitably…”My kids got a road test”…
The PERMIT went real smoothly, maybe a KERNEL here or there,
You try to act so nonchalant, you don’t want to seem SQUARE.
You teach them rules and reason…like “EIGHTY never hit”..
But inside you’re a COWARD ’cause you’re worried over it.
You see them drive SUPERBly, hovering you now must quit…
But worrying and parenting? It’s just “PRE-WRECK-QUISITE”! 🚙

So…Do we think this was an ACCIDENT? Or did David really try to pull out all the STOPs on this one? These are some SMASHing anagrams today! I did a quick search, just to be sure, and yes, they’re all old favorites. Well, old anyway! We weren’t JUMP STARTING over them last time either! I mean we made some DENTS in them, but they did SLOW us down. I found this: Permit, Superb and Coward, seem to go back to 2016, Square: July ’17, Kernel: Nov ’17, and Eighty, believe it or not, just this past February. Maybe after today, they’ll become favorites…

Ok, our cartoon. Notice INSURANCE being mentioned twice? Once in the dialogue and again in the question? That doesn’t happen very often. So I’m immediately thinking that I should concentrate on a requirement. The Mothers’ comment about needing it…”PRE“. Prerequisite? Hmm…And then it was like that V-8 commercial, and I SMASHED my hand against my forehead! INSURANCE? In case there’s an ACCIDENT? “PREWRECK-QUISITE”!! Ha! I was ALL (in a) STATE of euphoria! This one’s no DRIVE BY, Folksthis one’s a CRASH COURSE in cleverness! Great job, David! I’m BRAKEing up with laughter

Ok, eye candy…The young girl has a Unicorn on her T-Shirt. Not significant, but I thought I’d POINT it out. The Mom’s pretty nondescript, but her hair is TIED UP nicely in a bun. Dad’s just standing there..IDLING, mostlySo, what’s the KEY to the eye candy today? Hard to say..through NO FAULT of my own…This one’s all on Jeff. He’s given me nothing in PARKticular to ZOOM in on…Hmm. A little WRECKless on his part, I’d say…Really, I’m SHOCKed..ABSORBERing it all in, and coming up EMPTY! I guess I’ll just GO with the CAR. It’s purple…A Purple CAR! IMO? Uh, Mr. Colorist? You AUTO know better than to do that…A Purple CAR? C’mon, gimme a BRAKE! I really wish I could have DODGEd this one! So, There you have it, Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And remember..Texting and DRIVING? Oh, CELL no! 🚙🙋🏻

34 thoughts on “Jumble Answer for 05/20/2018

    • Good Morning to you, Sir or Madam. You’re quite welcome, and Thank You very much. We’d love it if you’d continue to join us, and we’d be more than happy to know who you are. But that’s up to you…We understand some people want to INSURE their privacy! I’m RUNNING behind schedule this morning, and haven’t finished the post yet, but if you’d care to DRIVE BY again in a little while, I’ll have the rest up soon. You really AUTO come back! 🚙🙋🏻


  1. Driving EIGHTY miles an hour through the village SQUARE on a learner’s PERMIT was not for a COWARD but a SUPERB example of not having a KERNEL of common sense.
    Usually Sunday’s six letter words give me some difficulty. Not today, five of them came immediately and only PERMIT slowed me down–wanted it to begin with IM or end in ER.
    The solution? I groaned when I saw the quotation marks and all those letters—but the answer came quite easily—almost a blind solve but I had to write the letters and struggle a bit with spelling. Very clever .
    Angela—love your poem—sums up so many feelings parents, driver education teachers, grandparents, must feel when young people get behind the wheel. I know I did some less than brilliant things when first learning to drive—experience is SO important and nothing replaces it.
    So gloomy here this AM, I am tempted to go back to bed. But will not. Have a good day everyone.

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    • Good Morning, Earl. I was hoping to finish up before you got here! But as usual, the REGULAR things are DRIVING me off schedule on a Sunday. Thank you so much for the Poem Nom, and I agree. We worry so much today, watching our kids go out onto the roads, more so than ever I believe…What with talking and texting. And your sentence echoes my sentiments. Very well done, Sir. I think we worry so much today, period. We can’t even send our kids off to school with clear heads. Once again, these poor kids in Texas. I better not start…I’ll just say that once again, I’m praying, and crying. 💔 I, too, saw the answer immediately, and while you know I don’t groan at puns, I did offer up a high 5 to David! Brilliant, IMO! Hope you get a chance to read my post, and again, apologies for the lateness. Downstate, we’ve been ensconced in fog and cloudiness since y’day. Rained this morning too. But about 10 minutes ago, the sun began struggling to come out. I hope it lasts, and that it comes your way. Enjoy your day, Earl. I hope it’s a great one! 🚙🙋🏻


      • Good Morning, Caro! Good one! And don’t you know it! 😉 LOL…They really do DRIVE me crazy! Ciao, Bello! 😘🙋🏻


  2. Good morning, Angela.
    This was a great one today. And thanks for posting nice and early this a.m.! Most appreciated.
    Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone.

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    • Good Morning, Sillymonkey. You’re very welcome, but I’m apologizing for not getting the post segment of it up sooner. Seems LATEly I’m always CRUISING around on a Sunday morning! And I agree, wholeheartedly, this puzzle today is a masterpiece, words and “music”! 😉 Jeff’s art is to my eyes, as music is to my ears! Glad you enjoyed it, and please come back to comment again. Wishing you a wonderful Sunday also! 🚙🙋🏻


  3. Morning all,
    None of the CWs came quickly except SQUARE, with SUPERB and KERNEL taking the longest. I struggled with the answer, too, though I did think of wreck and require. I went to the market and when I returned, the answer came to mind right away.

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    • Hi Caroline.Good morning. The market, huh? Were you vegetable shopping? CARrots? Or perhaps WaterWRECKS? (Yes, even I’m groaning at that one)! 😂 I think it’s the spelling on the answer that caused the pausing. I’ve had 5 friends so far this morning complaining! 😉 It is odd! And today’s words were really good ones, the anagrams excellently done. It was a good one to stick with though, wouldn’t you say? Hope you’re having a great day! 🚙🙋🏻


      • I didn’t get either of those but I like your puns. I bought asparagus, but I don’t know if you can do anything with that.

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      • ROTFL…👏🏻👏🏻 I love it! Ok, give me a few minutes, let me just finish these meatballs..And thank you! 🙋🏻


      • Caroline, I never rolled meatballs up so fast! Let’s hope they don’t fall apart! If they do, I blame the Jumble…! LOL…

        Well there is the joke about the vegetables walking into the bowling alley and asking, “What’s it called when you throw 2 balls in order to knock down all the pins”? And the attendant answers…”A SPARE I GUESS”
        But it’s not CAR related…

        Oh wait…
        Two teenagers, new drivers, out on the road. Tire blows. Kid turns to his friend and says…”Now what”? Second kid answers…”You’re asking me? Look in the trunk…ASPARAGUS”!
        I tried! 😂🙋🏻


      • 😂😂 Thank you very much, Caroline. I really appreciate it! And I did giggle a little myself! Let’s just hope my friends find it amusing later when they’re eating Bolognese sauce! 😂I see some of these meatballs falling apart as we speak! 😂 Enjoy your day, Caroline. And thanks again!! 🍝🙋🏻


      • Since so few cars have emergency tires anymore, when they saw one in the trunk they exclaimed “A SPARE!!??”, AGHAST. Hey, I tried too!

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      • It’ll do! 😂😂 👏🏻 But you can tell you don’t have teenagers….We make sure there’s a SPARE in that trunk! Just thought of…”Can you SPARE a SQUARE”? 😉 Are you back, or haven’t you left yet? 🙋🏻


      • I’m long since back. I can SPARE a SQUARE, but 🎵”You get no bread with one meatball!”🎵 “How do they put a SQUARE MEAL in a ROUND CAN?” 😂🙋🏻‍♂️

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      • And I thought you weren’t a big Seinfeld fan! Oh wait, it’s Cheers you never got into. But are you just doing the Andrew Sisters here, or both? I’m confused again, and it’s not taking much…I’ve been up way too long already! 😂 Ok, I give. How do they? 😂😂🙋🏻


      • Don’t know the Seinfeld ref. Andrews Sisters from my parents’ 78’s.
        After you listen to Paperback Writer, you can put on “Drive my Car” in honor of today’s puzzle.
        There’s a Studebaker in my neighborhood that looks a lot like the cartoon today. 🙋🏻‍♂️

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      • Oh, no, I get that. We have friends that do restoration.Some of them are breathtaking. But what I meant was, and you know I’m just playing with you, is that no one’s going to give a kid an antique Studebaker, especially not as their first car. Not to ride around in anyway. As an investment, maybe! 😉 I’d take one as gift, that’s for sure! Seinfeld had an episode where Elaine is in a movie theater ladies room, and there’s no toilet paper in the stall. She calls out for a SQUARE, and the woman in the next stall, whom if I’m not mistaken was Jami Gertz, says she can’t SPARE a SQUARE! Classic Seinfeld! It’s so funny. And I wasn’t questioning the Andrew Sisters Bud, I just wasn’t sure what your were referencing. 🎶..To see what a dollar bill might do…All he could get was one meatball…(but) you get no bread with your one meatball…🎶 It’s in the vault! 🍝🙋🏻


  4. Great surprise answer today – no blind solve, but it came pretty quickly once I had the letters. CW’s were all instant reads (I was trying to impress my wife who was watching over my shoulder!). On Sundays I do the Jumble on the computer since our paper doesn’t run it. It is timed on the computer. Finished the whole thing in just over 2 minutes.

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    • …And I’m sure she’s very proud of you today! 😉 I too was very impressed…Oh, no, not by you, I mean by today’s answer…😉 Ok, ok, enough. Brevity always comes to mind!! Good Morning, John. I’m glad you enjoyed it as much as I did. Have a good one…🚙🙋🏻


    • Just as David thought you would! Clever little devil that he is! This was one hell of a good pun, don’t you think? Good Morning, Chuck! I know you’re smiling today! The Cavs showed up, en masse, and brought LeBron that much needed back up! Turned those infamous scowls of his into smirks!b😉 Nice to see him not have to play alone out there. And his 27 points are nothing to sneeze at! But keep in mind, I’m still not a fan. Just giving due where it’s deserved. As a good sports fan should…(And glad I put my money where my mouth is, and took them with the points)! LOL…But it was a great game for them, right out of the gate. Basketball as it should be! Wishing you a happier day still, Sir! Take care! 🏀🙋🏻


  5. Hi all – Wow, this answer was exQUISITE! First, the words from easiest to hardest – SQUARE KERNEL SUPERB EIGHTY COWARD PERMIT. Then the answer – the 3 letter word couldn’t be CAR or SUB. Then thought REQUIREMENT, so tried QUIRE in the middle position. That let me see PRE-REQUISITE which showed me the answer. Nice puzzle!

    Earl, excellent sentence, and Angela, a particularly good poem today, both in subject matter and use of the words.

    Any guesses for the car? The grill is not quite big enough for an Edsel – possibly Dad’s old Studebaker?

    Happy Sunday everyone.

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    • I’m totally confused….Did you do the Peet RUN or not? Just sitting by IDLEly? Nice explanation of your solve. I GAS it didn’t come that easily, huh? Well, at least you didn’t have to BACK INTO any of the words! Thanks for the Poem Nom, Bud! It’s something we all worry about. But as to the car? …I believe we’ve reached a CROSS ROADS. Again, no teenagers…Do you think any of them would DRIVE the old Studebaker? Would any company out there today even INSURE the Studebaker? Hmm. Ah, G, you know I’m just 😂GRILLing ya! Have a good one, Bud! 🚙🙋🏻


  6. Great puzzle today. No problem with the clue words but took me a bit of time to get the cartoon answer. I too keep thinking requirement and then requisite – ah those quotation marks – loved wreckquisite – those fellow’s are so clever. Have a good Sunday everyone.


  7. Hi, all! Just when I got ready to write 3 short thank-you notes and tell about paying for the car insurance for two girls with brand new driver licenses & their first car, I got sleepy for a nap. I’ll make this quick:

    Angela, thank you for answering my question about how to open the cough drop packets. I am now setting the stubborn ones aside to open with scissors.

    Mike, thanks again for encouraging me to reach out to others. With your inspiration, I wrote two full-page thank you letters this morning, one to the oldest granddaughter who planned & paid for the Mother’s Day party for ten of us and one to my dermatologist who removed the callus core from the bottom of my foot, completely eliminating the pain.

    Steve, I will be writing tardy, more detailed thank you notes to you soon about 2 wonderful comments, one about the beautiful flowers in your yard which gave me a beautiful picture in my mind for days and one telling me you were happy to read about how much I enjoyed the Mothers Day celebrations after feeling bad for such a long time, which gave me your sweet words to enjoy thinking about again & again.


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